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[00:20:52] <watt> Hmmm… the games also comes with a disk image that gets mounted to D: in dosbox. Not sure what we'll need to do on that.
[00:27:37] <Kirben> Many archives can extract files from an ISO image, so that shouldn't be an issue.
[00:31:52] <watt> Easy enough to get the files from the original disk or image, but where to place them? - I'm guessing we wouldn't want to leave them on the disk or image
[00:37:31] <Kirben> Not sure what you mean, wouldn't people just copy the directory structure from the CD image, to a new directory/folder.
[00:38:18] <SugarCube> Does it use Redbook audio?
[00:40:23] <watt> Yeah, but is that relative to the installed game data? I think it could just be copied to the same folder as the installed stuff. Not sure if the files have any differences for the ones named the same.
[00:46:06] <watt> recursive diff-ing seems to think thing may not be the same.
[00:47:20] <watt> not aware of what redbook audio is.
[00:48:02] <SugarCube> CD audio that is playable on a standard, standalone CD audio player. On a hybrid disc, this audio would not appear as a standard file.
[00:49:34] <watt> Off the top of my head… not sure how I could check on that
[00:51:24] <watt> but I doubt it. The games have sound files included and video files on the disk image
[00:53:52] <SugarCube> Alright, just curious. The easiest way to tell is to just start a CD (audio) playing program and try to play the disc as an audio CD
[01:20:50] <watt> 3 second into the game… dead… guess I should've looked up the controls first
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