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[02:21:07] <watt> Yikes.. Gadreel need to chill a little :-) In 12 minutes, he managed to say more than is usually said in a day around here. Hehe
[02:23:06] <sbx> ...or the channel needs to liven up a bit?
[02:23:37] <sbx> Spoon!
[02:25:17] <watt> I get the keg.
[02:26:25] <watt> hmm.. Wondering if this is an Exult bug... got Spark to 31 Dex.
[07:23:41] <wjp> without cheating? That would be a bug, then
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[09:38:23] <khalek> hi, I don't suppose anyone could point me at a copy of the u8 manual?
[09:39:09] <khalek> kirben was nice enough to send me the cdrom classics version but the win32 program to view whatever format the manual is in on the cd doesn't want to work under wine
[09:41:05] <Kirben> Wasn't there a brief paper manual included too ?
[09:41:29] <khalek> brief paper manual that tells you how to install the manual :)
[09:41:53] <khalek> and the game
[09:41:59] <khalek> doesn't mention the keys though
[09:42:35] <khalek> I'm trying to play via dosbox at the moment, I take it the blue arrow stuck in the bottom right corner of the screen is supposed to be the mouse cursor?
[09:43:33] <wjp> hi khalek
[09:43:52] <wjp> hm, mouse cursor works fine for me in dosbox
[09:44:00] <wjp> (yes, the blue arrow is the mouse cursor)
[09:44:12] <Kirben> I don't think I ever checked out the manuals on CD, usually they just use acrobat pdfs.
[09:44:58] <khalek> its a MVB file
[09:45:16] <khalek> which the file command tells me is "MS Windows Help Data"
[09:46:17] <wjp> most relevant keys: c = switch combat mode, i = inventory, z = stats/paperdoll, backspace = close open windows, escape = menu; mouse: right-click-and-hold = walk, left-click-while-holding-right = jump; combat mouse: double-left = attack, double-right = kick, left-click-and-hold = block, right-click = move
[09:46:36] <khalek> thanks
[09:46:42] <khalek> I save that somewhere
[09:46:53] <khalek> I managed to walk into the water at the start already :)
[09:47:02] <wjp> if you have the post-patch U8, I think F7 = quicksave, F8 = quickload
[09:47:08] <khalek> I'll even
[09:47:25] <khalek> is there an easy way to check which patchlevel I have?
[09:47:41] <wjp> hm, check if targetted jumping works
[09:48:19] <wjp> or I think there might be a textfile somewhere indicating the version
[09:49:07] <khalek> a brief text file which talks of new menu options, frame skipping and speed limiting
[09:52:28] <khalek> how about dialog? click with a mouse I assume?
[09:52:44] <wjp> yes
[09:53:06] <wjp> left-double-click = use item/talk to person; left-single-click = look at item/select dialog choice
[09:53:55] <khalek> which dosbox version are you using?
[09:54:12] <khalek> maybe my problem is specific to the cvs version
[09:54:54] <wjp> I use dosbox cvs versions, so it's a bit hard to indicate which versions I used with u8 exactly
[09:55:11] <khalek> ah
[09:56:40] <wjp> last time I tried was about two weeks ago I think, and it worked fine back then
[09:57:05] <khalek> 0.61 isn't working either so something strange must be going on somewhere
[09:59:56] <khalek> oh well I probably should be doing work anyway
[10:00:01] <khalek> will look into it another time
[10:10:05] <watt> wjp: Nope, been playing completely legit... as long as you don't count the walkthoughs :-) Went to train with Inforlem and I may have used Sentri to train Spark after, but I'm not entirely sure it let me or not. After that 31.
[10:13:50] <wjp> you haven't been using silver snake venom, have you? :-)
[10:14:21] <watt> nope.
[10:15:08] <sbx> why not?
[10:15:25] <watt> and now Sentri doesn't seem to refuse to train people and Tseramed has a training of -1????
[10:15:31] <sbx> it's completely safe
[10:15:31] <sbx> and natural
[10:16:10] <watt> Hehe. Nevermind that gargoyle in Minoc with the rotting flesh.. :-)
[10:16:37] <wjp> watt: hm, maybe you should file a bug report :-)
[10:16:55] <watt> hmm.. don't think I had aggressive optimizations, but I'll recompile first.
[10:17:21] <wjp> with a savegame just before the training session that produced invalid results, if possible
[10:19:32] <watt> actually.. I got a 1.1beta3 here without optimizations.. same result... Bug Report Time! Whheeeee.
[10:36:40] <watt> exult00bg.sav right?
[10:36:55] <watt> no other files along with it.
[10:37:07] <wjp> hm?
[10:37:34] <wjp> the savegame filename is given in the savegame dialog
[10:37:43] <wjp> (but the quicksave isn't a file)
[10:40:55] <watt> cool. got it.
[10:41:43] <watt> And finished the report... yay.
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[12:39:19] <Colourless> hi
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[21:57:41] <wjp> hm, I should start working on pentagram again a bit soon
[21:58:08] <wjp> do pathfinding properly maybe
[21:58:20] <wjp> or finish up attacking
[21:58:35] <wjp> or the new config system
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