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[14:07:52] <Dominus> hey ho... SDL 1.2.x now builds on OS X 10.6.1 but, as expected Pentagram gives an error when building coreaudio...
[14:08:54] <Dominus> http://pastebin.com/m865cf70
[14:09:01] <Dominus> I'll make a bug report
[14:11:20] <wjp> hi
[14:11:22] <wjp> ah, cool
[14:11:47] <wjp> why was this expected?
[14:12:42] <Dominus> I don't know anymore, but I read something about this stuff having changed on 10.6 as well
[14:15:33] <wjp> how in-sync are exult's and pentagram's coreaudio code?
[14:15:45] <Dominus> and the patch for sdl that allows it to compile also has some coreaudio patches
[14:15:57] <Dominus> not very
[14:16:28] <Dominus> but on my build system I had applied a patch to pentagram that exult got for os x 10.5
[14:18:46] <Dominus> I wanted to verify this with watt once but forgot about it and we never were online at the same time :)
[14:32:58] <watt> hmm... hey?
[14:33:08] <Dominus> hey! :)
[14:35:21] <Dominus> on what os x system are you now?
[14:35:30] <watt> Still on leopard.
[14:35:49] <Dominus> ok... atm this seems to be safer :)
[14:36:09] <Dominus> I've been wrestling with snow so much...
[14:36:45] <Dominus> now everything needed for pentagram is actually availlable but I'm failing on coreaudio
[14:37:52] <watt> Was the coreaudio patch from exult needed?
[14:38:38] <Dominus> it was needed for leopard and when I built without it on snow I get a slightly different error
[14:41:35] <Dominus> http://pastebin.com/m25b96908
[14:41:50] <Dominus> so the problem seems to be very similar :)
[14:42:42] <Dominus> for building SDL 1.2.13 on Snow it needed that patch http://trac.macports.org/attachment/ticket/20235/macports-libsdl-1.2.13-10.6.patch
[14:43:00] <Dominus> and that has some coreaudio changes as well
[14:43:17] <Dominus> but with my limited knowledge, I can't make anything out of that
[14:51:11] <wjp> it might simply be a missing include
[14:51:26] <wjp> do you have a file called Components.h anywhere?
[14:52:22] <Dominus> yeah
[14:52:51] <wjp> in which dir?
[14:54:00] <wjp> what might also work: #include <CoreServices/CoreServices.h>
[14:54:10] <wjp> (maybe...)
[14:54:26] <Dominus> I'll try that, the components.h is very nested...
[14:55:01] <Dominus> include in coreaudiomididriver.h, right?
[14:55:08] <wjp> yes
[14:56:32] <Dominus> that AND the patch for Exult's core...cpp helped
[14:57:13] <Dominus> ok, next error is in disasm
[14:57:46] <Dominus> watt, can you include coreservices on leopard, too?
[14:58:23] <Dominus> disasm error http://pastebin.com/m4e0a409e
[14:58:25] <wjp> very likely; I took this line from a not-so-recent SDL
[14:59:30] <Dominus> in our CoreAudioMidiDriver.h we have #include <CoreMIDI/CoreMIDI.h>7
[14:59:41] <Dominus> I guess the 7 is a typo
[14:59:43] <wjp> yes
[15:00:17] <wjp> that macosxResourcePath() is defined in system/macosx/macosx_utils.m
[15:00:27] <wjp> maybe that isn't being linked into disasm?
[15:01:44] <watt> CoreServices is available in 10.5, should be available all to way back to 10.3.9 at least.
[15:02:20] <Dominus> oh, that macosx_utils.o is an old one. seems it was not "cleaned" on make clean
[15:03:03] <Dominus> now it build successfully
[15:05:49] <Dominus> hmm, crashes, clean bilding again
[15:08:05] <Dominus> http://pastebin.com/m4cdd0ba8
[15:14:30] <wjp> hm, in SDL_SetVideoMode
[15:14:55] <wjp> maybe try different resolutions, bitdepths and windowed/fullscreen?
[15:17:05] <Dominus> hmm, this was with the default, no ini file supplied
[15:18:06] <watt> The autorelease pool issues are a bit nasty, guess we can add a pool at startup for that, but I don't think it is tied the the exception.
[15:23:51] <Dominus> no chance, it will not start
[15:24:34] <Dominus> different question what needs to be fixed so system/macosx/macosx_utils.o gets cleaned on make clean?
[15:24:37] <wjp> do the SDL test apps work?
[15:25:20] <Dominus> how do i check?
[15:25:44] <wjp> in the SDL source tree there should be a directory with test apps
[15:26:06] <wjp> hm, maybe we're doing something strange with SDLmain
[15:26:31] <Dominus> ah because I used the macport to build it, I don't have that source tree
[15:26:39] <wjp> ah, ok
[15:27:03] <Dominus> macports build its stuff, pulls the source, applies aptches uses its rules, and after building cleans up after itself
[15:27:15] <Dominus> meaning the source tree gets cleaned
[15:27:38] <Dominus> but I can grab the source
[15:28:01] <wjp> how do you build pentagram?
[15:28:50] <Dominus> ./bootstrap, ./configure, make clean and then make
[15:30:56] <watt> you might consider --enable-timidity-midi=no --enable-fmopl-midi=no on configure, but I think that should be OK
[15:32:27] <Dominus> it was ok on leopard :)
[15:33:32] <Dominus> I've built the sdl test programs now
[15:34:29] <wjp> I'm wondering about SDLMain
[15:34:59] <wjp> doesn't SDL on OS X need that?
[15:40:24] <Dominus> simple sdl test programs work.
[15:41:12] <Dominus> some have problems finding their resource file (like sample.bmp), but I think that's not related since others do find their resources
[15:41:17] <Dominus> data
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[15:52:37] <Dominus> should I commit the coreaudio changes for now?
[15:52:52] <watt> Ok by me.
[15:53:07] <Dominus> good, then this is at least out of the way
[15:54:40] <wjp> watt: any ideas about SDLMain?
[15:54:55] <wjp> it doesn't appear we're using it currently for OS X
[15:55:15] <watt> One moment.. checking it out.
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[15:56:37] <watt> If in the app bundle, we set SDLMain as the main nib file, but I'm not sure about what will happen when just building the normal unix way.
[15:57:30] * wjp hmmms
[15:57:48] <wjp> Colourless`: you disabled it for all platforms instead of just windows :-)
[15:58:22] <wjp> Dominus: try removing the #ifdef main, #undef main, #endif lines in pentagram.cpp
[15:59:14] <watt> I think the sdlmain lib is linked in statically from sdl-config flags, but I removed my copy to perform a fresh build
[16:00:05] <Dominus> will do. wehn commiting the coreaudio, changing the copyright is desired, right? :)
[16:00:50] <wjp> you mean the date? yeah, why not
[16:01:37] <watt> Dominus: what does sdl-config --cflags and sdl-config --libs give you?
[16:02:11] <Dominus> -I/opt/local/include/SDL -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_THREAD_SAFE
[16:02:24] <Dominus> -L/opt/local/lib -lSDLmain -lSDL -Wl,-framework,Cocoa
[16:02:30] <wjp> ok, good
[16:02:59] <wjp> didn't you get a warning about a duplicate main symbol when linking?
[16:03:37] <watt> I think the SDL header files #define main to something else.
[16:03:52] <wjp> yes, which is why that #undef main would be disabling SDLMain
[16:03:59] <Dominus> and yeah
[16:04:02] <Dominus> it builds
[16:04:05] <Dominus> and runs
[16:04:38] <wjp> hurray :-)
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[16:07:06] <Dominus> now you have made him leave!
[16:07:07] <Dominus> :)
[16:08:17] <wjp> I committed that last fix
[16:09:51] <watt> Oh... I wonder how I missed that before.
[16:11:16] <watt> it was recent and I didn't pay attention evidently
[16:15:36] <Dominus> :)
[16:16:16] <Dominus> thanks wjp and watt. now I have at least building Pentagram again :)
[16:16:47] <wjp> thanks for the help and testing :-)
[16:16:59] <watt> :-)
[16:17:18] <Dominus> testing is fun, especially since half the time I have NO idea what I'm doing :)
[16:17:35] <watt> I think I'll need to build a new snapshot and upload tonight.... it's been a while
[16:19:26] <Dominus> our built system might need fine tuning. I *think* configure should fail on SDL > 1.2.x and that system/macosx/macosx_utils.o is bothering me
[16:20:36] <watt> I agree on the SDL bit... what's the issue on macosx_utils.o?
[16:20:50] <wjp> .o files created from .m files aren't cleaned
[16:20:55] <watt> oh
[16:21:23] <wjp> I'm actually a bit surprised it gets built
[16:21:47] <wjp> ah, no, I'm not
[16:22:29] <wjp> the LOBJ := ... line in common.mk is the issue I think
[16:26:14] <Dominus> anything I can do?
[16:27:58] <watt> Do we want to add the rule to LOBJ for .m files in common.mk, or down in system/macosx/module.mk after including common.mk?
[16:30:14] <wjp> I think we pretty much have to do it in common.mk
[16:30:24] <wjp> LOBJ is used in quite a few other assignments
[16:30:36] <wjp> try this one: LOBJ := $(patsubst $(srcdir)/%,$(top_builddir)/%,$(patsubst %.cpp,%.o,$(filter %.cpp,$(LSRC))) $(patsubst %.m,%.o,$(filter %.m,$(LSRC))))
[16:31:03] <wjp> there may be a cleaner way, but I don't speak make _that_ fluently :-)
[16:34:53] <Dominus> I'll test that now.
[16:35:04] <Dominus> some things I just noticed in Pentagram:
[16:35:48] <Dominus> it doesn't like paths like ~/path to the game, only users/dominus/path to the game was successfull
[16:36:02] <Dominus> and a pallette distortion when opening the diary
[16:38:01] <wjp> $HOME substitution is something the shell typically does, so we'd have to emulate that
[16:38:35] <Dominus> I thought that would happen automatically :)
[16:39:20] <wjp> it makes sense to do it, I think
[16:39:32] <wjp> can you take a screenshot of the palette thing?
[16:39:51] <wjp> but I have to go for now
[16:40:07] <Dominus> I'll add a bug report with the screenie
[16:40:14] <wjp> could you file a feature request for the $HOME thing too?
[16:40:15] <wjp> thanks
[16:40:17] <Dominus> should I commit the common.mk?
[16:40:22] <Dominus> it seems to work
[16:40:40] <wjp> yeah, ok
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[16:40:46] <Dominus> ok, will do
[16:41:05] <wjp> oh, by the way, I don't remember where, but I think Fingolfin mentioned something about colour problems in ScummVM with SDL on 10.6
[16:41:52] <wjp> (might be completely unrelated of course)
[16:42:02] <Dominus> in the bug/patch report for sdl on the sdl tracker he mentioned something on an early patch for the sdl problem
[16:42:56] <wjp> ah, right, that would've been it
[16:43:09] <wjp> see you later
[16:43:17] <Dominus> thanks again, see you
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[16:56:49] <Dominus> done all that :)
[20:18:49] <wjp> hm, interesting corruption
[20:36:22] <Dominus> redish, it seems, but I haven't played in a long time, so I don't know it is supposed to look like
[20:36:30] <wjp> grayed out
[20:36:45] <wjp> (normal colours, but only half as bright)
[20:39:13] <Dominus> I kind of remember now
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