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[20:51:47] <dex909> hey there :)
[20:52:02] <dex909> I come here once a year or so... for about 10 years or so
[20:52:13] <dex909> well +/- one ;)
[20:52:47] <dex909> actually I waited for Pentagram to be in a "feature complete" state before starting a new game since then ;)
[20:52:59] <dex909> so, how's the state of Pentagram?
[20:53:28] <dex909> You never actually update your FAQ so, is combat still broken and "many other things"?
[20:54:00] <dex909> I mean, Ultima 8 was kinda broken anyway so maybe the time has come to finally start playing the Pentagram port? :)
[20:55:16] <Dominus> hmmmm :)
[20:56:11] <Dominus> you should just give it a shot
[20:56:27] <Dominus> unfortunately Pentagram is just not very polished
[21:00:37] <dex909> hey there ;)
[21:00:38] <dex909> hmm
[21:00:48] <dex909> it looks kind of polished
[21:00:55] <dex909> what are you referring to, exactly? :)
[21:01:26] <dex909> that you have to set some things manually in the ini or what? I don't need a fancy installer, setup utilities and stuff like that it it's that ;)
[21:02:06] <Dominus> yeah, no real settings gui inside of pentagram
[21:02:55] <Dominus> and a keybinder that doesn't support modifier keys (so no alt or ctrl or shift and a key)
[21:03:03] * Dominus eyes watt :)
[21:05:27] <dex909> and combat?
[21:05:38] <dex909> I mean how "feature complete" is it? :)
[21:06:32] <dex909> you know, what Pentagram has and no other version has is high resolution/view port support, you can play it in widescreen while maintain the exact pixel ration of the original if you want, and more :)
[21:06:53] <dex909> so I would always choose to play on Pentagram over DosBox even if it runs there ;)
[21:07:06] <Dominus> yeah, no discussion there :)
[21:07:38] <Dominus> I have no idea how it actually plays, I never got further than the first few scenes in Pentagram
[21:11:25] <dex909> hehe ;)
[21:11:42] <dex909> got to go, thanks for the chat, bye ;)
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