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[00:17:07] --> gruck has joined #pentagram
[00:17:30] <gruck> hmm.. what book does Mythran want me to read before he is willing to talk to me about the Tongue of Flame?
[00:18:21] <gruck> Walkthru says something about a book appearing under the Zealan symbol...
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[00:43:09] <gruck> ohh.. 18 bugs again. I feel so dirty...
[00:43:35] <sbx> be proud!
[00:44:17] <gruck> Oh I am. But really, isn't it just about time for the first release of Pentagram?
[00:49:10] <sbx> It sure has come a long way and is developed very fast. They just need more complete combat I'd say.
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[03:01:28] * watt hmms
[03:02:52] <sbx> Mmh?
[03:02:56] <sbx> hi watt
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[03:14:20] * watt immediately puts on shin guards to prevent bruising of legs from violent kicking action/
[03:14:27] <watt> hi sbx
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[03:22:06] <sbx> hi Colourless
[03:22:39] <watt> hiya Colourless.
[03:23:08] <Colourless> hi
[03:39:13] <watt> hmm good point
[03:39:33] <sbx> I concur.
[05:09:43] --> edbgon has joined #pentagram
[05:32:35] <sbx> yo edbgon
[05:32:46] <sbx> 20 minutes later
[05:39:21] <edbgon> hi
[05:39:27] <edbgon> 20 minutes later
[05:39:47] <edbgon> im out, must sleep
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[05:55:57] <sbx> me too
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[15:58:39] <sbx> hello
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[16:31:20] <Colourless> .quit
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[18:04:55] <sbx> Why don't all channels have ChanServ?
[21:17:33] <wjp> it's not necessary to have ChanServ in a channel for it to give you op and things like that
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[21:17:52] <wjp> see :-)
[21:22:59] <sbx> Is there a reason he's in some channels?
[21:23:11] <wjp> hm, probably :-)
[21:30:20] <wjp> ah, more bug reports I see
[21:30:58] <wjp> oh.. that Mythran/book thing
[21:31:03] <wjp> I encountered that myself too
[21:31:11] <wjp> but how on earth did I solve it...
[21:32:07] <sbx> how on pagan
[21:32:50] <wjp> no no, I'm fairly sure I solved it while on earth
[21:37:37] <wjp> let's see... that book is created by usecode
[21:37:58] <wjp> right after Mythran tells you to read it
[21:47:06] <wjp> um
[21:47:16] <wjp> the item seems to have been created inside the floor
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[21:50:29] --> Chetic has joined #pentagram
[21:52:18] <wjp> it's created at z=42, while the floor is z=40-48
[21:52:20] * wjp sighs
[21:53:41] --> gruck has joined #pentagram
[21:53:47] <gruck> hows she going folks?
[21:54:13] <gruck> So it seems my book ends up in the floor. How irritating...
[21:54:19] <wjp> um, yes
[21:54:24] <wjp> need a workaround?
[21:54:31] <gruck> I'd love one
[21:54:45] <wjp> UCMachine::setGlobal 0x42 1 1
[21:55:04] <gruck> Sounds good.
[21:55:40] <wjp> Mythran will then think you read the book
[21:56:09] <gruck> OH yeah, that bug with the master bringing the daemon statues to life... It only crashes if I enter the room from the outside. If I use the arrow keys to move the Avatar around and enter the next area, then walk back the game doesn't freeze.
[21:57:03] <gruck> as in if I enter the room from Arcadion (that talking daemon guy) and then the game doesn't freeze.
[21:57:06] <gruck> weird
[21:57:06] <wjp> not being able to get out of the Master's room is caused by the high screen resolution, by the way
[21:57:26] <wjp> (teleporter isn't being reset because you don't get far enough away from it)
[21:57:41] <gruck> ahhh... so just like the statues refusing to talk to me
[21:57:46] <wjp> yes
[21:58:06] <gruck> There is no way to not have the screen resolution be an issue?
[21:58:26] <gruck> I mean with the recall ring not working it is especially irritating
[21:58:46] <sbx> I suppose everything anything is missing, you should check it's properties?
[21:58:54] <sbx> every time*
[22:03:08] <wjp> hm, let's see
[22:03:16] <wjp> that masterfreeze save does indeed freeze for me too
[22:03:23] <wjp> and I can't fall from the bridge either
[22:03:26] <wjp> peculiar :-)
[22:04:12] <gruck> Hey, there is enough bugs in U8 and Pentagram already that I don't need to make any up.
[22:04:37] <wjp> the 'hanging' flag is set on the avatar
[22:05:04] <gruck> Yeah, it somehow got set and it is REALLY annoying
[22:05:35] <gruck> In fact it got set around about the same time I encounter the bug with the crazy sorceror with his conflageration spell
[22:06:20] <gruck> And it only seems to affect be in in certain areas. It doesn't bother me in Mythran's house but I can't go down stairs in Central Tenebrae.
[22:07:13] <wjp> I wonder where that happened
[22:07:24] <gruck> I honestly have no idea...
[22:09:48] <gruck> O.K. so the walkaround enabled me to get the ethereal travel spell. Excellent
[22:10:45] <wjp> I don't think we ever set the hanging flag ourselves
[22:10:55] <wjp> so maybe somewhere in usecode
[22:14:36] <wjp> hm, it seems to be set in the sequence where you get the Airwalk focus from Stratos
[22:17:49] <wjp> any idea if it could've started around that time?
[22:18:02] <gruck> hmm... Maybe I didn't notice it until the sorceror's test... I mean though I really should have noticed at the river of fire...
[22:18:08] <wjp> if you want I can fix reset that flag for you, by the way
[22:18:14] <wjp> just send me a savegame you want fixed
[22:18:29] <gruck> Sure, if you don't mind.
[22:20:15] <wjp> not at all; easy to fix
[22:20:47] <gruck> I think I will... I can't play like this.
[22:20:50] <wjp> I just need to press the middle mouse button on the avatar here :-)
[22:21:21] <gruck> You dastard... I did that to myself and I dropped over dead :)
[22:21:36] <wjp> *evil grin*
[22:21:50] <wjp> yes, in CVS the middle mouse applies a hit of 1024 hit points
[22:22:07] <sbx> That should do it.
[22:22:07] <wjp> middle mouse generally tends to do something in the area I'm working on
[22:22:26] <wjp> I just switched it do 'destroy item' earlier to see the book in the floor
[22:22:35] <wjp> and now it's 'clear HANGING flag'
[22:23:11] <sbx> what did you destroy? the floor?
[22:23:52] <gruck> damned webmail... why are you going so sloooooooooooow
[22:23:59] <sbx> I remember Crusader's hackmover let you move tiles around.
[22:24:20] <wjp> yes, the floor
[22:24:28] <wjp> destroying tiles is easier than moving them :-)
[22:24:48] <wjp> although at one point the middle mouse button made items fly away in a random direction :-)
[22:24:59] <gruck> That I highly approve of...
[22:25:09] <gruck> Message sent
[22:25:14] <gruck> slowly...
[22:25:18] <gruck> almost...
[22:25:23] <gruck> almost...
[22:25:31] <gruck> sent
[22:25:51] <wjp> the 'wherebook' one?
[22:26:28] <gruck> Kind of silly, wasn't it :)
[22:26:35] <wjp> I already had that one :-)
[22:26:44] <gruck> I just realized...
[22:28:04] <wjp> reply sent
[22:28:09] <gruck> score
[22:29:23] <wjp> how far back do you have savegames from that 'masterfreeze' one?
[22:30:02] <wjp> hm, I guess the Torwin one might be close enough to Stratos to see if that indeed caused the hanging flag to be stuck
[22:30:15] <wjp> although I do indeed doubt it would've been that far back
[22:30:21] <wjp> it's kind of noticable :-)
[22:31:03] <gruck> Just one of those little things...
[22:31:13] <gruck> In fact I remember crossing the river of fire correctly.
[22:31:18] <gruck> I didn't just use the arrow keys...
[22:31:27] <gruck> or run right across :)
[22:32:32] <wjp> bbl
[22:34:47] <gruck> I really don't no how to do anything with that file you sent me :)
[22:35:36] <gruck> I use the binary because anything more that athat confuses me...
[22:35:44] <gruck> *that that
[22:39:31] <gruck> On a side note, how do I get the Tear of Seas from Devon?
[22:40:41] <gruck> Isn't he suppose to offer it up to me at this point?
[22:46:38] <sbx> Do the tricks to kill Devon work in Pentagram?
[22:48:28] <gruck> I have no idea what trick...
[22:48:54] <gruck> Though middle clicking him for 1000+ damage sure didn't do the trick
[23:08:31] <sbx> hehe
[23:08:39] <sbx> There are some known cheats for it.
[23:08:48] <sbx> But I think it crashes the game.
[23:13:13] --> curiousis has joined #pentagram
[23:13:40] <curiousis> I think the samegame where the dead sorceror didn't look dead was when I first realized the problem...
[23:17:04] --> Kirben has joined #pentagram
[23:17:04] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Kirben
[23:17:13] <curiousis> Come on Devon, all I want is your most precious possession. Is that too much to ask for?
[23:22:36] <wjp> oh, wait
[23:23:07] <wjp> reading that book sets more flags than just the one to trigger Mythran's talk
[23:23:21] <wjp> UCMachine::setGlobal 0x3D 1 1
[23:23:24] <wjp> UCMachine::setGlobal 0x3F 1 1
[23:23:27] <wjp> UCMachine::setGlobal 0x40 1 1
[23:25:37] <curiousis> ahh... now I can get the blackrock fragment.
[23:26:37] <-- gruck has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:26:46] <curiousis> uhmm...
[23:28:54] <wjp> uhmm?
[23:29:23] <curiousis> Well... MIRC just told me that gruck has left IRC. Seeing as I am Gruck that kind of confused me...
[23:29:35] <wjp> you're not gruck; you're curiousis! :-)
[23:29:37] <curiousis> Well... Gruck/Curiousis...
[23:30:05] <wjp> seeing that nick a few days ago finally made me remember why your real name (on your emails) looked familiar :-)
[23:30:24] <curiousis> ahh.... yeah I should have just stuck to one name. I have no idea why I didn't...
[23:30:34] <curiousis> Yeah I wrote some stuff for Exult Studio a long time ago...
[23:31:01] <wjp> you have a very dutch last name :-)
[23:31:12] <curiousis> I have a very Dutch Father
[23:31:21] <wjp> that would explain it ;-)
[23:31:36] <curiousis> He moved to Canada during the 50s with my Grandfather
[23:31:59] <curiousis> But they're originally from East Germany. So How they ended up with a Dutch name is a tad unknown
[23:33:05] <curiousis> Yay, I cast Ethereal Travel. Though I have the feeling this may be difficult to play while flying.
[23:33:15] <curiousis> I really don't understand that fix you sent me :)
[23:34:08] <wjp> hm?
[23:34:15] <wjp> didn't I just send you a savegame file?
[23:34:55] <curiousis> Nope... you sent me a .zip containing files like map, world, version, ucglobals...
[23:35:02] <wjp> savegames are zips
[23:35:11] <curiousis> ahh... so I just have to rename it from a zip
[23:35:18] <wjp> who named it zip?
[23:35:26] <curiousis> you did...
[23:35:42] <curiousis> At least the file you sent me was .zip
[23:35:42] <wjp> hm, no, the attachment is called 'nothaning' in my sent mailbox
[23:35:51] <wjp> minus the typo
[23:36:09] <wjp> anyway, you can just GUIApp::loadgame nothanging.zip as well, I think
[23:36:14] <curiousis> hehe well it had a zip extension when I saved it. I guess that was Winzip/Windows doing
[23:37:32] <curiousis> I'm not really all that computer savvy as you can tell by now
[23:41:08] <curiousis> Hmm... there is an item in a chest in the Earth test that seems to have no single click description. A little white ball...
[23:42:59] <wjp> what does the console output?
[23:43:18] <wjp> particulary the "shape x, y" part
[23:43:45] <curiousis> just a sec...
[23:45:51] <curiousis> shape 784, 0, (50,38)
[23:45:56] <curiousis> Is that what you're looking for?
[23:46:50] <wjp> hm, yes
[23:46:54] <wjp> that one indeed doesn't have any usecode
[23:48:37] <curiousis> This is a story bout a demon named Fred, Poor demonic forces barely kept his family fed... ugh..
[23:50:20] <wjp> did you already defeat one of the titans?
[23:50:54] <curiousis> Hmm... the Endure heat globe makes it impossible to single click on the Avatar...
[23:51:16] <wjp> what does the console show for that one?
[23:51:27] <wjp> (the shape part again)
[23:51:40] <curiousis> The Endure heat globe?
[23:51:53] <wjp> yes
[23:52:30] <curiousis> shape 703, 9
[23:52:30] <wjp> oh, I can of course cast it using the cheat menu myself as well
[23:53:23] <wjp> hm, better file another bug report :-)
[23:53:41] <wjp> "fire globe"...
[23:53:46] <curiousis> File a bug report, why I wouldn't know where to begin...
[23:54:21] <wjp> I should be going
[23:54:24] <wjp> night
[23:54:28] <curiousis> Have a good one
[23:54:43] <wjp> *yawn*... shouldn't be a problem :-)
[23:55:38] <curiousis> ohh.... 18 bugs again