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[12:20:08] <jtool12> Hi
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[12:23:44] <jtool12> anyone?
[12:28:00] <jtool12> i'd like to attempt to port to OSX
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[13:39:36] <jtool12> yo?
[13:58:02] <wjp> hi
[13:58:09] <jtool12> hey
[13:58:21] <wjp> as far as I know, pentagram already works in OS X
[13:58:29] <jtool12> in native?
[13:58:32] <wjp> yes
[13:58:43] <jtool12> great, job done then! that was fast
[13:58:50] <wjp> SDL makes things like that very easy :-)
[13:58:54] <jtool12> :)
[13:59:40] <jtool12> just looked at this exult 3D stuff, looks prety amazing
[14:01:01] <jtool12> probably unplayable though
[15:13:50] <jtool12> would someone know where this sdl-config script is (i've installed sdl dev package and rntime)
[15:20:24] <jtool12> well, must be in the source code distrib I guess
[16:54:57] <wjp> sdl-config should be part of the dev package, but maybe not if you've installed it as a framework
[16:55:23] <jtool12> well in fact it's ok since i've installed the src distrib
[16:55:47] <jtool12> but it was not with the framework alone (macosX version)
[16:57:32] <jtool12> oops looks like exult 1.2 does not compiler with gcc 4, let's try pentagram
[16:57:53] <wjp> exult 1.2 is from before gcc 4, I think
[16:58:11] <wjp> recent exult cvs should have a better chance of working
[16:58:53] <jtool12> yep
[16:59:34] <jtool12> there is no configure script in pentagram?
[16:59:51] <wjp> run bootstrap first
[17:00:01] <wjp> there's hardly ever a configure script in CVS
[17:00:13] <jtool12> oh ok
[17:00:33] <wjp> the reason is that configure is usually generated from configure.ac by autoconf, and generated files shouldn't be in a CVS repository
[17:01:13] <jtool12> right
[17:01:36] <jtool12> in fact i got the archive, not directly from the cvs server
[17:02:09] <jtool12> so i didn't think about that
[17:17:14] <wjp> does it compile ok?
[17:17:44] <wjp> I'll bbl (dinner)
[17:21:36] <jtool12> yep, built ok! just need to find my copy of u8 now.... that's where it gets tough ;)
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[20:09:17] <eNTi> hi. how's progress?
[20:09:26] <eNTi> :)
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[20:48:55] <jtool12> looks like it didn't get my .ini file
[20:49:08] <jtool12> i'm on a prompt asking me wich game to run
[20:53:22] <SB-X> can you select Crusader: No Remorse?
[21:19:53] <jtool12> hm..what?
[21:20:03] <SB-X> it's a game
[21:20:17] <SB-X> Pentagram is supposed to support it.
[21:20:22] <jtool12> well i'd like to run u8
[21:20:23] <SB-X> it's a game they support
[21:20:27] <SB-X> drat!
[21:20:30] <SB-X> nm then
[21:20:56] <jtool12> is it normal to have this prompt?
[21:22:32] <SB-X> i don't know, probably missing ini like you said
[21:25:20] <jtool12> wrong path, it works now!
[21:25:36] <jtool12> cool it works with the french version
[21:25:49] <SB-X> great!
[21:25:57] <SB-X> only played english version
[21:26:19] <jtool12> damned that's excellent!!!
[21:27:36] <jtool12> the bridge scene is working
[21:27:54] <SB-X> i like the scaling options
[21:28:03] <SB-X> but I havn't played with pentagram in several months
[21:28:43] <jtool12> looks like it is well advanced
[21:29:06] <jtool12> how playable is it?
[21:30:15] <jtool12> for the moment everything is working
[21:31:47] <SB-X> last time I heard it was completely playable except for a few places
[21:32:18] <jtool12> wow that's amazing
[21:33:41] <jtool12> do you know whether exult studio is portable?
[21:40:25] <jtool12> got to go. this is a great work. later!
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[21:46:57] <wjp> SB-X: hm, crusader isn't quite supported yet :-)
[21:47:26] <SB-X> wjp: I can hope.
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[22:03:25] <wjp> hi Ryan
[22:03:58] <wjp> hm, I guess the winter-/summertime change moved our timezones closer together again
[22:04:16] <wjp> hm, further apart, I mean
[22:07:19] <SB-X> hi
[22:17:37] <wjp> and another 4 bugs closed... :-)
[22:19:28] <wjp> I had broken unblockable unsupported animations once again...
[22:19:51] <wjp> for some reason that case is something I seem to forget when working on animations
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