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[15:54:56] <watt> yay... compiles and work to a point.
[15:55:23] <wjp> hi
[15:55:52] <watt> howdy
[15:56:24] <watt> I didn't seem to break the mouse....
[15:56:34] <watt> s/n't//
[17:28:13] <watt> well, now I have no idea why that broke... the gumps seems to be getting the mouse click, but aren't responding
[17:29:41] <watt> oh... I think I changed the value of button_left - let's see
[17:30:10] <watt> yup
[17:39:01] <watt> cool.. everything seems to be working.
[17:41:45] <wjp> if only I could say the same of my animation code :-)
[17:42:29] <watt> Don't worry... I'm sure you'll actually finish before I do. I've still got a big mess here ;-)
[18:45:57] <watt> think I will commit a few parts of this code... stuff that shouldn't affect anything else and probably should be added reguardless of if my binding changes are acceptable...
[18:47:02] <watt> Pentagram::ArgvToString is a useful piece of code.
[18:47:18] <watt> to compliemnt StringToArgv that is.
[18:47:29] <watt> typo.. blah
[19:27:22] <watt> think I might commit the keynames code too... so others with better concepts of how to name keys can do so...
[20:04:18] <watt> ok... feel free to rename or extend those keys.
[21:40:49] <wjp> ok, finally back :-)
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[23:51:59] <Lightkey> IS IT DEAD YET??!
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[23:56:54] <Kazin> pff