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[19:17:15] <unknown78> hi ppl
[19:17:22] <unknown78> someone out there ?
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[19:54:00] <unknown78> again hi / someone there ?
[20:07:04] <servus> If you have a question, you can ask it, and someone might respond. in which case you can view the answer in the...
[20:07:05] <servus> ?log
[20:07:05] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/pentagramlog.php
[20:07:46] <servus> Otherwise, everyone is probably not examining the channel very closely and may take many hours to respond.
[20:48:28] <unknown78> ok ... very easy question i want try out your engine
[20:49:02] <unknown78> i installed the windows binary from 2006-07-20 18:02
[20:49:12] <unknown78> i also reinstalled u8
[20:50:08] <unknown78> [pentagram]
[20:50:08] <unknown78> defaultgame=u8
[20:50:08] <unknown78> fullscreen=no
[20:50:08] <unknown78> # Width of the game resolution.
[20:50:08] <unknown78> scalex=320
[20:50:09] <unknown78> # height of the game resolution.
[20:50:11] <unknown78> scaley=240
[20:50:13] <unknown78> # Select the scaler you want to use. Currently you can choose between
[20:50:15] <unknown78> # point, bilinear, scale2x, 2xSaI, hq2x.
[20:50:17] <unknown78> scaler=hq2x
[20:50:19] <unknown78> # The game resolution is scaled to this width.
[20:50:21] <unknown78> width=640
[20:50:23] <unknown78> # The game resolution is scaled to this height.
[20:50:25] <unknown78> height=480
[20:50:27] <unknown78> bpp=32
[20:50:29] <unknown78> # Enable this to use the BitStream Vera font for conversations and object descriptions.
[20:50:31] <unknown78> ttf=yes
[20:50:35] <unknown78> [u8]
[20:50:37] <unknown78> # replace 'path to U8 directory' with the directory containing 'u8.exe'
[20:50:39] <unknown78> path=C:\Programme\Pentagram\ULTIMA8\
[20:50:41] <unknown78> save=C:\Programme\Pentagram\ULTIMA8\SAVEGAME\
[20:50:56] <unknown78> this is my ini file but when i started the console gives me the following error and nothing happend
[20:51:20] <unknown78> Game "u8" not found .. what could be the problem
[21:02:06] <unknown78> btw. there is a report in a german magazin of your project
[21:02:34] <servus> Where did you place your pentagram.ini file? By default, it should be in c:\programme\pentagram\pentagram.ini for you I think
[21:03:14] <unknown78> yeah right there it is
[21:06:07] <servus> And you renamed pentagram.ini.example to pentagram.ini? Are you sure that there is not another .txt extension added to the file, making pentagram.ini.txt? You might want to go to Windows Explorer Folder Options and choose to show file extensions.
[21:07:01] <unknown78> yeah it's pentagram.ini
[21:07:51] <unknown78> he did find the pentagram.ini cause if i change defaultgame=cool
[21:07:58] <unknown78> he searched for a game named cool
[21:08:00] <servus> Using the July 20th Windows snapshot, all I had to do was install, rename C:\program files\pentagram\pentagram.ini.example to pentagram.ini, edit it, and change c:\uc\ultima8 to c:\games\ultima8. Are you using the newest version of Pentagram? The newest example ini doesn't include scaler info .
[21:08:29] <unknown78> i have copied that on out of readme file
[21:08:48] <unknown78> so i can define scaler / cause i love hq2x scaler ;)
[21:09:09] <unknown78> and i also tryed regulare pentagram.ini.example
[21:10:14] <unknown78> do you use u8.ini so in games directory
[21:10:23] <unknown78> so i can't move my installation directory ?
[21:10:31] <unknown78> or do you check for a special file
[21:11:03] <unknown78> i have moved my installation dir from c:\ultima8 --> too what is seen above
[21:12:06] <unknown78> lol sorry that i ask you guys but i'm too lazy to study your code
[21:14:04] <servus> I have no u8.ini. I just tested with a completely fresh install of Pentagram July 20 Windows Snapshot off of http://pentagram.sf.net/
[21:14:44] <servus> Also, I think you have to run Ultima 8 from the command line at least once after you install it (http://dosbox.sf.net/ might be necessary). I don't work on Pentagram, so everything I say may very well be terrible, terrible lies :)
[21:15:18] <unknown78> lol oh hmm ok i will try to run it once using dosbox
[21:15:51] <servus> After you install Ultima 8, it unpacks all the data files the first time you run it, IIRC.
[21:15:56] <unknown78> needs a moment
[21:16:21] <unknown78> yeah i remember ... it's so damm far far away that i had played it
[21:20:11] <unknown78> ok decompressing runs now
[21:22:47] <servus> Neat. Good luck. I'm outta here!
[21:24:09] <unknown78> no luck :/ but thx for help
[21:24:16] <unknown78> now it is decompressed lol
[21:26:10] <servus> Try to do a fresh install of Pentagram and rename the ini.example to ini, then change the one line of c:\uc\ultima8. Bye for real! :)
[21:26:27] <unknown78> ;) i could try
[21:27:32] <SB-X> servus: BYE
[21:30:49] <unknown78> thx thx this way it works
[21:30:50] <unknown78> ;)
[21:32:38] <unknown78> One more question if allowed
[21:32:49] <unknown78> how can i use a scaler or is it now disabled
[21:32:49] <unknown78> ?
[21:33:18] <SB-X> i'd guess the same way you had it before
[21:33:25] <SB-X> copy it from the old pentagram.ini to the new one
[21:33:52] <unknown78> so scalex and scaley must be set too ?
[21:34:07] <SB-X> i dont know
[21:34:20] <SB-X> set them to half width and height
[21:34:23] <SB-X> like it is already
[21:34:37] <unknown78> thx
[21:34:43] <unknown78> i will try and report
[21:41:03] <unknown78> ok best viewing i got with following pentagram.ini
[21:41:13] <unknown78> [pentagram]
[21:41:13] <unknown78> defaultgame=u8
[21:41:13] <unknown78> fullscreen=no
[21:41:13] <unknown78> scalex=400
[21:41:13] <unknown78> scaley=300
[21:41:13] <unknown78> width=800
[21:41:15] <unknown78> height=600
[21:41:17] <unknown78> scaler=2xSaI
[21:41:19] <unknown78> bpp=32
[21:41:21] <unknown78> ttf=no
[21:41:25] <unknown78> [u8]
[21:41:27] <unknown78> path=C:\Programme\Pentagram\ULTIMA8
[21:41:45] <SB-X> what about Hq2x?
[21:43:47] <unknown78> it makes screeny a littlebit pixel like
[21:44:04] <unknown78> 2xSai looks much smother and text is shown nice too
[21:44:20] <unknown78> only think i dislike is cursor is very small
[21:46:28] <unknown78> so as information ... paint cursor bevore scaling and so on is done
[21:51:28] <SB-X> [21:43:24] <sbx> Shouldn't the mouse cursor and gumps be low-res too?
[21:51:28] <SB-X> [21:47:15] <wjp> give it time :-)
[21:51:44] <SB-X> i found that in the logs :)
[21:51:51] <unknown78> sure ;) but nice work thx
[21:52:29] <unknown78> wjp is it possible to disable all the extra keys and specials ?
[21:52:31] <SB-X> yw
[21:52:51] <unknown78> like cheatmenu when double clicking on char ?
[21:53:17] <unknown78> btw ... again for information your project is mentioned in a german game magazin
[21:53:45] <unknown78> as a possibility to play under linux (u8 of cause)
[21:57:14] <unknown78> great work still done keep going ;) keep going / u8 was the first ultima completly in german
[21:57:21] <unknown78> i would love to play it again
[21:58:40] <unknown78> SB-X yw ?
[21:59:58] <SB-X> you're welcome
[22:01:14] <unknown78> thx alot ;) if i have a little more time i will take a look at your svn snapshot and your code
[22:01:33] <unknown78> but for now i had very less time
[22:03:04] <unknown78> ok but to avoid problems for the guys who try to test now ... update your readme file would be great
[22:03:41] <unknown78> ok guys good n8t and cya again
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[22:06:17] <SB-X> "good n8t"?
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[22:34:25] <servus> Good night, presumably.
[22:47:03] <SB-X> how does night get translated to n8t? :)
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[23:13:14] <servus> Pronounce "8" as " 'aight "?
[23:26:21] <SB-X> yes, that makes sense