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[18:14:16] <megaTherion> anyone knows if the U8 color palette is really RGB or BGR?
[18:16:47] <wjp> should be RGB
[18:20:42] <megaTherion> wjp: I've some strange image distortion, there appear to be red dots .. http://imgur.com/a/Vlqzo
[18:20:56] <megaTherion> but its coming directly from the color palette *shrugs*
[18:21:37] <megaTherion> or its the decoding step of the image... seems correct though but I can recheck it
[18:23:28] <wjp> the palette entries are 0-63; are you converting that to 0-255 properly?
[18:23:38] <megaTherion> yes
[18:23:47] <megaTherion> in original 0-63 they are the same, just *a lot* darker
[18:24:01] <megaTherion> that's why I did the 0-255 conversion
[18:24:53] <megaTherion> took it from the pentagram code: (col * 255) / 63 - its not voodoo though
[18:25:01] <megaTherion> so that for each channel of course
[18:27:27] <wjp> hm, that wall (213) should be more white than green
[18:28:07] <wjp> for the grating (189) it's also possible transparency/translucency plays a role, but that's hard to say
[18:29:15] <megaTherion> hmm ok, well I didnt change the frame at all - I just take the index and take the RGB value from the palette
[18:33:12] <wjp> I think I see the problem
[18:33:25] <wjp> you're skipping the first four bytes of the palette and then reading it as BGR
[18:33:31] <wjp> for crusader there are no bytes to skip
[18:33:33] <wjp> (and it's RGB)
[18:33:43] <megaTherion> Im skipping thats true :O
[18:33:45] <megaTherion> oh ok :(
[18:34:09] <wjp> GAMEPAL.PAL is just 768 bytes long
[18:34:22] <megaTherion> hah
[18:36:12] <megaTherion> wjp: stupid me, thanks a lot - I was looking in the wrong direction
[18:37:00] <wjp> no problem
[18:37:48] <megaTherion> ya thats it, damn I could have known this - but I wasnt even checking that its different for Crusader... ^^
[18:56:32] <megaTherion> wjp: are you developer too?
[20:07:00] <wjp> yes
[20:13:28] <megaTherion> cool