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[04:38:32] <watt> hmm.. finally got Crusader: No Remose... well, for the playstation....
[05:26:03] <watt> hmm.. a lot of cool stuff in it. Definitely will help in gameplay options and menus in pentagram.
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[08:08:05] <wjp> hi Darke
[08:08:50] <Darke> Greetings.
[08:09:24] <wjp> did you ever try to compile llcLexer.cpp with gcc 3.4.0 ?
[08:10:15] <Darke> Erm... I've compiled the entire pentagram with gcc3.4, so I should have. At least I think so anyway. *grin*
[08:10:50] <wjp> I was getting really strange errors yesterday
[08:11:52] <Darke> No prob. I'll rebuild it now and see.
[08:12:14] <wjp> something about unexpected numeric constants on lines without numbers
[08:12:30] <wjp> (and I did check the preprocessed file; no numbers there either)
[08:12:38] <Darke> O.o Ooookkkk...
[08:12:46] <wjp> oh, and it included pent_include.h twice, which it didn't like when using PCH
[08:13:21] <wjp> I think the one included from llcLexer.l isn't necessary since you already added an include from the Makefile
[08:13:42] <Darke> Hrm. Suppose I should really compile pentagram with pch one of these days too. *grin*
[08:19:48] * Darke whimpers and hides from the metric ton of warnings.
[08:20:51] * Darke watches the lexer compile 'fine' for him. Though things died while linking.
[08:21:34] <Darke> Hrm... ah, wrong compiler. Let's try this again...
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[08:35:25] <ZutGu> morning
[08:44:09] <Darke> Greetings.
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[08:50:12] <wjp> hi Ryan
[08:50:20] <Colourless> hi
[09:01:57] <Darke> 'Ello.
[09:14:19] <Darke> Weird. gcc3.4 just compiled pentagram (including the llcLexer.cpp) fine.
[09:14:28] <Darke> It's probably just something to do with the PCH.
[09:14:43] <Colourless> llcLexer.cpp has always been screwy in MSVC with PCH
[09:15:26] <Darke> (Not that llcLexer is actually needed, since that's part of what I'm trying to get rid of with this new compiler. The entier tools/compiler stuff can be disabled from compiling, though I'll probably wait until this one gets sufficiently working before I'd remove it.)
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[19:34:16] <wjp> I just added some code to ItemSorter::Trace that determines which face of the bounding box the mouse is on
[19:35:38] <wjp> together with a screenspace->worldspace converter with one fixed coordinate, that should handle item placement
[19:43:10] <wjp> watt: you wouldn't happen to have such a converter function lying around? :-)
[19:51:51] <wjp> this partly-2d,partly-3d computational geometry is starting to drive me nuts :-)
[20:51:43] <ZutGu> hi
[20:51:46] <ZutGu> anyone here?
[20:54:21] <wjp> yes
[20:54:38] <ZutGu> ah
[20:55:44] <ZutGu> how working pentagram is now ?
[20:56:24] <ZutGu> can I play ultima 8 from start to finish with pentagram ? do you know
[20:57:49] <wjp> no, you can't
[20:57:58] <ZutGu> hmm...
[20:58:11] <ZutGu> ok
[21:03:00] <wjp> yay, item placement mostly working
[21:03:26] <ZutGu> wjp
[21:03:36] <ZutGu> ins't pentgram like exult ?
[21:03:44] <wjp> it is
[21:03:53] <ZutGu> so I don't need dosbox :P
[21:03:59] <wjp> but exult works, pentagram doesn't
[21:04:22] <ZutGu> eh
[21:04:47] <ZutGu> so tell me, Exult is only for Ultima 7, am I right ?
[21:05:19] * ZutGu is confused
[21:05:43] <wjp> yes, Exult is for U7
[21:05:55] <wjp> (both parts of U7)
[21:06:09] <ZutGu> right...so pentagram is for ultima 8
[21:06:35] <wjp> yes, it is
[21:06:56] <ZutGu> and pentagram changes things to ultima 8 like exult did to ultima7?
[21:07:22] <ZutGu> make window friendly, better graphics, etc. tweaks
[21:07:46] <wjp> in the future, yes
[21:08:41] <ZutGu> so it's not yet windows friendly and needs dosbox?
[21:08:56] <ZutGu> actually how far the project is? :P
[21:10:07] <wjp> pentagram does not need dosbox
[21:10:16] <ZutGu> ah, good
[21:10:40] <wjp> hard to say how far pentagram is...
[21:12:12] <ZutGu> mmkay, well, I got answer to my main question, that I don't need anything but pentagram and ultima 8 :)
[21:12:32] <ZutGu> thanks for listening me :)
[21:13:20] <wjp> in the future you won't need anything but pentagram and U8 :-)
[21:13:38] <ZutGu> :O
[21:13:42] * ZutGu is still confused
[21:13:58] <ZutGu> so what I need now to play u8 with pentagram?
[21:14:33] <wjp> you can not play U8 with pentagram yet properly :-)
[21:14:41] <ZutGu> right :P
[21:14:59] <ZutGu> but what is properly? :P
[21:15:09] <ZutGu> I just wanna hang around there and test that game :P
[21:15:20] <ZutGu> I don't want to solve main quest right away
[21:15:34] <wjp> feel free to do that, but expect lots of bugs :-)
[21:16:08] <ZutGu> I have get used to them already :)
[21:16:38] <wjp> :-)
[21:18:30] <wjp> ok, committed new item placement code
[21:18:56] <wjp> watt: part of what I just committed may be some duplicate work from what you were working on; I hope not too much
[21:19:43] <ZutGu> I wish I had skills of coding, I have only used a little c++ language
[21:20:00] <wjp> watt: the new code should be fairly useful for targeted jumping, though
[21:20:12] <wjp> ZutGu: practice makes perfect :-)
[21:20:29] <ZutGu> yep, but tell me...
[21:20:46] <ZutGu> what program I should get to practise more coding ?
[21:21:13] <ZutGu> how you came good coder? :P
[21:21:30] <wjp> hm, I've been programming since I was 12 or something
[21:22:03] <wjp> and programming more 'seriously' since I was 18
[21:22:04] <ZutGu> ah, so you were born to genious :)
[21:22:34] <wjp> heh, what I did when I was 12 could hardly be called real programming :-)
[21:22:39] <ZutGu> hehe
[21:23:01] <ZutGu> well BRB I gotta reboot my comp
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[21:32:57] <wjp> heh, talking of making pentagram more authentic again, I see? :-)
[21:35:11] <ZutGu> talking to me?
[21:35:22] * Colourless grins
[21:39:45] <wjp> one of these days I'll have to implement line-of-sight
[21:39:57] <wjp> should just be a simple sweeptest luckily
[21:40:34] <wjp> anyway, time to go
[21:40:37] <wjp> good night
[21:41:22] <ZutGu> good night
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