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[22:45:09] <Dima> Hey gus
[22:45:13] <Dima> guys xD
[22:45:21] <wjp> hi
[22:45:29] <Dima> oh hey wjp! :D
[22:45:35] <Dima> checking here every year xD
[22:45:56] <Dima> you didn't post anything since like 2008 :( what's going on? :)
[22:46:53] <wjp> not too much last year
[22:47:08] <Dima> ah I hope no real-life troubles there? ;)
[22:47:34] <wjp> nah, no troubles; just shifting priorities :-)
[22:47:50] <wjp> we had a burst of activity around 6 months ago fixing a bunch of rendering issues
[22:48:22] <Dima> I see :)
[22:48:27] <Dima> hmm...
[22:48:46] <Dima> I recently wanted to finally start my real playthrough and - used DosBox AND was disappointed 0o
[22:49:07] <Dima> -somehow- I don't know, I like the smooth scrolling and resolution of Pentagram far better.
[22:49:25] <wjp> sorry for spoiling you :-)
[22:49:28] <Dima> But I will not start my playthrough until I know that at least 95% of the game are in :)
[22:49:31] <Dima> no problem ;)
[22:49:58] <Dima> Pentagram is a real quality project, so much that I even keep waiting a few years to fully enjoy it xD
[22:50:54] <Dima> Stopped playing U8 for 14 years or so now, a year more or less doesn't matter anyway and when you get older you have quite much to do in RL to keep you busy lol...
[22:51:14] <Dima> but still, what big stuff is still missing? latest builds look so good ^^
[22:51:34] <Dima> is it just the combat? I never liked the original combat much so that wouldn't even be a prob lol
[22:53:06] <wjp> that's probably the main thing, yes
[22:53:21] <wjp> it likely also needs playtesting to uncover more issues
[22:53:49] <Dima> wasn't it already finished?
[22:53:55] <Dima> and playtested by several people?
[22:54:15] <wjp> yes, and yes
[22:54:39] <Dima> oh I know what you mean, for a game like U8 you basically need a whole QA or testing department...
[22:54:39] <wjp> the world isn't U7-size, but still large enough for any single playthrough to miss lots of things
[22:54:50] <Dima> yeah that's what I was saying ;)
[22:54:56] <Dima> mmh well..
[22:55:42] <Dima> IF I would really start playing, I could report some of that to you ^^ But I always think I am missing some other stuff maybe
[22:55:57] <Dima> can you "talk" to everyone? Do all the quests? Or find and use all items? Stuff like that :)
[22:56:27] <wjp> in theory, yes
[22:57:00] <Dima> hmm
[22:57:01] <Dima> nice
[22:57:15] <Dima> hey why don't you finally release it as an "official" build? :D
[22:57:25] <Dima> anything to lose? ;)
[22:57:25] <wjp> we've been wondering the same thing for quite some time :-)
[22:57:33] <Dima> hehe
[22:57:56] <Dima> I've seen open source code in far worse state - just my 2 cents lol
[22:58:01] <wjp> it's probably a good idea
[22:58:21] <Dima> yes :)
[22:59:28] <Dima> just write on your page why the combat is not perfect and that's it, most people maybe won't even care much
[22:59:39] <Dima> really have you played it recently on true DOS or DosBox?
[22:59:49] <wjp> no
[22:59:55] <Dima> it just doesn't well "play" and especially "scroll" very good :(
[23:00:06] <wjp> I guess we should do some basic playtesting ourselves, make sure it builds on common platforms, and label it 0.1 :-)
[23:00:08] <Dima> is it just me or is it somehow choppy even on fast machines?
[23:00:35] <Dima> ah well label it 1.0 or 0.9 and then go 1.12 or 1.19 xD
[23:00:49] <Dima> there is enough there to justify the release# ^^
[23:00:52] <wjp> ok, maybe 0.1 does sound worse than it is :-)
[23:01:19] <Dima> I don't know I always have the feeling you guys need someone cheer you up, probably all wrong though xD
[23:01:51] <wjp> hehe :-)
[23:02:01] <wjp> it's more that we're doing other things :-)
[23:02:18] <wjp> but the occasional poke definitely doesn't help :-)
[23:02:23] <wjp> s/n't//
[23:02:48] <wjp> (i.e., 'does help')
[23:03:20] <wjp> but for now I should go to bed; good night, and thanks for the encouragement :-)
[23:04:14] <Dima> hehe ;)
[23:04:18] <Dima> alright
[23:04:36] <Dima> and good night, you really did a good job there ;)
[23:05:21] <Dima> I should check back here at least by next year or maybe when you update your page xD
[23:13:10] <Dima> bye ;)
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