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[19:26:48] <Dark-Star> hi
[19:27:05] <Colourless> there is a reason you say hi in here?
[19:29:24] <Dark-Star> yes ...
[19:29:39] <Colourless> and you care to share this reason with me?
[19:30:09] <Dark-Star> sure. I just wanted to ask for any news on pentagram. Seems like no one is currently doing any work on it...
[19:30:22] <Colourless> there is.... no news
[19:30:33] <Colourless> your observations are correct
[19:31:06] <Dark-Star> but why? no time? no interest anymore?
[19:31:26] <Colourless> hell if we know :-)
[19:32:37] <Dark-Star> the last CVS commit seems some 2 or 3 weeks ago... So I thought I'd drop by here and ask someone :)
[19:33:08] <Dark-Star> I already feared that Pentagram was abandoned or something. And the topic confused me eben more ;-)
[19:33:13] <Dark-Star> s/eben/even
[19:33:30] <Colourless> the topic is a joke
[19:33:54] <Colourless> all of a sudden one day wjp noticed the topic for #pentagram was gone :-)
[19:34:20] <Colourless> so he decided to make 'that' the new topic
[19:35:19] <Colourless> have you any information regarding what happened to our topic?
[19:36:00] <Dark-Star> hmm I *think* I've seen it jumping around in some EfNet channels... but they were so crowded that I'm not quite sure ...
[19:36:56] <Colourless> hell, after mixing with those sorts of people, i don't know if we'll want it back, if your information turns out to be true
[19:38:31] <Dark-Star> let's hope that I was wrong ...
[20:09:57] <wjp> :-)
[20:10:00] <wjp> hi Dark-Star
[20:38:45] <Dark-Star> hi wjp ... sorry didn't notice you earlier :-)
[20:41:12] <wjp> I think we're suffering from one the problems I once read about in an article about programming: not having anything 'cool' visible yet
[20:41:46] <wjp> so maybe we should get a placeholder shape viewer in place, so can start actually displaying stuff..
[20:41:50] <wjp> s/can/we can/
[20:41:54] <Colourless> you blame that on me don't you
[20:42:06] <wjp> no, not really :-)
[20:42:16] * wjp hasn't done anything the last month
[20:42:20] * wjp blames that on himself
[20:43:48] * wjp has been reading WoT and playing Zeliard.. *sigh*
[20:44:10] <wjp> and on top of that doing homework (or maybe it's reading/playing on top of homework? ;-) )
[21:07:55] <wjp> let's see... the prototypes for the shape painting functions take a CachedShape parameter
[21:08:13] <wjp> I guess that would be cached shape? ;-)
[21:08:26] <wjp> s/be/be a/
[21:09:54] <wjp> what exactly do you have in mind for shape-related classes?
[21:12:03] <wjp> oh, btw, is CachedShape a shape which is currently cached-in, or one which can be cached-in/out?
[21:40:07] <Colourless> a cachedshape would be a shape that is cached-in
[21:41:09] <Colourless> anyway, i should be going. it's far far far too late
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