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[19:26:21] <megaTherion> wjp: Hi, I've got some free time and continued tinkering with Pentagram code ;) I've a questions about the ShapeInfo class and how its used in the ItemSorter. ShapeInfo defines its flags by enum's. In ItemSorter.cpp we see at line 868 that it checks if the item is flipped by Item::FLG_FLIPPED.
[19:26:48] <megaTherion> Thats 0x20, however ShapeInfo also has an enum and define's 0x20 as something else - is this somehow ambigious/overlapping? Shouldnt ShapeInfo yield the enum's which are used for the flags?
[19:30:09] <wjp> different things
[19:30:34] <wjp> ShapeInfo defines flags for shapes, Item::FLG_FLIPPED is an item flag
[19:30:38] <megaTherion> ah ok, I see so its the flags of SortItem - they are not related to ShapeInfo
[19:30:50] <wjp> right
[20:27:26] <megaTherion> wjp: hmm in ItemSorter.cpp, struct SortItem - why is there an bool occl and also an occluded bool - are they the same?
[20:29:35] <wjp> I think occl is occluding
[20:29:54] <megaTherion> I fail to see the difference :D
[20:30:00] <wjp> active vs passive
[20:30:03] <megaTherion> oh