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[00:00:32] <wjp> I've been tweaking combat a bit
[00:00:45] <wjp> my current changes require a savegame version increase
[00:01:09] <wjp> so I'm waiting with committing things until I've 'collected' some more improvements in this area
[00:01:44] <wjp> such as changelings, which will also need savegames changes, most likely
[00:02:42] <wjp> I'm thinking about cutting back the number of nodes used for combat pathfinding quite a bit, and maybe let monsters take the best found path even if it fails
[00:03:56] <wjp> and I'm also working on 'processifying' pathfinding, so pathfinding could span several frames
[00:04:05] <wjp> (which also needs a savegame change, obviously)
[00:11:34] <Colourless> monster ai pathfinding was very basic in the original
[00:11:55] <wjp> true
[00:12:14] <wjp> probably cutting back the number of search nodes will already make things fast enough
[00:13:21] <Colourless> 'processifying' the pathfinding would be a very nice thing to have to avoid silly issues like we have in exult where pathfinding to a moving object doesn't work well
[00:14:31] * Colourless thinks about the old party flocking code used in exult
[00:14:54] <wjp> pentagram just recalculates the path whenever the target moved more than a single step as well :-)
[00:15:25] <wjp> actual dynamic pathfinding is really tricky
[01:51:47] <wjp> time to go; bye
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[14:29:58] <megawatt> ah crap... sorry about that Colourless... thought I had a fairly good solution in HIDKeys. Every once in a while gcc lets you get by with stuff other compilers don't much care for
[14:50:57] <wjp> are the default cases in GetKeyName and GetEventName correct?
[14:51:06] <wjp> they seem a bit strange
[14:51:57] <wjp> also, wouldn't the double HID_EVENT_DEPRESS entry in the eventNames array cause GetEventName to return the wrong value for DEPRESS?
[15:01:56] <megawatt> Umm.... don't have the source at work here and having problems getting to the web-cvs right now... so I'm not sure
[15:19:16] <megawatt> Ok, yeah, those default cases are a bit strange. They should probably should be returning null.
[15:22:39] <megawatt> As for question 2: I wanted "" to be the default for "<Depress>" - it'll accept either when binding, but it should only write out "" when saving.
[15:23:33] <wjp> ah, I see
[15:23:42] <megawatt> The concept was to let the user write any logical values they think up when manually creating keybindings, but only save it in our default
[15:23:56] <wjp> makes sense
[15:25:30] <megawatt> It was my stupid solution to "What the hell do I name these keys so the user will understand?" - and similiar to a concept I saw while trolling quake3 source.
[15:27:34] <megawatt> Except they depend on ascii a lot more and don't actually give multiple names for most keys (they didn't explicitly name char's - if the string was length 1, then the binded to the value of string[0])
[15:30:07] <megawatt> I'm not sure that it'll work completely right now that the struct uses const char *s - It might have changed to case sensitive and possibly direct pointer comparison.....
[15:30:23] <megawatt> I'm really begining to hate strings in C++
[15:32:38] <wjp> I usually stick to const char*'s for string constants and use std::strings for the rest. That works out fairly well most of the time
[15:33:06] <wjp> (or things like istrings when appropriate of course)
[15:33:42] <megawatt> I think what still annoys me about them is the overloaded operator ==
[15:34:21] <megawatt> big fan of only treating primatives like primatives.
[15:36:02] <wjp> it's true that that adds some potential confusion to expressions involving ==
[15:36:48] <wjp> but in the case of strings I think the 'cleaner' syntax outweighs that
[15:38:28] * wjp starts writing an AmbushProcess for changelings *evil grin*
[15:38:54] <wjp> change into a tree, wait for avatar to get close, change back :-)
[15:39:29] <wjp> there's also a chest->changeling animation... that would be fun as well :-)
[15:40:01] <wjp> but U8 didn't have mimics as far as I can remember, so I'll leave it out for now
[15:40:04] <wjp> maybe later :-)
[15:42:12] <megawatt> I actually don't recall changelings ever taking any form but Avatar. It would be a blast to see them as an organized threat ready to ambush anyone about to pass by.
[19:05:13] <megawatt> hmm... did not know exult had changable keybindings.... I should pay more attention I guess
[19:06:34] <megawatt> Might have followed it as the example if I did.... oh well.
[19:07:02] <megawatt> though I'm not fond of the file format.
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