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23:02 <@wjp> Flame Sting is annoying
23:08 <@wjp> first have to show a fire sprite, then a persistent (non-sprite) flame object for a while, and then a sprite of disappearing flame
23:11 <@wjp> so we'll need a process that creates an item, and a way of playing a sprite in the future
23:14 <@wjp> future sprites is probably a simple matter of adding an option to the SpriteProcess constructor that makes it delay the sprite creation to the first time it runs
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23:24 <@wjp> hi Fingolfin
23:25 <@Fingolfin> yo
23:26 <@wjp> hm, new SF stats system expected to go live next monday?
23:26 <@wjp> _and_ they put in place new spam filters, I see; that explains the sudden drop in german spam since monday :-)
23:28 * wjp grins at SF's 'project ranking formule change' note. I'm surprised they kept the useless factors inside the logarithms around until now
23:36 <@Fingolfin> *cough*
23:36 <@Fingolfin> they knew that they were bogus for a couple years now, of course... :-)
23:38 <@wjp> I know :-)