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[01:27:45] --> bolonha has joined #pentagram
[01:28:00] <bolonha> Good evening!
[01:36:30] <bolonha> Did you people code the pentagram project?
[01:49:22] <-- bolonha has left IRC ()
[02:17:30] <watt> heh.. army ops uses an ini config file too.
[03:28:04] <servus> What bizarre behaviour to run into a turning door, shout your question to the room, and then follow it back out to the street again.
[03:37:06] <Lord_Nightmare> used to happen in efnet #gameboy all the time. thats why the topic is the way it is
[03:52:22] <servus> What's the topic there?
[07:25:41] <wjp> watt: probably a unicode BOM
[10:07:10] --> Colourless has joined #Pentagram
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[11:54:15] <Lord_Nightmare> no, the topic is, "if you have a question, ask it, and then idle, someone will answer it. fuck fuck fuck intense fuck."
[11:54:55] <Lord_Nightmare> it was set more than a year ago
[12:27:29] <watt> Nice topic... straight to the point
[13:12:50] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts improved invisibility")
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[14:10:28] <wjp> watt: did you get that broken .ini file? Could you send it to me?
[17:26:17] <watt> wjpalenstijn@users.sourceforge.net ?
[17:27:32] <watt> well, sent anyway.
[17:29:29] <wjp> yes
[17:29:51] * wjp starts frantically clicking the 'get new mail' button
[17:30:35] <watt> hmm.. didn't go...
[17:31:06] <watt> or did it?
[17:31:11] <wjp> I didn't get it yet
[17:31:17] <watt> \--> RCPT TO:<wjpalenstijn@users.sourceforge.net>
[17:31:17] <watt> <-- 250 Accepted
[17:31:22] <watt> strange
[17:31:41] <wjp> easiest might be to just scp it to the pentagram dir on SF's shell server with the right permissions
[17:32:40] <watt> how bout the mailing list
[17:32:48] <wjp> not a good idea
[17:33:02] <watt> mumble mumble...
[17:33:55] <watt> ok
[17:34:43] <watt> I see.. my ISP continue to be retarded... I'll have to get it to you after work.
[17:34:50] <watt> sorry
[17:35:09] <wjp> don't worry; there's no hurry :-)
[17:35:11] * watt is sick of ERSNET.
[17:35:22] <wjp> it's most likely just the unicode BOM after all
[17:35:54] <wjp> I've had those get picked up by file as mpeg before
[17:36:04] <watt> 2 weeks of waiting for an email response to get the static ip info that I'm paying for. lame.
[20:36:28] --> Lightkey has joined #pentagram
[20:36:37] <Lightkey> hello again..
[20:47:46] <wjp> hi
[21:04:17] <Lightkey> not everone at once..
[22:00:30] --> Colourless has joined #Pentagram
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[22:21:29] --> Kirben has joined #pentagram
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