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[16:04:47] <wjp> I really really really don't like that monster deaths seem to be hardcoded
[16:05:27] <wjp> what happens exactly when a monster dies, I mean; like what loot should be on the body, if the monster should vanish, explode, etc...
[16:05:30] * wjp sighs
[16:05:46] <wjp> would probably be nice to move some of that stuff to u8monsters.ini
[16:09:27] <watt> I like bodies to stick around. :-)
[16:09:54] <watt> It'd be cool to have a decay time or something.
[16:10:42] <watt> go Deus Ex style and have a decaying body just be shaded more.
[16:10:51] <watt> a thought
[16:11:01] <wjp> DX has shaded decaying bodies?
[16:11:15] <wjp> never noticed
[16:11:32] <watt> attack some bodies.
[16:11:43] <watt> they turn darker until they gib
[16:11:45] <wjp> oh, I see
[16:11:51] <wjp> like crates and other breakables
[16:11:56] <wjp> never tried that, I guess :-)
[16:12:40] <wjp> let's see... which death-styles does U8 have?
[16:12:52] <wjp> you have the plain-ol' "drop dead" monsters
[16:13:02] <wjp> (like guards, torax, kith)
[16:13:22] <wjp> there are "disappear but leave loot on ground" monsters (ghost, changeling)
[16:13:27] <watt> U8 had drop dead and disappear... I think named NPC's stuck around
[16:13:38] <wjp> "explode" (that eye monster)
[16:13:43] <watt> hehe
[16:13:57] <wjp> "drop dead and stand up again after some time" (skeletons)
[16:14:03] <watt> ugh
[16:14:19] <wjp> I wonder how skeleton resurrection is handled
[16:14:26] <wjp> I should check if there's any usecode for that
[16:14:31] <watt> I always ran from skeletons for that reason
[16:14:41] <wjp> "grant peace" :-)
[16:14:46] <watt> true
[16:15:19] <watt> if it isn't usecode based, that'd be another good reason to store time
[16:15:20] <wjp> "drop dead and game over" (avatar) :-)
[16:15:39] <watt> exploding avatar :-)
[16:15:41] <wjp> well, I'd just add a ResurrectionSkeletonProcess I think
[16:16:23] <wjp> what happens to daemons?
[16:16:46] <watt> I think they die normally or get banished
[16:18:12] <wjp> hm, yes, but which one? :-)
[16:18:45] <watt> I can check that fairly quickly
[16:22:25] <watt> they die and leave pently of daemon bones
[16:24:07] <wjp> on their body?
[16:24:22] <wjp> ok, so they're just the normal "drop dead" type
[16:25:47] <wjp> can you easily check the eyebeast as well?
[16:25:55] <wjp> if so, would you? :-)
[16:26:33] <wjp> I wonder if the explosion leaves behind any items other than the main body
[16:26:54] <wjp> hm, did you get hurt by that explosion?
[16:27:53] <watt> hmm.. slight gump bug... after adding several layers of children I ran into a strange problem
[16:31:56] <watt> little pieces of eye fly everywhere right before the body falls over
[16:32:28] <wjp> actual objects or just the pieces in the death anim?
[16:32:30] <watt> not sure if explosion hurts.. my avatar is too powerful at that point
[16:32:53] <wjp> (i.e., do the pieces stick around on the floor)
[16:32:55] <watt> I think actual objects... they seem to fall at random
[16:33:47] <watt> I can move the individual pieces
[16:33:51] <wjp> is the body a container?
[16:34:11] <wjp> (if so, any loot in it?)
[16:34:24] <watt> yes... after it dies the body doesn't have the eye part..
[16:34:50] <watt> and yes... lootable, but normally has nothing
[16:35:06] <wjp> ok, thanks for checking
[16:36:21] <wjp> I should go see if dosbox cvs can run U8 again
[16:36:36] <wjp> last time I tried it was broken :/
[16:40:09] <watt> need a lot of cpu for dosbox to run u8
[16:40:27] <watt> I resort to an actual dosbox.
[16:41:11] <wjp> the dynamic core in current CVS handles it quite well on my athlon 1800
[16:41:22] <wjp> at least, it did when it was working :-)
[16:42:04] <wjp> shape 458 looks like dead eyebeast parts
[16:42:34] <wjp> how many pieces did it produce roughly, btw?
[16:42:45] <watt> yup.
[16:43:33] <watt> 4.. random pieces - repeats allowed
[16:44:50] <watt> I'm guessing the eye pieces was actually it's loot and the loot explodes out on death.... at least that's how I'd attempt to handle it if I had to code it originally.
[16:45:44] <wjp> yeah, that could work
[16:46:08] <wjp> describing loot could be quite complex
[16:46:19] <wjp> skeletons can carry a variety of stuff, IIRC
[16:54:34] <watt> potions, coins, and weapons I believe
[16:54:53] <wjp> oil flask and fire gems too I think
[16:56:05] <watt> yup
[16:57:12] <watt> oh.. food helps you heal faster in u8... and here I thought it was completely pointless
[16:57:36] <wjp> yes, I remember reading that somewhere
[16:58:26] <watt> I just noticed it in the clue book... don't think I would have beaten the game as a kid without it.
[16:58:39] <wjp> same here :-)
[16:59:03] <watt> I got stuck trying to figure out some of the necromancer stuff.
[16:59:29] <watt> or was that the devon in prison???
[16:59:31] <wjp> I couldn't find Argentrock Isle
[16:59:41] * watt can't remember
[17:00:22] <watt> also extremely helpful for sorcery.
[17:01:35] <wjp> I made my own sorcery spell chart at the time
[17:01:40] <wjp> http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/ultima/u8/sorcery.png :-)
[17:01:56] <watt> nice
[17:07:49] <wjp> bbl, dinner
[17:34:52] <wjp> back
[17:44:53] <watt> well, got a start to the options menu commited
[17:45:31] <wjp> what was that strange gump problem you mentioned earlier?
[17:47:14] <wjp> hm, s/Gamplay/Gameplay/
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[17:51:41] <watt> typo fix....
[17:52:27] <watt> I tagged the bug in the code... switch the parent->AddChild to just AddChild to see it.
[17:53:03] <watt> in OptionsGump::OnKeyDown
[17:54:47] <wjp> I'd suggest moving command execution to a separate function and calling that from both event handlers instead of this OnKeyDown hack, btw
[17:56:24] <wjp> hm, that produces an interesting effect
[18:10:40] <watt> yeah.. that's probably what I should do...
[18:11:50] <watt> I guess I could also make OptionsGump extend MenuGump that way too.. they share some common code
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[18:58:18] <watt> just thought an in game map might be a cool pentagram extention for u8... think ElleVeeDee might be able to a shrunk version?
[18:58:33] <watt> s/to/to provide/
[19:03:07] <watt> at least I think ElleVeeDee was making full maps of the ultima games?
[19:03:09] <wjp> should be possible to generate it ourselves
[19:03:20] <watt> true
[19:05:53] <wjp> I wonder how big a full-scale map of a typical area would be
[19:39:43] <wjp> I'm guessing fairly huge
[19:39:59] <wjp> I might just write a quick map dumper sometime
[19:40:05] <wjp> should be fairly easy
[20:12:03] <watt> cool... a quick shrink and blur after that should produce a useable map.
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[20:28:16] <watt> anyway... I was thinking about how buttons work... Thought we might be happier in the long run if instead of message passing to the parent, the button would take a function pointer to call on OnMouseClick... the code would be a little nicer, but I ran into a small issue.. saving/loading
[20:29:47] <watt> saving and loading function pointers wouldn't work well and I think a FunctionManager with FuncIds probably not be a good idea.
[20:29:58] <watt> anyway..
[20:30:27] * watt ducks to avoid any large objects thrown in his direction for suggesting that
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[23:12:14] <sbx> you don't want an in-game map to be too detailed do you? (for normal playing)
[23:12:57] <sbx> the map that came with it wasn't
[23:13:31] <sbx> but like I said before I havn't even played U8 much so I wouldn't know if exploring is big part of the game