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[22:26:56] <DominatoR^^^HC> hi all
[22:29:24] <wjp> hi
[22:30:02] <DominatoR^^^HC> some knows anything about linux kernel internals?
[22:36:24] <wjp> not too much, but a little
[22:36:27] <wjp> what area?
[22:38:19] <DominatoR^^^HC> I need to know if there's a function similar to printk
[22:38:27] <DominatoR^^^HC> but to receive data in input
[22:38:40] <DominatoR^^^HC> ( such as fgets, fgetc, or others... )
[22:39:30] <wjp> where would you get input from?
[22:39:49] <wjp> but I don't know
[22:40:22] <DominatoR^^^HC> I have in mind to use maybe an user-program interfaced with a kernel module...
[22:40:30] <DominatoR^^^HC> but I didn't want to use the libc
[22:40:53] <DominatoR^^^HC> the input will come from a normal console...
[22:45:07] <wjp> hm, the only thing I can come up with that does something is the kernel debugger?
[22:45:20] <wjp> s/something/something similar/
[22:45:55] <DominatoR^^^HC> I want to create a virtual machine that runs on top of kernel in a module
[22:46:02] <DominatoR^^^HC> sort of java VM
[22:46:07] <DominatoR^^^HC> but more small and lightweight
[22:48:16] <wjp> hm, why?
[22:48:38] <DominatoR^^^HC> I want to create a new type of computer... :P
[22:48:41] <DominatoR^^^HC> virtual
[22:48:56] <DominatoR^^^HC> I'm programming the OS that will run on thi VM
[22:48:58] <DominatoR^^^HC> this
[22:48:59] <wjp> but why not do it in userspace?
[22:49:09] <DominatoR^^^HC> because it will be a sort of embedded system
[22:49:13] <DominatoR^^^HC> kernel will start
[22:49:21] <DominatoR^^^HC> and it will ONLY start my VM
[22:49:27] <DominatoR^^^HC> it will need no other libs or programs
[22:50:42] <DominatoR^^^HC> the User Interface will be a sort of role playing game...
[22:50:48] <DominatoR^^^HC> you will move IN the computer ^^
[22:52:33] <wjp> still; why kernelspace?
[22:52:44] <wjp> wouldn't running your vm as init be easier?
[22:53:18] <DominatoR^^^HC> yeah it can be surely done but...
[22:53:41] <DominatoR^^^HC> I'm finding a way to use nothing but the bare kernel
[22:54:27] <DominatoR^^^HC> I can use the printk to output, and framebuffer for graphics
[22:55:05] <DominatoR^^^HC> but I was trying to find some low level function that accepts input from a console without using libc
[22:56:17] <wjp> hm, I'm afraid I really don't know
[22:57:29] <DominatoR^^^HC> I must write my own library... maybe I will insert a set of I/O functions in it..
[22:59:20] <DominatoR^^^HC> but stop annoying you :P...
[23:01:17] <wjp> I don't mind talking about interesting ideas :-)
[23:01:30] <DominatoR^^^HC> ^^
[23:01:52] <DominatoR^^^HC> I wanted to put a graphical engine similar to Ultima 8 or maybe Ultima Online ( better U8 .. )
[23:02:12] <DominatoR^^^HC> well naturally this project it's only to play with...
[23:02:37] <DominatoR^^^HC> it isn't more powerful or faster than many oses
[23:02:48] <DominatoR^^^HC> but it's something ... different :P
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[23:04:45] <wjp> yes, it's definitely different :-)
[23:05:24] <DominatoR^^^HC> I already made some code...
[23:05:52] <DominatoR^^^HC> it's an emulator of a fantastic machine of my creation, called "HellCat Machine"
[23:05:56] <wjp> are you testing it with UML?
[23:06:05] <DominatoR^^^HC> no
[23:06:19] <wjp> have a separate machine for it, then, I guess?
[23:06:30] <DominatoR^^^HC> no ... bochs :P
[23:06:36] <wjp> ah, I see
[23:07:31] <DominatoR^^^HC> it's really a good program, but maybe too slow ( I have a K6 200 ... )
[23:08:42] <wjp> UML should be faster, I think
[23:11:18] <DominatoR^^^HC> the only thing I need to make up it's the base Emulator... then I can start my linux and just add HellCat modules
[23:11:30] <DominatoR^^^HC> I don't need to have many reboots
[23:11:41] <DominatoR^^^HC> it's a very modular system
[23:11:58] <DominatoR^^^HC> I use kernel threads for processors ( it's a multiprocessor system )
[23:12:15] <DominatoR^^^HC> they can turned on or off dinamically
[23:13:30] <DominatoR^^^HC> and you can use directly almost all of the real system because my emulator will use direct kernel calls to hardware
[23:13:45] <DominatoR^^^HC> so all regarding memory, peripherals, etc etc will be done by the kernel
[23:14:06] <DominatoR^^^HC> I just have to create a special file system ( modifying some already existing ones ... )
[23:14:20] <DominatoR^^^HC> and naturally finish the emu ... ^^
[23:15:58] <DominatoR^^^HC> and maybe in a very very distant time.... someone will port pentagram to it heheheheh :P
[23:16:18] <DominatoR^^^HC> and exult, too...
[23:26:23] <DominatoR^^^HC> I must go now
[23:26:33] <DominatoR^^^HC> good night
[23:26:38] <-- DominatoR^^^HC has left IRC (".")