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[00:02:53] <BH4> Er.. Hello?
[00:03:11] <BH4> Question, please?
[00:03:25] <BH4> I mean, is anyone active that I can speak to?
[00:04:02] <sbx> nope
[00:04:07] <BH4> So I see. :-P
[00:04:08] <BH4> *lol*
[00:04:15] <BH4> Just had a question. I just got Pentagram,
[00:04:26] <sbx> You can speak to me but I probably won't know the answer.
[00:04:29] <BH4> and attempted to assemble the file, as indicated on one of the helpful instructions pages,
[00:04:34] <BH4> ... Just.. how do you even START U8? O_o
[00:04:44] <BH4> I don't see a " Pentagram.exe" file of some sort. :-
[00:05:59] <sbx> it should be in the folder you isntalled to
[00:06:05] <sbx> and there should be a start menu item
[00:06:11] <BH4> Oh? .. You don't say..
[00:06:20] <BH4> Don't see one.
[00:06:23] <sbx> what is there then?
[00:06:31] <BH4> *lol* .. You want a list? :-P
[00:06:34] <BH4> I'll list all the .exe files.
[00:06:58] <BH4> .. Well.. Wait. What should it be called? Is it really called "Pentagram.exe" .. or just "u8.exe"
[00:07:09] <BH4> (With the u8.exe being affected by Pentagram's files?)
[00:07:26] <sbx> its Pentagram.exe
[00:07:30] <BH4> Oh. >_<
[00:07:32] <BH4> Thank you.
[00:07:39] <sbx> np
[00:08:17] <BH4> Ah, silly me. I used the .zip file instead of the .exe. I should really try -everything- first. Well thank you for your help. :) Very much.
[00:08:25] <BH4> It's been eight years since I've played U8. XD
[00:08:38] <BH4> I've wrung U7, UU1 dry.
[00:08:51] <sbx> np
[00:08:59] <sbx> what about U6
[00:09:22] <sbx> what do you mean wrung dry? you don't want to play them again? :)
[00:09:36] <BH4> Heck no! :-P
[00:09:39] <BH4> They're my favorite games! *lol*
[00:09:43] <BH4> I've just been EVERYWHERE.
[00:09:45] <BH4> Done EVERYTHING.
[00:09:52] <BH4> I've memorized the position of every single piece of RUBBLE in the game!
[00:09:56] <BH4> That's a bit extreme, don't you think! :-P
[00:10:32] <sbx> That's what they're there for.
[00:10:37] <BH4> Rubble. Yeah.
[00:10:45] <sbx> Though I like to keep the world mysterious by not exploring everywhere.
[00:10:57] <BH4> Heh. that's like.. the ultimate in ironies. XD
[00:11:04] <BH4> There are so many easter eggs to see,
[00:11:06] <BH4> and odd places to explore.
[00:11:10] <sbx> always find something new each time I play
[00:11:12] <BH4> Which do you favor more, U7P1, or PII?
[00:11:15] <BH4> True, true, ..
[00:11:49] <sbx> BG
[00:11:57] <sbx> P1
[00:12:01] <BH4> Ah.
[00:12:05] <BH4> (BG = Baldur's Game. XD )
[00:12:07] <BH4> *gate*
[00:12:17] <sbx> because of the non-linearity
[00:12:23] <BH4> Hm. Another good reason,
[00:12:33] <BH4> though I'm partially favor to the MASSIVE amounts of interactivity available in PII.
[00:12:35] <BH4> It's just amazing.
[00:12:41] <BH4> Click a mirror. You see the Avatar's Vanity.
[00:13:10] <sbx> but I didn't play U8 much
[00:13:16] <BH4> ... Oh shizzle ... "Pentagram.exe" doesn't do anything. Oh, you didn't?
[00:13:52] <sbx> I thought U7 parts 1 and 2 had the same level of interactivity.
[00:14:05] <BH4> Almost. -ALMOST- .. For one, there's the added hotkeys in PII.
[00:14:08] <BH4> Those were SO useful.
[00:14:15] <BH4> The Keyring. I dunno how anyone ever lived without it. O_o
[00:14:22] <sbx> Exult has the hotkeys and keyrings in both games :)
[00:14:44] <BH4> ... BlGate doesn't have a Keyring, .. .. not to my knowledge. O_O
[00:14:56] <BH4> U8 and U7 PII were the only two games that had one, m'thinks.
[00:15:16] <sbx> Exult just adds the functionality, not the object.
[00:15:21] <BH4> Of course.
[00:15:27] <sbx> with the K key
[00:15:44] <sbx> is your pentagram.ini setup correctly?
[00:15:49] <BH4> I sure hope so.
[00:15:52] <BH4> I'll run it by you.
[00:16:00] <BH4> # replace 'path to pentagram data dir' with the pentagram data directory
[00:16:00] <BH4> # (that's the directory that contains fixedfont.tga)
[00:16:00] <BH4> data=C:\Games\Ultima8\U8\Pentagram\data
[00:16:00] <BH4> [u8]
[00:16:00] <BH4> # replace 'path to U8 directory' with the directory containing 'u8.exe'
[00:16:00] <BH4> path=C:\Games\Ultima8\U8
[00:18:28] <sbx> that's the same as mine
[00:18:38] <BH4> Really. ..
[00:18:44] <BH4> .. (Awkward.) -_-;
[00:18:51] <BH4> Thanks for your help, of course. Greatly appreciated.
[00:18:55] <BH4> Boy, this IS weird..
[00:19:03] <sbx> hehe
[00:19:17] <sbx> slightly different paths though
[00:19:17] <sbx> you have stderr.txt?
[00:19:33] <sbx> paste that
[00:19:43] <BH4> .. hm..
[00:19:46] <BH4> stderr.txt.. *Checks*
[00:20:02] <BH4> Config file buggy: Key/value pair found outside a section in line 3
[00:20:02] <BH4> No games set up in configuration. Please read the README for instructions.
[00:20:03] <BH4> thanks.
[00:20:16] <BH4> Dude, you are Awesome. :-P
[00:22:10] <BH4> .. So what does that mean?
[00:22:47] <sbx> oh, what? I was just in another window trying pentagram.
[00:23:01] <BH4> Oh, Sorry. XD
[00:23:02] <sbx> the error msg says you're awesome?
[00:23:03] <BH4> It works, right?
[00:23:10] <BH4> .. What? O_o
[00:23:17] <BH4> The error message, says "Your'e Awesome? O_o
[00:23:22] <BH4> Config file buggy: Key/value pair found outside a section in line 3
[00:23:22] <BH4> No games set up in configuration. Please read the README for instructions.
[00:23:27] <BH4> That's the error file again.
[00:23:29] <BH4> -------------------------
[00:23:30] <BH4> Config file buggy: Key/value pair found outside a section in line 3
[00:23:30] <BH4> No games set up in configuration. Please read the README for instructions.
[00:23:32] <BH4> ----------------------
[00:24:04] <sbx> heh i know... I guess your [pentagram] got cut off somehow
[00:24:37] <sbx> I didn't notice that was missing earlier. It's in my file.
[00:24:48] <BH4> Hm. It's missing?
[00:24:54] <sbx> the first line in the file pentagram.ini should be [pentagram]
[00:25:03] <BH4> Oh!.. *Checks*
[00:25:39] <BH4> Wow! .. You're brilliant. .. Now, .. THIS error popped up in the stderr.txt ...
[00:25:40] <BH4> -------------
[00:25:40] <BH4> Problem mounting virtual path "@data": directory not found: C:\Games\Ultima8\U8\Pentagram\data\
[00:25:40] <BH4> Problem mounting virtual path "@detect": directory not found: C:\Games\Ultima8\U8\
[00:25:40] <BH4> Problem mounting virtual path "@detect": directory not found: C:\Games\Ultima8\U8\
[00:25:40] <BH4> Problem mounting virtual path "@u8": directory not found: C:\Games\Ultima8\U8\
[00:25:41] <BH4> Assertion failed: "createGame: invalid game" && false, file games/Game.cpp, line 46
[00:25:43] <BH4> ----------
[00:25:49] <sbx> I didn't remember there being so many mushrooms on the ground in Pagan.
[00:25:49] <sbx> just at the very start of the game
[00:25:50] <BH4> I'll try removing a line.
[00:25:55] <BH4> Oh, there are. ;)
[00:25:57] <BH4> It's a madhouse of htem.
[00:26:02] <sbx> Thanks! It was nothing.
[00:26:20] <sbx> but really... maybe those folders arent there?
[00:26:55] <sbx> take the backslash off the pathnames
[00:27:08] <BH4> OMFG!!! IT WORKS!!! YOU ARE TEH GOD OF ULTIMAZ!!!!!!
[00:27:14] <BH4> (Put that on your wall. It'll impress people.)
[00:27:22] <BH4> Really, thank you so much!
[00:27:51] <sbx> maybe they'll put it in the quotes
[00:27:51] <BH4> ... Argh. Mother needs me to shovel. BRB / BBL. Thanks again. :)
[00:27:55] <BH4> @away Shoveling Snow
[00:27:59] <sbx> You're welcome.
[00:28:13] <sbx> Bill Gates says folder names don't end in a backslash.
[00:36:10] <sbx> Is double-clicking on big mushrooms supposed to generate small mushrooms?
[01:16:59] <BH4> Is it?
[01:16:59] <-- BH4 has left IRC ()
[02:46:22] <watt> yes
[02:47:14] <watt> and you are the god of the ultimas, sbx. Or at least that's what the voices tell me.
[02:47:18] <watt> :-)
[03:43:39] <sbx> nice
[03:43:49] <sbx> watt: the voices are your friends
[03:45:08] <sbx> unless they sound like The Guardian, then I'd go looking for a big cube somewhere nearby
[03:45:34] --- sbx is now known as sbx|afk
[03:51:23] <watt> well, they do keep mentioning some sort of fellowship and that this avatar guy is not my friend
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[09:00:10] <wjp> Colourless: read my fastonly comments from last night?
[09:11:39] <wjp> oh, and do you feel like writing today's website update? :-)
[09:24:20] <Colourless> yeah i saw them... uh website... we have one of those??? :-)
[09:24:25] <Colourless> i'll do something later
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[17:18:40] <sbx> Really quit The Gimp? [Yes]
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[20:27:09] <Colourless> updated news
[20:28:08] <Colourless> nothing much :-)
[20:28:11] <Colourless> later
[20:28:14] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts improved invisibility")
[20:49:30] <wjp> thanks :-)
[21:01:44] <sbx> AWESOME!
[21:05:46] <sbx> hey what's with the big mushrooms making little mushrooms?
[21:06:10] <sbx> does this represent the Avatar shaking the big one and little mushrooms falling off of it onto the ground?
[21:16:12] <wjp> hm, didn't know that was possible
[21:18:50] <sbx> hmm not all of them...
[21:20:06] <sbx> Not the big ones but the patches of them. The ones east of the guardhouse do it.
[21:21:20] <sbx> Too bad they always spawn on the same tile or it could make a big grove of them. But you can move them and make it look that way. :)
[21:21:32] <sbx> On second thought I think it represents the Avatar picking one from the patch.
[21:22:42] <sbx> crap, fell off the map
[21:22:46] <sbx> ...
[21:22:49] <sbx> What determines things that can be dragged? I can drag the Avatar, and the gate of Tenebrae, but not walls or giant mushrooms.
[21:22:58] * sbx updates from CVS.
[21:24:38] <wjp> various things, but not the right things yet, apparently :-)
[21:24:55] <wjp> how old was your version?
[21:25:09] <wjp> there was a dragging update around 20 jan.
[21:25:20] <sbx> Is there a version command?
[21:25:41] <wjp> it should dump the compilation date to stdout
[21:26:04] <wjp> you can also look at the changelog if you built from source
[21:26:15] <sbx> I already updated CVS.
[21:26:19] <sbx> from CVS*
[21:27:15] <sbx> it must be too old to print the version to stdout :)
[21:27:23] <wjp> ok, very old then :-)
[21:27:44] <wjp> several dragging problems should then be fixed
[21:28:02] <sbx> --enable-mmx --enable-3dnow are those useful?
[21:28:19] <sbx> what are the best configure options?
[21:29:24] <sbx> checking if we should add seemingly random optimisations... yes
[21:29:34] <sbx> building
[21:31:07] <sbx> SKF?
[21:31:31] <wjp> I have no idea
[21:31:47] <wjp> Darke added that random optimisation option I think
[21:31:48] <wjp> skf?
[21:31:53] <sbx> graphics/scalers/BilinearScaler.cpp:535: warning: `uint32 pos_x' might be used
[21:31:53] <sbx> uninitialized in this function
[21:32:01] <wjp> yeah... lots of those around
[21:32:13] <sbx> SKFPlayer
[21:32:55] <wjp> hm, pos_x is never even set?
[21:33:22] <wjp> oh, macros
[21:33:42] <wjp> I'll just trust that Colourless knows what he's doing :-)
[21:33:51] <sbx> good idea
[21:33:56] <sbx> it's still building
[21:34:17] <sbx> what's the fastest way to beat the game?
[21:34:35] <sbx> comparison between signed and unsigned in AvatarMoverProcess
[21:36:15] <sbx> that is a lot of object files
[21:36:31] <sbx> du -h pentagram: 24M
[21:37:29] <wjp> MovieGump::play endgame ? :-)
[21:39:20] <sbx> Oh that's awesome. Things I notice right away have changed: The first scene works. Last time I played it just played the AvatarFallingDown animation and you had to talk to the guy yourself. The Map is scaled down but the console text stays high-res. It doesn't print AvatarMover messages for every step you take.
[21:40:12] <sbx> Hmm, yeah playing the movie would be the fastest. :) How about from doing something in the game world?
[21:41:54] <sbx> U6 and U7 had very fast ways of doing it.
[21:42:25] <sbx> I think SI was too linear for that.
[21:43:24] <sbx> Shouldn't the mouse cursor and gumps be low-res too?
[21:47:15] <wjp> give it time :-)
[21:49:34] <sbx> Well now it prints usecode constantly.
[21:49:54] <wjp> did you run a usecode trace console command?
[21:49:58] <sbx> nope
[21:50:08] <sbx> It did it from startup.
[21:50:31] <wjp> what exactly does it print?
[21:50:44] <sbx> sp = 10; 0581:1C46: 5D push byte retval = 00
[21:50:45] <sbx> sp = 12; 0581:1C47: 51 jne 0003h (to 1C4D) (taken)
[21:50:45] <sbx> sp = 10; 0581:1C4D: 52 jmp FFECh (to 1C3C)
[21:50:45] <sbx> sp = 10; 0581:1C3C: 53 suspend
[21:52:07] <sbx> it does this when turning
[21:52:41] <wjp> it really shouldn't be doing that
[21:52:52] <sbx> Where do I put scaler info in the config?
[21:53:04] <sbx> I remember you told someone but I forgot what the answer was. :]
[21:53:14] <wjp> just in the pentagram section
[21:54:58] <sbx> how do I scale down?
[21:55:07] <sbx> to get the high-res look
[21:55:13] <wjp> unscaled, you mean?
[21:55:22] <sbx> 1?
[21:55:29] <sbx> ok I got it
[21:55:29] <sbx> thanks
[21:55:32] <sbx> :)
[21:55:35] <sbx> yes
[21:55:59] <wjp> scalex=1, scaley=1
[21:56:09] <sbx> it should support decimals to make the view even wider
[21:56:20] <sbx> oh I guess I can just change the resolution for that, like in exult
[21:56:33] <wjp> feel free to submit a patch ;-)
[21:57:26] <sbx> what are the default settings?
[21:57:32] <sbx> 640x400 2?
[21:59:03] <wjp> resolution 640x480, game resolution 320x200
[21:59:39] <sbx> ey
[21:59:46] <sbx> how do you set that up in the config?
[22:00:51] <wjp> scalex=320, scaley=200
[22:01:17] <wjp> minor hack... if those numbers are below 100, they're factors; otherwise absolute dimensions
[22:01:17] <sbx> well now that's interesting
[22:01:21] <sbx> ah k
[22:04:11] <sbx> Map loading is a little slower
[22:06:18] <sbx> how to turn off usecode tracing?
[22:10:01] <wjp> I have no idea why it's on in the first place
[22:10:14] * wjp looks for uninitialized variables
[22:10:36] <sbx> a config option?
[22:10:36] <wjp> UCMachine::stopTrace is the command to turn it off, usually
[22:10:41] <sbx> ok
[22:11:05] <wjp> oops
[22:13:20] <sbx> that works
[22:13:21] <sbx> thanks
[22:13:40] <sbx> if you just press tab in console when nothing is typed it should give you a list of global commands/aliases
[22:14:21] <wjp> Console::CmdList
[22:14:39] <sbx> I knew from experience that type HID<tab> might help me find a keylist (HIDManager::listbinds)
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[22:15:12] <sbx> must that guy at the start turn so slowly?
[22:15:14] <sbx> hi Kirben
[22:15:26] <Kirben> Hi
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