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00:04 * wjp extends SpriteProcess and DestroyItemProcess with some extra functionality to prevent having to write even more new processes...
00:04 <@wjp> savegames will of course be broken again :-)
00:05 <@wjp> (or at least they will be when there are SpriteProcesses active)
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00:30 <@Fingolfin> hi ryan
00:31 <@Fingolfin> wjp: yeah, breaking savegames, so much fun to do it
00:31 <@wjp> one of these days I'll have to learn to restrain myself :-)
00:32 <@Colourless> hi willem
00:32 <@Colourless> hey fing, almost got the exult midi rewrite done :-)
00:32 <@Fingolfin> wow, cool
00:32 <@Fingolfin> wjp: nah, why?
00:37 * wjp thinks
00:37 <@wjp> not sure, actually :-)
00:38 <@wjp> ugh, flame sting makes really annoying sounds
00:38 <@Fingolfin> I mean, it's not as if pentagram had a huge user base at this point, does it?
00:38 <@Fingolfin> heh
00:39 <@wjp> userbase? I hope not :-)
00:39 <@wjp> (not yet, anyway :-) )
00:40 * Colourless snickers
00:40 <@Colourless> we haven't had any official release anything
00:40 <@Colourless> i don't think we have much of a userbase
00:40 <@wjp> we actually had a bugreport for the savegame gump last week
00:44 <@wjp> wow, flame sting is really lethal now
00:51 <@wjp> ok, committed special effects for bone crushes, slayer, flame sting
00:55 <@wjp> s/shes/sher/
00:55 <@wjp> time to go... night
00:58 <@Colourless> night
01:14 <@Fingolfin> another good reason not to worry about savegame compatibility :-)
01:14 <@Fingolfin> night, willem
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03:27 < servuswq> I'm porting Microsoft Excel to Pentagram Usecode. You'll do everything with Hanoi blocks.
03:39 * Colourless snickers
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20:59 <@wjp> hm, another bug report
21:05 <@wjp> process controlling Devon's execution is terminated (failed even) somewhow
21:15 <@wjp> oops
21:16 <@wjp> now this is interesting :-)
21:17 <@wjp> shouldn't have made the ActorBarkNotifyProcess waitFor a talk animation
21:35 <@wjp> maybe I should add a flag to process dependencies somehow that makes fail() not cascade through them
22:25 <@wjp> hehe, trying to keep a BarkGump on-screen only once per frame shows how much interpolation we actually do :-)
22:25 <@wjp> it makes the gump fall partly off-screen all the time while moving, with it seemingly trying its hardest to keep up :-)