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[09:16:21] <mrdeity> wow not much goes on round here ^^
[09:23:36] <Darke2> Shh... be vewy, vwey quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!
[09:24:00] <Darke2> (Yes, this channel does tend to be a bit on the quiet side. *grin*)
[09:26:29] * wjp tip-toes away from Darke2
[09:29:16] <mrdeity> hehe
[09:30:59] <wjp> this is mainly a development channel, so we pretty much only talk when there's pentagram development stuff to talk about
[09:36:08] * servus_ hunts a wabbit. Pop!
[09:46:01] <mrdeity> ah, well shame on you all for not being more interesting :)
[09:50:52] <Darke2> I have a pointless C# assignment I could interest you with? Or maybe you'd be more interested in the low level deatils of interior gateway protocols? If I have to suffer Extreme Boredom(tm), you do to. *grin*
[09:51:47] <wjp> on the other hand, if you're more interested in computing automorphism groups of certain rank 1 tori to compute densities of a particular class of primes, we can work something out :-)
[09:52:36] <mrdeity> bah i love the 7 layers of the networking
[09:57:12] <Darke2> wgp: That would at least be something I didn't know. I'm being driven even more insane by being taught how to write and use hideously complex abstract data types, like a linked list, queue, or *gasp* binary tree! I can pass the exams without any effort studying, but writing code (and documenting it to useless university standards!) still takes a silly amount of time. *grin*
[09:58:25] <wjp> 'i++; // increment i' type of standards? :-)
[10:01:15] <Darke2> Nah, thankfully I'm getting away from that level of detail. It's more "test documentation that details testing every aspect of the app being tested" kinda standards ("At prompt X, typed in Y, got expected Z" repeat for all possibilities, then repeat for all prompts). It usually takes me as long to write that as it does to write the code.
[10:02:32] <wjp> so you have to write the same program twice? Once in english and once in C (or whichever programming language)?
[10:09:24] <wjp> on-topic: I did some triage on the bug tracker yesterday night. We're really getting quite close to 'done'
[10:09:49] <wjp> it's getting harder and harder to think of unimplemented features
[10:10:58] <wjp> still todo: falling damage, changelings changing into the avatar, throwing items, and probably some other minor things
[10:11:45] <wjp> and then there's a list of bugs to fix, of course... including some bugs from the original that are work-around-able
[10:11:53] <Darke2> (assignment) Yeah, that's basicly it.
[10:11:59] <wjp> (holes in the floor, most notably...)
[10:12:10] <Darke2> Ah yeah, I remember those bugs.
[10:12:47] <Darke2> Then again, I do recall us being bug-for-bug compatable with those, so maybe we just use the "trying to stay true to the original" excuse? *grin*
[10:12:57] <wjp> sometimes :-)
[10:13:31] <wjp> I'm trying to spend some time in weekends to fix bugs currently, so they're being taken care of, albeit slowly
[10:15:47] <wjp> the 'other' todo list (installer, menu interface) on the other hand...
[10:16:27] <wjp> say, Darke2, wouldn't you like to do some UI coding to take a break from networking protocols? ;-P
[10:18:33] <mrdeity> darke: what uni are you going 2?
[10:22:09] <Darke2> wjp: That's my current 'job description' at work, though it's web-ui coding. *nodnod* I'm kinda backed up with stuff to do at the moment though, assignment due by friday, and massive exam happening on saturday for networking subject.
[10:22:19] <Darke2> mrdeity: Queensland Univeristy of Technology.
[10:22:36] <Darke2> (Situated in Queensland, Australia, strangely enough. *nod*)
[10:23:02] <mrdeity> quite a nice time zone gap you guys have going ^_^
[10:23:31] <wjp> we're very international :-)
[10:24:32] <mrdeity> :D
[10:24:52] <mrdeity> hey do you guys know how to launch crusader in debug mode?
[10:25:14] <wjp> it has a debug mode?
[10:25:19] <wjp> (read: no)
[10:25:54] <mrdeity> yeah i just found the debug mode messages and its byte flag
[10:26:03] <mrdeity> gah looks like i'm gonna be tracing again
[10:27:15] <mrdeity> it also has an enhanced mode it would seem
[10:27:44] <mrdeity> what ever that means
[10:30:23] <Darke2> IIRC, the debug mode code was compiled out when the game was released.
[10:30:57] <mrdeity> its still in there message print code
[10:30:58] <Darke2> THere's that 'jassica16' ('jessica16'?) code that turned on cheats though.
[10:31:12] <mrdeity> the debug flag
[10:32:00] <Darke2> Yeah, but they'd have #ifdef-ed the code within the function it calls no doubt, rather the worrying about ifdefing out a line of the parameter passing code that no-one will know is there unless they look at the .exe.
[10:33:09] * Darke2 vaguely recalls that's what they did to the 'level editor' parts of u8, the function was still there, it just did nothing. But it's been, like, ages since he looked at that .exe.
[10:34:21] * mrdeity hopes that they left it in but his hopes now aren't as high
[10:40:08] <mrdeity> crusader -debug works but it produces errors in the dos box status window
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