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[13:54:54] <Colourless> wjp, we need a camera class or soemthing for pentagram. I haven't really looked at how the camera was supposed to work, but as a guess, i'd say it is a simple as selecting a focus object similar to u7. the camera will then scroll to the position... that if course is a guess
[13:55:21] * wjp nods
[13:55:36] <wjp> I seem to remember seeing something like that in the symbols in U8
[13:56:06] <Colourless> the camera, like most part of the engine was probably a process, and that is what controlled the scrolling to destination
[14:00:18] * wjp nods
[14:00:19] <Colourless> next thing to do though, is to setup strict timing and interpolating
[14:01:42] <wjp> interpolating as in interpolating anims between frames?
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[14:02:15] <wjp|work> (|work, but still here of course :-) )
[14:02:20] <Colourless> yes
[14:03:07] <Colourless> i was playing with mapdisp and i turned off interpolating of frames (by pressing the i key) and i almost cried or something... it was much more jumpy that i remembered
[14:03:46] <Colourless> I've gotten so used to the smooth animations because of interpolation
[14:03:49] * wjp|work tries
[14:04:03] <wjp|work> (trying will take some time, since I don't think everything's setup properly here)
[14:05:15] <Colourless> :-)
[14:05:25] * wjp|work is also debugging another problem with our helpdesk system... it doesn't escape \'s properly... meaning that ticket creation will fail (silently) if there's a backslash in the message body
[14:05:47] <Colourless> yay nice :-)
[14:06:47] <wjp|work> hm, can't say I see much of a difference between interpolation on or off
[14:06:55] <Colourless> what speed system?
[14:07:00] <wjp|work> good question :-)
[14:07:08] <wjp|work> athlon 900, it seems
[14:07:17] <Colourless> hmm. release build?
[14:07:29] <wjp|work> ?
[14:07:46] <Colourless> is it compiled as a 'release' build with debugging off and optimizations on
[14:08:04] <wjp|work> no
[14:08:17] <wjp|work> -g -O2
[14:08:25] <Colourless> should be ok
[14:09:01] <Colourless> got athlon 1000 here and it's pretty smooth
[14:09:18] <Colourless> if i use OpenGL mode it is very very smooth
[14:09:47] <wjp|work> btw, I've been meaning to ask: did you get a new videocard? :-)
[14:09:53] <Colourless> yes
[14:10:05] <wjp|work> (all the ati-extensions kind of gave it away :-) )
[14:10:25] <Colourless> noo... :-)
[14:10:33] <wjp|work> not an ATI?
[14:10:45] <Colourless> was only 1 extenstion anyway.
[14:11:14] <Colourless> sure it's an ATI. More specifically, an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
[14:11:26] <wjp|work> that was one of those new fast cards, wasn't it?
[14:11:44] * wjp|work hasn't been paying attention to the 3d accel. market lately...
[14:11:51] <Colourless> can't imagine myself upgrading for quite a few years now. yep real fast...real real real fast :-)
[14:12:30] <wjp|work> what kind of price would I be looking at for one of those, roughly? My tnt2 ultra is, well, kind of old :-)
[14:12:47] <wjp|work> (or a somewhat lesser model)
[14:13:37] <Colourless> well another thing you need to consider is linux compatibility
[14:13:44] <wjp|work> yeah, I know
[14:15:38] <wjp|work> hm, the driver list on ati.com is suspiciously windows-only :-)
[14:15:58] <Colourless> their drivers for linux are elsewhere
[14:16:29] <wjp|work> ah, right
[14:25:20] <Colourless> as for card prices, the lowest end model the 9500 is somewhere around $150US or a bit below in the US from memory. Of course the 9500 Pro which is a bit more is faster, the 9700 again is more expensive again and faster still, finally there is the 9700 Pro, which is the most expensive and fastest... for now anyway. New cards have just been announced. There are lower end cards (9000 and 9100) which were going for less than $100 US last thing i
[14:26:18] <Colourless> i am not someone though that likes to make card recommendations :-)
[14:29:20] <wjp|work> :-)
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[14:58:44] <Colourless> i should be off. i'm more than just a little bit tired :-)
[14:58:45] <Colourless> cya
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