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[15:51:42] <megaTherion> Hi
[17:38:11] <megaTherion> wjp: typeflag are really strange :D I've displaying them for each shape as bitfield and also added an filter for them
[17:38:19] <megaTherion> trying to figure out what bits could mean anything useful
[17:46:18] <wjp> I don't think we got very far with figuring out the crusader-specific ones
[17:46:38] <wjp> did you find the U8 meanings?
[17:47:17] <megaTherion> ya I found them in the pentagram code
[17:47:43] <megaTherion> the ones for crusader seem to be really different - blocksize 9 makes sense though coz you get 2048 for 8*9
[18:07:00] <megaTherion> well I meant 9*2048 of course
[18:51:50] <megaTherion> wjp: I changed a single entry, from what I believe this should be the very first soldier type in the first level - but it has no effect on the shape, maybe the TYPEFLAG.DAT isnt linnear corresponding to the SHAPES.FLX entries
[18:57:47] <megaTherion> well I changed some more records now (just zeroed them) and I did crap some with the civil npc animations - I guess in the way I've loaded my entries (corresponsing to the records) its not linnear to the file offset but I'll have to check that again
[19:31:55] <wjp> what do you mean by "it has no effect on the shape"?
[19:32:58] <megaTherion> well the soldier was behaving normally, even when I've zeroed the typeflag field out
[19:33:05] <megaTherion> but it seems to be the order of the entries
[19:33:19] <megaTherion> the FLX header's records arent really sorted linnear
[19:33:42] <megaTherion> but Im using them in the way they appear in the FLX.. so my relation Shape <=> Typeflag isnt right