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[00:09:28] --> trin has joined #pentagram
[01:48:17] <watt> wjp:Anything to increase content on the page is pretty good.
[01:48:57] * watt now hides before someone recommends he adds it
[01:49:46] <Colourless> you commeneted, you do
[01:50:49] * watt swears that some time soon he shall work on pentagram stuff.. .but now is not that time (school's almost up and work is still insane
[02:45:49] <-- trin has left IRC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[03:39:33] <servus> Ditto on Exult3D.
[04:39:46] --> Zain has joined #pentagram
[05:06:05] --> sbx has joined #pentagram
[05:15:13] <sbx> hi
[05:24:23] <servus> Meow meow
[05:35:39] <sbx> where's the more fun javascript?
[05:36:06] <sbx> sorry, I didn't mean that to sound demanding :)
[05:46:16] <servus> Hmm
[05:46:20] <servus> What was the last thing you saw?
[05:46:28] <servus> There's 3 balls with collision between them... a JavaScript chat client...
[05:48:06] <sbx> I didn't get that one yet.
[05:48:12] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/files/ball2.html
[05:48:19] <sbx> The last one I saw was the first one.
[05:49:05] <servus> ok
[05:49:20] <servus> There's also http://chat.sammatthews.com/ which is a waste of time but oh well
[05:49:51] <sbx> thanks
[05:49:59] * sbx wastes some time at it.
[05:50:51] <servus> What's your chat client?
[05:50:55] <servus> I should start logging that information...
[05:51:01] <sbx> my chat client?
[05:51:03] <sbx> mIRC?
[05:51:09] <sbx> or do you mean IE
[05:51:19] <servus> Ohhh you're on IE? It's buggy on IE.
[05:51:21] <sbx> it reloads the page everytime I send, think thats a bug
[05:51:24] <sbx> ok
[05:51:28] <servus> You can't press enter in the text box in IE. You have to click the button
[05:51:45] <sbx> i use opera normally but url's are associated with IE
[05:52:18] <sbx> reqSend is null!
[05:53:02] <sbx> I get that error every time the page loads
[05:55:03] <servus> Gave up huh?
[05:55:09] <servus> Ah, you're buggy!
[05:55:20] <servus> Maybe you have some sort of JavaScript security settings turned up
[05:55:48] <servus> Works for some people in Opera, not others.
[05:57:41] <sbx> What browser do you recommend?
[05:57:57] <servus> Firefox and Konqueror handle it well. Newer versions of Opera do fine.
[05:58:05] <servus> Safari should handle it fine too.
[05:58:16] <servus> IE handles it fine, with that one caveat of not pressing enter :P
[05:58:23] <servus> Actually I know how to fix it in IE but I'm laaaaaazy
[05:59:23] <sbx> IE didnt work for me, it didn't display text
[05:59:49] <sbx> I'll message you what Opera's javascript console says.
[06:02:00] <sbx> or I'll just DCC it to you
[06:02:22] <servus> What's this?
[06:03:06] <sbx> the errors it prints
[06:03:22] <servus> In Opera?
[06:03:38] <sbx> yeah
[06:03:41] <servus> That's probably because you have Opera masquerading as IE, silly.
[06:03:45] <servus> Do you?
[06:03:56] <sbx> no
[06:04:03] <sbx> Identify as Opera
[06:04:06] <servus> Update Opera?
[06:04:20] <sbx> no
[06:04:38] <servus> Get the newest version, then? *grin*
[06:04:54] <sbx> no
[06:04:58] <sbx> maybe later :P
[06:15:06] <servus> LOL!!!
[06:15:08] <servus> About the chat thing:
[06:15:26] <servus> ridiculous_fish: Why does it suggest "blowjob" when I type b?
[06:15:41] <servus> thegreat_catsby: ridiculous_fish> It links to your GOOGLE RECENT SEARCHES.
[06:15:47] <servus> ridiculous_fish: Oh please :P
[06:15:53] <servus> ridiculous_fish: I've never searched for that
[06:16:01] <servus> ridiculous_fish: Hmm. Maybe it does
[06:16:12] <servus> ridiculous_fish: How embarassing :) I don't remember searching for that at all
[06:19:40] <servus> So, yeah. You had to be there
[06:21:09] <sbx> I'm glad I wasn.t :)
[06:21:27] <sbx> haha :p
[06:31:49] <servus> Someone just suggested I make a JavaScript pool game.
[06:34:05] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/files/ball3.html :P
[06:46:01] <sbx> that makes me think of DuckHunt
[06:46:03] <sbx> but without ducks
[06:47:23] <servus> I could add bouncy ducks
[06:47:35] <servus> Think my next JavaScript program will be multiplayer pool :P
[06:48:10] <servus> Meow meow, well I should really get some work done before it's too late.
[06:53:47] <sbx> alright
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[21:37:46] <Zain> option to turn footsteps off added?
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[22:43:39] <watt> MONKEY!
[22:44:38] * watt has obviously quite insane.... or already was... whatever
[22:45:12] <watt> *obviously gone
[22:50:21] --> Lightkey has joined #Pentagram
[23:30:25] <sbx> ...
[23:31:02] <sbx> anyway...
[23:31:20] <sbx> Zain: You don't like the footsteps?
[23:41:29] <Zain> i do but i like to turn them off on like original game
[23:41:34] <Zain> it has a box for that
[23:41:41] <Zain> same does Ultima Online
[23:41:46] <Zain> And a run box too ;)
[23:41:52] <Zain> always run one
[23:44:30] <watt> always running in U8 can be ummm.... dangerous.
[23:45:23] <watt> but I know I'll keep it in mind.
[23:46:50] <Zain> it could be useful too at battles ;)
[23:50:17] <sbx> guess you just have to get used to it
[23:50:21] <sbx> I never got used to it.
[23:51:54] <servus> No!
[23:51:56] <servus> No fighting!