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[18:09:01] <wjp> according to the subversion mailing list SF might enable subversion support for all projects this week
[18:15:00] <SB-X> yay
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[20:23:08] <wjp> in fact, the pentagram admin page already has a subversion tab... *exploring*
[21:06:41] <SB-X> yay
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[22:49:24] <wjp> hi Colourless
[22:49:34] <wjp> How do you feel about moving to subversion?
[23:18:25] <Colourless> i've no experience with it
[23:18:40] <Colourless> don't really know anything about it
[23:18:47] <Colourless> but if it's better...
[23:19:36] <wjp> It is "better" than CVS is several ways, but I don't think we really hit any problems with CVS in pentagram.
[23:20:13] <wjp> I think I'd prefer switching, overall.
[23:21:08] <wjp> Some particularly useful features are offline diffs and status reports
[23:21:52] <wjp> Instead of doing a 'cvs update' to see what exactly you changed locally, you can do "svn status", which won't contact the server.
[23:22:12] <wjp> Likewise, 'svn diff' doesn't require contacting the server either.
[23:22:54] <wjp> On top of that, you get the (partial) ability to rename/move files and directories.
[23:23:32] <wjp> ('partial' in the sense that a move is internally a delete and an add, but the add preserves history)
[23:25:57] <wjp> scummvm put together a brief list of pros/cons on their wiki: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/CVS_vs_SVN
[23:27:04] <SB-X> yay
[23:53:53] <Colourless> moving sounds like a good idea
[23:54:47] <wjp> I'll look into what converting the CVS repository will involve "soon"
[23:56:25] <Colourless> need to make sure that cvs is 'locked down'
[23:56:51] <Colourless> that no one has any outstanding commits
[23:57:09] <Colourless> of course that isn't critical though
[23:57:10] * wjp looks at his local copy... well.... :-)
[23:57:16] <Colourless> could just get messy if peoples locals aren't uptoday
[23:57:21] <Colourless> *upto date
[23:57:37] <wjp> do you have any local uncommitted changes?
[23:57:49] <wjp> (just curious :-) )
[23:58:33] * Colourless does update to see whats there
[23:58:51] <Colourless> i really don't think there is