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[13:59:42] <wjp> hm, interesting... there's a new version of the zip/unzip library we use in exult that supports custom i/o functions
[13:59:58] <wjp> meaning it can quite easily read from our DataSources
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[14:00:14] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[14:00:36] <Fingolfin> yo
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[14:19:28] <Anonymousmost> hello hello
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[14:35:59] <DarkeZzz> Curiousis is known as ReallyReallyBored
[14:36:12] <MisterLiverbabbl> it's true!
[14:36:30] <DarkeZzz> I've noticed. *grin*
[14:36:41] <DarkeZzz> Anyway, must dash, about to fall asleep. *grin* Hi! Bye!
[14:37:02] <MisterLiverbabbl> mmm. Gee! Have a good one
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[14:59:54] <wjp> uh
[15:00:08] <wjp> I go away for half an hour and look what happens :-)
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[15:31:08] <wjp> saw my note about zip/unzip, btw?
[15:31:15] <Colourless> yes i did
[15:31:23] <Colourless> what's different?
[15:31:54] <wjp> instead of using fopen/fread/etc... it uses custom file i/o functions
[15:32:07] <wjp> function pointers, that is
[15:32:32] <Colourless> even the old code only took me about an hour or 2 to rip out the old code, and replace DataSource like classes
[15:32:33] <wjp> so we can make it read from an IDataSource
[15:32:50] <Colourless> but, this new one sounds all rig
[15:32:51] <wjp> sure, there wasn't that much file i/o in there in the first place
[15:32:51] <Colourless> t
[15:33:27] <Colourless> nope. the exising code pretty much used 2 or 3 functions to do all the reading
[15:34:04] <Colourless> and those functions were pretty much just platform independant functions to read little endian ints
[15:35:31] <Colourless> took more time to convert the old style functions into standard
[15:36:13] <wjp> those are still in there, I'm afraid
[15:36:29] <wjp> (there == the new 0.21)
[15:37:57] <Colourless> ah, fun fun fun :-)
[15:45:05] <wjp> heh, the new one still has the old website URL in the comments :-)
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[16:54:30] <wjp> dinner; bbl
[17:46:47] <wjp> back
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[19:21:17] <Anonymousmost> hello hello
[19:21:36] <wjp> solved your identity crisis? :-)
[19:22:30] <Colourless> doesn't look like it
[19:22:31] <Anonymousmost> Yes, but Admiral Wombat was hard to pass up on
[19:22:46] <Anonymousmost> hmm.... how'd I become anonymousmost again?
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[19:23:09] <curiousis> There we go, all better now!
[19:23:12] <wjp> no idea, it's what you entered as earlier today too
[19:24:13] <curiousis> So I was fiddling around with the Avatar mesh from Denis Loubet's page. What would be the feasability of making a Female Avatar in U8?
[19:24:24] <curiousis> hypothetically:)
[19:24:47] <wjp> did you see the avi of a female avatar gruck posted on the forum?
[19:25:10] <wjp> but... well... it would probably require quite a bit of usecoding
[19:25:31] <curiousis> yeah that was me:)
[19:25:34] <Colourless> yes it's possible, but you wouldn 't want to be making 1200+ frames for the sprite
[19:25:53] <wjp> ah, now that you mention it, the hostname is somewhat similar :-)
[19:25:59] <curiousis> Well I allready made a walking, running, and jumping frame, so thats like 250 covered:)
[19:25:59] <Colourless> theusecode modifying would be the 'trivial' part :-)
[19:27:02] <curiousis> I've been using u8shape viewer as a reference to made the model move a lot like the u8 buckethead
[19:27:03] <wjp> I wonder how often usecode refers to shape 1 explicitly
[19:27:34] <wjp> if very often, some creative engine hacks could be used to replace the old shape 1 by a new one conditionally
[19:28:53] <wjp> some conversations will have to be adjusted a bit, a few changed a lot (e.g., Darion hinting at you marrying his daughter)
[19:29:56] <wjp> but gender is relatively irrelevant in most of U8 as far as I can remember
[19:30:12] <curiousis> http://www.angelfire.com/alt2/ultima
[19:30:19] <curiousis> err... whoops
[19:30:26] <Colourless> acactually, darion wouldn't be the one you'd really need to modify
[19:30:32] <curiousis> http://www.angelfire.com/alt2/ultima/avatarmove.zip
[19:30:51] <curiousis> running and walking, jumping isn't rendered yet incase you're curious
[19:31:05] <Colourless> or would it
[19:31:09] <Colourless> i can't remember exactly
[19:31:22] <Colourless> you might have to trigger a flag firts by talking to jenna
[19:31:22] <wjp> I think Darion does hint at you being suitable
[19:32:36] <curiousis> I'd be willing and able to make the artwork as a starting point
[19:33:01] <Colourless> curiousis, the avatar model is some 100000 polys correct?
[19:33:09] <curiousis> What did you think of the design anyway, I wanted to go withsomething simple closely related to old buckethead
[19:33:30] <curiousis> just a sec, lemme check
[19:33:41] <Colourless> doesn't really matter
[19:34:38] <curiousis> it's actually an extremely simple model, which is fine since it's an inch high in a VGA game
[19:36:58] <Colourless> ideally, my vision, whether it gets anywhere near a reality
[19:37:29] <Colourless> is to replace the sprites with actual 3d models, that would include the avatar as well
[19:38:31] <curiousis> ahhh... but that still means every frame of the old avatar would have to be re-animated.
[19:38:49] <Colourless> indeed it would
[19:39:15] <Colourless> if it happens, it would be nice to be able to make the avatars appearance actually change depending on what you are wearing
[19:39:51] <Colourless> but, that would be something for me to 'think' about
[19:39:54] <curiousis> yeah, that'd definately be monumentally easier if 3d-models were implemented
[19:39:59] <Colourless> anyway, the animating isn't the hard part
[19:41:36] <Colourless> avatar has close to 60 animations
[19:41:48] <curiousis> ahhh...
[19:42:02] <Colourless> i think
[19:42:11] <Colourless> probably closer to 50
[19:43:42] <Colourless> the thing about animating the avatar, and any other model, you really do need to make sure that they have the exact same number of frames in the animation
[19:43:58] <curiousis> I've been very careful to do just that
[19:44:16] <wjp> and also that the 'middle' is in the right place
[19:44:42] <curiousis> and I counted closer to 25 animations, unless some are hidden somewhere else
[19:44:59] <curiousis> I suppse we'd need new avatar leg and head explosion pieces too
[19:45:15] <curiousis> mm... yummy
[19:45:16] <Colourless> the cheats way of doing it would be to instead of copying the animation, would be to actually copying the frames from the sprite
[19:45:32] <wjp> there should be about 50 animations for the avatar
[19:45:57] <curiousis> but then wouldn't each one have to be individually editted and coloured
[19:46:11] <wjp> animations 0-35 are all used AFAICT
[19:46:20] <curiousis> I'm trying to remake the frames by having a similar animation
[19:47:25] <Colourless> nice idea, but that sort of thing may require changes to anim.dat.... which might cause undpredictable results
[19:48:06] <curiousis> ahhhh....
[19:49:48] <Colourless> if you use something like shpdisp you can see what you'd need to recreate
[19:51:54] <curiousis> thats what I had been doing, I was thinking of making similar frames by making similar animations and then changing the angles to make all the required frames
[19:52:34] <Colourless> you only really need to make 1 dir of the animation, then just render from each dir
[19:53:47] <curiousis> thats what I've been up to
[19:54:00] <Colourless> yes, you'd be insane to attempt to do it any other way :-)
[19:56:22] <curiousis> for sure!
[19:56:46] <curiousis> but I feel insane as it is for even thinking about this
[20:02:33] <Colourless> you'd be no more insane than i
[20:03:40] <Colourless> somethin i started a while back: http://www.users.on.net/triforce/ex.png
[20:07:19] <Colourless> anyway, i should be off
[20:07:19] <Colourless> cya
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[22:42:09] <Anonymousmost> well that was damned ironic
[22:44:08] <Anonymousmost> It's just you and me Exultbot!
[22:44:28] * Anonymousmost kicks the bloody comuppinigery out of Exultbot
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[22:45:10] <curiousis> Poor Exultbot, who was that mean Anonymousmost
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