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[02:58:09] * watt hmms. I need to think of a cleaner solution to using allocators with the memory manager. Need to have a way to add an remove them and not slow down things
[03:01:25] <watt> don't suppose there's any way to tie into the class loading that isn't platform dependent (something that fires before static members are set up)..... blah....
[03:20:17] <watt> heh.. the game doesn't pause for the movies...
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[04:16:22] <Darke> watt: IIRC, the only way to get around that really, is to make all static stuff, non-static and access them through a Singleton::getThingie() class interface.
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[06:12:12] <watt> yeah..... I need to make Singleton::getThingie better I guess...
[06:14:06] <watt> well... for one, I guess we could have it choose the pool according to size alone instead of grouping type of allocated classes together.... all classes under x size share the same allocator.
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[10:16:31] <wjp> watt: I already fixed the pausing of movies a while ago locally, by the way
[10:16:46] <wjp> I'll probably commit that at some point in the future :-)
[10:17:25] <Colourless> :-)
[10:17:30] <sbx> :-)
[10:17:38] <wjp> s/pausing of/pausing during/
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[11:34:35] <sbx> hi Chetic
[11:40:31] <Chetic> hullo
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[17:32:00] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
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[17:34:36] <wjp> hi
[17:35:20] <Sheng_Gradilla> hello Willem :)
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[21:38:58] <wjp> ugh, what a mess
[21:39:09] <wjp> anyway, quotes/credits are working here
[21:44:19] <Colourless> well hooray for us
[21:47:05] <wjp> :-)
[21:54:38] <wjp> hm, since when does pentagram take up 48Mb of memory?
[22:01:44] <wjp> committed credits/quotes player
[22:11:14] <Colourless> 48 mb is a bit much
[22:11:25] <Colourless> doesn't take up that much here
[22:17:31] <wjp> how much does it take up for you?
[22:21:16] <wjp> ah, wait; timidity
[22:21:30] <wjp> I forgot I re-enabled midi recently :-)
[22:22:28] <wjp> 18Mb without timidity
[22:28:21] <wjp> I should be going; good night
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