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[01:39:49] <servus> In the Ultima 8 graphics files, are the animations of Avatar being consumed by fire ever used in the game? They are quite disturbing. :)
[03:16:40] <servus> A Pentagram homepage starter kit? Tell me what you think :)
[06:23:27] <servus> : pokes Darke and Kirben.
[06:27:43] <Kirben> Seems too dark overall, although sun is glaring on my screen at the moment.
[06:30:14] <servus> What about the logo?
[06:30:25] <servus> It is supposed to emulate the Pagan logo:)
[06:33:32] <Kirben> Logo seems fine.
[06:37:31] <servus> Brightened it up, but who is in charge of the site? WJP?
[06:39:10] <Kirben> I'm not sure who specifically is in charge of web site, colourless/darke/wjp are main developers.
[06:47:49] <servus> So I noticed.. I'll try to find one of 'em.
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[07:30:04] <Colourless> since you are complaining about not having feedback from the so few number of people who have visted your page...
[07:31:33] <Colourless> IMO, the E and the T in the logo don't look quite right, but other than that, the logo looks ok. Now about those 2 letters, they are the only 2 that have something in the centre
[07:33:08] <Colourless> so they don't match the other characters. IMO the T should be more like a normal capital T rather than a lowercase t like you've done. As for the E, the centre bar/beam/whatever it's called should probably be dropped down to the same level as the G and A
[07:36:36] <Colourless> with that said, the logo was the sort of thing the others were looking for
[07:46:01] <Colourless> once it's completed, i will probably take the logo and make a 3d model/vector image out of it can be rendered at an resolution we need
[07:46:50] <Colourless> s/of it can/of it, so it can/
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