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[00:03:17] <edbgon> of course he could, hes the avatar
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[00:40:02] <edbgon> so are any of the scaler options accessible without recompiling?
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[03:16:47] <sbx> :)
[03:26:41] <edbgon> :)
[03:28:55] <sbx> you like the new changes in pentagram?
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[03:45:25] <edbgon> yeah as usual, but im just wondering if its possible to tweak the scaler settings :)
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[04:47:23] <Desdicado> hello
[04:47:28] <Desdicado> a pentagram question
[04:47:49] <sbx> hello
[04:47:52] <Desdicado> since last version the screenres changed
[04:48:04] <Desdicado> it looks like the dos one
[04:48:13] <Desdicado> i liked the previous better
[04:48:17] <Desdicado> any way to change that?
[04:48:26] <sbx> yes
[04:49:02] <Desdicado> how?
[04:49:19] <sbx> what? sorry I don't know
[04:49:32] <Desdicado> you see the screen resolution
[04:49:43] <Desdicado> i mean before i didnt see avatar that big
[04:49:53] <Desdicado> and saw more of the map
[04:49:59] <sbx> yep this is new
[04:50:09] <Desdicado> can i change it back?
[04:50:16] <sbx> yes
[04:50:21] <Desdicado> tell me how plz
[04:50:27] <sbx> what? sorry I don't know
[04:50:58] <Desdicado> how do i make so that
[04:51:12] <sbx> what? sorry I don't know
[04:51:18] <Desdicado> i dont just see a small part of the map
[04:51:31] <sbx> ask wjp
[04:51:59] <Desdicado> wjp can i get your aid on that one?
[04:52:12] <Desdicado> i tried to change the screen res
[04:52:23] <Desdicado> still it looks like dos :(
[04:52:46] <Desdicado> i like to have the pentagram style overview
[04:59:35] <sbx> me too
[04:59:56] <Desdicado> you do?
[05:00:16] <Desdicado> you dont like the new overvew too?
[05:00:22] <Desdicado> *overview
[05:01:21] <sbx> actually I havn't seen it
[05:01:40] <sbx> seeing more area makes it buggier, but it looks nice
[05:02:55] <sbx> so I've heard
[05:02:59] <sbx> I like the Crusader view.
[05:04:29] <Desdicado> crusader view?
[05:04:37] <Desdicado> making it see more area?
[05:06:24] <sbx> yep
[05:06:59] <Desdicado> You think it configurable on pentagram?
[05:09:13] <sbx> how many times do I have to say yes?
[05:09:28] <sbx> yes I think so
[05:23:52] <sbx> wjp must be asleep
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[05:41:54] <Colourless> screensize was intentionally changed
[05:42:09] <Colourless> ultima8 wasn't designed to run at 640x480 and it causes problems
[05:43:19] <Colourless> to change the resolution back to 640x480 add these lines to the ini files
[05:43:23] <Colourless> scalex=1
[05:43:27] <Colourless> scaley=1
[06:21:31] <Desdicado> which ones?
[06:22:01] <Colourless> which one what?
[06:22:01] <Desdicado> yes it worked :D
[06:22:04] <Desdicado> thanx alot man :D
[06:22:08] <Desdicado> btw
[06:22:13] <Desdicado> any coinsole cheats?
[06:22:40] <Desdicado> console cheats
[06:23:23] <Colourless> no
[06:23:58] <Desdicado> so i cant edit hp/mp level damage and that stuff yet?
[06:24:06] <Colourless> no
[06:24:13] <Colourless> actually
[06:24:18] <Colourless> there is 1 cheat
[06:24:20] <Desdicado> or use steal/openpaperdoll cheats on the characters
[06:24:23] <Colourless> i think...
[06:24:31] <Desdicado> or having universal key command
[06:24:31] <Colourless> use Console::CmdList
[06:24:35] <Colourless> i think you'll see something
[06:25:25] <Desdicado> btw
[06:25:29] <Desdicado> easter eggs dont work
[06:25:37] <Desdicado> cant find em
[06:26:22] <Desdicado> also i dont get sound on the guardian video he does not speak
[06:26:33] <Desdicado> im using the microsoft synth drivers
[06:26:57] <Desdicado> gs wavetable synth
[06:26:58] <Colourless> sfx and voice aren't supported yet
[06:27:02] <Colourless> only music!
[06:27:03] <Desdicado> mpu midi mapper 401
[06:27:09] <Desdicado> ahh
[06:27:15] <Desdicado> how i do with easter eggs then?
[06:27:20] <Colourless> what easter eggs?
[06:27:27] <Desdicado> the f binding
[06:27:30] <Desdicado> and g binding
[06:27:54] <Desdicado> unable to find first easter egg
[06:28:09] <Colourless> those only work on the docks map
[06:28:11] <Desdicado> unable to find execution egg
[06:28:21] <Colourless> and only at the beginning of the game
[06:28:25] <Colourless> and they are not 'easter eggs'
[06:28:28] <Colourless> they are just 'eggs'
[06:28:48] <Colourless> they are just debugging options
[06:28:53] <Colourless> that probably should be removed
[06:29:05] <Desdicado> cool
[06:29:19] <Desdicado> well
[06:29:20] <Desdicado> i guess
[06:29:34] <Desdicado> maybe there should be some gamemaster option?
[06:29:41] <Desdicado> so that you can .add items
[06:29:48] <Desdicado> like on UO :D
[06:30:16] <Desdicado> i collected a bunch of chests and made a house in U8
[06:30:25] <Desdicado> or took over one
[06:30:37] <Desdicado> and dumped lots of stuff there
[06:31:04] <Desdicado> the cheats taht i have from dos version works in pentagram :D
[06:33:21] <Desdicado> funny
[06:33:25] <Desdicado> when im dead
[06:33:32] <Desdicado> i can turn statis off
[06:33:34] <Desdicado> and im alive
[06:33:36] <Desdicado> but
[06:33:43] <Desdicado> with deathchest
[06:33:58] <Desdicado> after that guards cant be called upon me
[06:47:50] <Desdicado> wow golem crashes on me
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[06:59:35] <Desdicado> is it possible to use an actor instead of the avatar?
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[10:52:30] <Fl00der> hi
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[15:00:15] <sbx> hi
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[18:46:45] <Colourless> hiya :-)
[18:47:00] <Colourless> to anyone who may have entered :-)
[18:49:04] <Fingolfin> hi Colourless, hi everybody else who feels like I should greet him/her ;-)
[18:50:23] <Colourless> :-)
[18:50:55] <Colourless> is it just me, or is cvs really slow?
[18:57:33] <sbx> hello
[19:03:59] <wjp> hi :-)
[19:10:48] <wjp> hm, yes, cvs is quite slow
[19:24:56] <Colourless> will need you to add PointScaler.cpp and BilinearScaler.cpp to your build system
[19:25:30] <wjp> yeah, I'll do that
[20:04:24] <wjp> ugh, cvs is indeed really really really slow
[20:13:35] <wjp> um, wow; gcc is taking up 200Mb while compiling BilinearScaler.cpp
[20:14:11] <wjp> and takes 2 minutes and 17 seconds to compile it because of the resulting swapping :-)
[20:14:32] <wjp> and that's not even with max. optimizations on :-)
[20:16:21] <Colourless> um yeah... that file is kind of slow...
[20:16:49] <Colourless> i think too many levels of templates
[20:17:04] <wjp> compiling everything at least 6 times
[20:18:56] <Colourless> might make some changes in it to see if i can speed up compiling
[20:19:17] <wjp> I get 40 fps on 320x200->640x480 bilinear
[20:19:35] <Colourless> i get more than that
[20:19:43] <Colourless> a but more
[20:19:45] <Colourless> *bit
[20:19:50] <Colourless> but that's will full optimizations
[20:20:11] <wjp> this was with bilinear compiled at -O3, the rest at -O2
[20:20:41] <Colourless> no wait, i get 40 fps
[20:20:49] <Colourless> was thinking point where i get about 50
[20:21:06] <Colourless> what system?
[20:21:42] <wjp> athlon 1800 with 512Mb of (old) DDR
[20:22:39] <Colourless> 1800+ ?
[20:23:01] <wjp> yeah
[20:23:17] <wjp> so actually 1550Mhz
[20:23:36] <Colourless> seems a little slowish...
[20:23:46] <Colourless> what do you get with 320x240
[20:25:37] <wjp> hm, same
[20:25:58] <Colourless> i get about the same too
[20:25:59] <wjp> CPU isn't 100% used
[20:26:16] <Colourless> it's not?
[20:26:25] <wjp> at about 80%
[20:26:54] <Colourless> that might be why
[20:28:11] <wjp> getting about 45 with point
[20:28:16] <wjp> (fps)
[20:43:20] <Colourless> any idea what's up with cvs?
[20:44:54] <Fingolfin> hey, do you folks support AdvMame2x / Scale2x, too? That should be a lot faster than any bilinear filter... and nicer, too (IMO :-)
[20:45:14] <Colourless> we will, eventually
[20:45:31] <Colourless> framework is 'almost' in place
[20:48:32] <Colourless> pentagram old has it :-)
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[21:05:10] <wjp> BilinearScaler.cpp still has a point scaler comment in it ("very very simple point scaler")
[21:06:00] <Colourless> hehe... so it does
[21:06:24] <Colourless> good old copy and paste :-)
[21:06:29] <Colourless> well i think i will be off
[21:06:46] <wjp> night
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[22:36:54] <sbx> Ikude!
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[23:01:00] <edbgon> spoon!
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