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[01:12:57] <Cashman> Kirben I've just got around to running the latest cvs - what information are you guys currently using in ur manual config files, is there an example config I can use
[01:13:37] <Cashman> because I cant even get the avatar to display without config I guess?
[01:52:28] <Kirben> Just need to set location of data directory in pentagram.cfg I think and put fixedfont.tga in that data directory.
[02:04:48] <Cashman> hmm didnt work - dont you have a copy of the cvs with a pentagram.cfg or dont you have access to ur copy at the moment, might have to ask you guys l8er
[02:06:08] <Kirben> There is no example pentagram.cfg at the moment.
[02:06:47] <Kirben> and I'm still using old pentagram.cfg from map viewer which would not be any help..
[02:06:49] <Cashman> ok - is it really just wjp that has been working with that?
[02:07:02] <Cashman> oh ok thanks I see now
[02:14:45] <Cashman> I'm busy with all sorts of things at the moment Kirben, no time to learn programming really, still interested in project updates though - nice to see a bit of action every noun and then .
[02:15:08] <Cashman> any predications when me might have a proper config and very basic map viewing capabilities
[02:29:06] <Cashman> buy
[02:29:16] <Cashman> bye! hehe wrong bye
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[10:25:22] <Kirben> cvs needs an example .cfg
[10:27:07] <wjp> maybe, yes
[10:31:04] <wjp> I want pentagram.cfg to be (partly) generated from data provided by configure in linux
[10:31:10] <wjp> not sure how to do that in windows
[10:31:36] <wjp> (something like "./configure --with-u8=/data/games/u8" to automatically have the right U8 path set)
[10:32:40] <Kirben> Well in windows it would be better to handle that via an installer in distant future.
[10:33:14] <Kirben> and just default to data/ for data path for win32
[10:34:30] <Kirben> an example .cfg would just help, util pentagram has some docs.
[10:34:50] <Kirben> util=until
[10:35:13] <wjp> would having a readme file with an example .cfg in it be ok?
[10:35:29] <Kirben> Yes the would be just as good.
[10:41:01] * wjp commits
[10:41:03] <wjp> something like that?
[10:41:22] <wjp> feel free to make adjustments if you want
[10:41:40] <wjp> (you do have cvs write access, right?)
[10:42:05] <Kirben> Yes, thats fine.
[10:42:48] <Kirben> Yes I still have cvs access
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[12:25:36] <wjp> Colourless: oops... sorry about missing that p_dynamic_cast stuff in GlobEgg/Actor/MainActor
[12:25:41] <wjp> I'll try to remember next time... :-)
[12:26:06] <Colourless> :_)
[12:26:16] <Colourless> damn, someone broke my nose... again :-)
[12:26:54] * Darke repairs Colourless nose... with duct tape!
[12:30:03] <Colourless> i aint no sports person, you could have used something a tad more permanent
[12:30:55] <wjp> I'm thinking we may want a OnText() event in Gump too
[12:31:40] <Colourless> add whatever you think we need
[12:32:02] <Colourless> the current Gump class isn't exactly static, never to be touched again you know
[12:32:08] <wjp> I know :-)
[12:32:54] <Colourless> but yes an OnText() function is needed or OnKeyboard() or some such
[12:44:33] <Colourless> does stl contain any sort of sorted list?
[12:45:11] <wjp> not sure
[12:45:18] <wjp> is there a priority queue?
[12:45:27] <Colourless> how does that work?
[12:46:19] <Darke> Yes, there's a priority queue.
[12:46:29] <wjp> a priority queue is a queue where the item with the highest 'priority' is popped, instead of the first item in the queue
[12:46:35] <Colourless> i'm just thinking about how the 'Gump list' should be implemented
[12:46:40] <Darke> Not that I can remember what it's *called* but I'm pretty sure there's one in there somewhere. *grin*
[12:47:24] <wjp> but it's not really a sorted list
[12:47:29] <Colourless> i want to have different drawing layers
[12:47:52] <Colourless> changing focuse would probably just involve removing the gump from the 'list' and then readding it
[12:48:04] <Colourless> s/focuse/focus/
[12:55:47] <Colourless> don't think that priority queue is suitable. can't iterate it
[12:56:10] * wjp nods
[13:00:59] <Colourless> i guess that just using list with some my own 'add' function will have to do
[13:06:29] <Colourless> well, list does have a sort function that uses operator <
[13:33:13] <wjp> hm, what's 'lerp'?
[13:33:48] <Colourless> lerp means interpolate.
[13:34:13] <wjp> a real word?
[13:34:13] <Colourless> interpolate is too big to write everwhere, so people use the word lerp instead
[13:34:21] <Colourless> not afaik
[13:34:23] <wjp> k
[13:34:38] <wjp> kind of like 'i18n' then :-)
[13:34:53] <Colourless> yes pretty much
[13:35:36] <Colourless> http://info.astrian.net/jargon/terms/l/LERP.html
[13:36:22] <Colourless> slerp oddly enough (or not) mean spherical interpolation :-)
[13:38:26] <wjp> right; always useful to know :-)
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[23:25:31] <Guest666> hello
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