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[17:41:59] --> trigomi has joined #pentagram
[17:42:03] <trigomi> hey..
[17:42:28] <trigomi> back here, sorry it took some long.
[17:43:21] <trigomi> watt
[17:43:23] <trigomi> wjp
[17:43:26] <trigomi> you around ?
[19:07:35] <trigomi> just write when you see, I'll be back around a while.
[20:00:48] <trigomi> you guys left 4 dead ?
[21:50:43] <-- trigomi has left IRC ()
[23:03:32] <watt> Just got back from outta town. Guess I'll need to look into this soon. Haven't done much with Pent for a while now...
[23:21:22] --> trigomi has joined #pentagram
[23:21:29] <trigomi> hey..
[23:21:37] <trigomi> you guys around this time ?
[23:29:25] <watt> I am kinda around at this moment
[23:32:07] <trigomi> all right
[23:32:28] <trigomi> I'm having some problem here getting latest pentagram build on snow leo
[23:33:14] <trigomi> all goes fine until the sound cracks and the application crashes right away.
[23:34:39] <trigomi> is there a newer build for 10.6 free of bugs ?
[23:37:03] <watt> I think I saw code committed, but I never rebuilt. Also din't test since my upgrade to snow leopard.
[23:38:03] <watt> Yeah, that most certainly does blow up.
[23:38:06] <trigomi> hmm, is it the audio code changed in snow leopard causing the crash ?
[23:39:07] <trigomi> it would be lawl if you could release a newer build for snow, its been a while since last mac binary.
[23:39:21] <watt> Well, something changed... I'll update and rebuild
[23:43:17] <trigomi> btw, appreciate your work
[23:44:11] <trigomi> I almost finished the game on mac for a first time on leo and it was pretty smooth all along.
[23:44:25] <trigomi> wish I haven't updated to snow kitty.
[23:59:48] <watt> hmmm... I need to muck around with my build environment a bit before I can get a build