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[03:37:56] <watt> 48 mb... yeah.. That's quite a bit... 18 is not too bad though
[03:40:25] <Lightkey> never heard of mozilla? :)
[03:41:01] <watt> heh.. well, I don't think we have as many features as mozilla just yet :-)
[03:41:13] <Lightkey> currently using 145MB here
[03:41:16] <watt> .... yet 0_o
[04:02:24] * watt giggles like a little girl!
[04:02:58] <watt> The credits gump seg faults when it has no more credits to show.
[04:03:36] <watt> IIRC the last quote ("mkdir u9") stopped mid screen in the original
[04:03:55] <watt> I may be totally wrong on that.
[04:04:28] * watt can't believe he sat through all the quotes... sheesh
[04:12:25] <watt> anyway... cool stuff... guess we need to start collecting a few more quotes and credits of our own.
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[06:43:08] <megawatt> wow... group projects for school really suck. I knew the sections of this paper weren't going to be very good.. but they were just god awful. I have a feeling I'm going to toss what the others wrote and take control. sigh
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[12:45:39] <wjp> megawatt: ooops... for some reason it totally slipped my mind to actually handle the _ending_ of the credits :-)
[12:46:07] <wjp> and the '%' sign in one of the quotes is also broken
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[19:33:33] <Colourless> we need another news update
[19:33:49] <Colourless> something about sound...
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[19:54:23] <sbx> hi Chetic
[19:54:47] <wjp> Colourless: yeah
[19:56:29] <Chetic> hey sbx
[21:20:05] <wjp> ok, fixed ending of quotes/credits
[21:20:30] <wjp> it doesn't do any fancy fades like the original, but at least it stops at the right place and doesn't crash
[21:22:25] <wjp> ok, let's see; news item
[21:22:31] <wjp> Colourless: you want to write it or shall I? :-)
[21:27:42] <Colourless> you can this week
[21:28:13] <Colourless> anyway. later way past time i left
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[21:36:29] <sbx> wjp: You have no choice now.
[21:43:24] <wjp> there we go
[21:43:32] <wjp> one news update, as ordered :-)
[21:44:01] <sbx> that other guy left, leaving you to do the work
[21:44:34] <sbx> looks good
[22:16:42] <wjp> hm, time to break processes, I guess
[22:40:43] * wjp grins evilly at breaking savegames in subtle ways
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[23:00:28] <Kirben> I noticed warning during compile:
[23:00:30] <Kirben> filesys/zip/unzip.cpp: In function `uLong PentZip::unzGetOffset(void*)':
[23:00:30] <Kirben> filesys/zip/unzip.cpp:1514: warning: converting of negative value `-0x000000066' to `uLong'
[23:02:20] <wjp> yeah... not our code :/
[23:02:36] <wjp> let's see if it's easy to avoid the warning
[23:05:12] <wjp> ok, warnings should be gone now
[23:07:17] <Kirben> Thanks, it is gone.
[23:07:38] <wjp> I should do a full pass over pentagram and fix all warnings sometime...
[23:22:57] <wjp> hm, trying to play the sounds from eintro.skf has some weird effects
[23:23:16] <wjp> I guess I'm doing something wrong :-)
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