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[00:14:44] <Dominus> hmm, strange, now I'm having problems with compiling pentagram too, with the threads...
[00:24:27] <Dominus> hmm
[00:31:59] <Dominus> Colourless, I never noticed it until now but ever since you added outputlogger (and Kirben fixed objects.mk to actually include it) compilation fails
[00:32:01] <Dominus> Undefined symbols:
[00:32:02] <Dominus> "_SDL_CreateThread", referenced from:
[00:32:02] <Dominus> OutputLogger::OutputLogger(__sFILE*, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)in OutputLogger.o
[00:32:02] <Dominus> "_SDL_WaitThread", referenced from:
[00:32:02] <Dominus> OutputLogger::~OutputLogger()in OutputLogger.o
[00:32:02] <Dominus> ld: symbol(s) not found
[00:32:03] <Dominus> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[00:35:36] <Kirben> Was SDL compiled with threads enabled?
[00:36:06] <Dominus> it wasn't explicitly disabled, let me check...
[00:38:57] <Dominus> from the configure.log it checks for pthreads and the result is yes
[00:50:05] <Kirben> Try adding a '#include <SDL.h>' before '#include <SDL_thread.h>' in filesys/OutputLogger.h.
[00:53:09] <Dominus> same error
[01:02:52] <Dominus> strange though, the include sdl.h works fine in lowlevelmidi where it also uses threads...
[01:03:56] <Dominus> seems as if outputlogger does something strange compared to lowlevelmidi. if threads were not compiled in it should error out with that first...
[01:04:03] <Dominus> anyway off to sleep now
[01:04:50] * Colourless shrugs
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[07:09:35] <wjp> what Dominus pasted is a link error by the way
[07:10:31] <wjp> Dominus: which OS version are you using currently?
[07:18:31] <Colourless> he's using 'some' version of macosx
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[10:31:55] <dominusonphone> Wjp, I'm on os x 10.7. It seems as if SDL static lib is missing something vital for outputlogger
[10:32:43] <dominusonphone> Curiously all is fine when I "ignore" outputlogger and comment it out in objects.mk
[10:33:26] <wjp> maybe we can have a more detailed look tonight or this weekend?
[10:33:33] <dominusonphone> Gonna need to look this evenning whether I can find the culprit when compiling dynamic
[10:33:44] <dominusonphone> ;)
[10:33:50] <wjp> ok
[10:34:38] <dominusonphone> I'm having similar problems with sdl_net (for dosbox) and sdl_ttf when I make a static compile
[10:34:58] <dominusonphone> Perhaps I've been screwed by apple ;)
[10:35:07] <wjp> it wouldn't be the first 10.7 issue...
[10:35:15] <dominusonphone> Yeah
[10:35:35] <wjp> the timing with that forum report for ubuntu is strange though
[10:35:47] <dominusonphone> Yes
[10:35:49] <wjp> but let's take a look tonight then
[10:35:59] <wjp> I should be online most of the evening
[10:36:01] <dominusonphone> K, see you then
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[19:19:10] <Dominus> I'm suspecting there is something wrong with my SDL and SDL_net/ttf builds. Compiling Dosbox fails with linking SDL_net for 32bit but succeeds for PPC. Definitely something strange there... Let's see how my ppc pentagram buidl fares...
[19:27:22] <Dominus> hmm, that error still persists with ppc
[19:27:33] <Dominus> my sdl_ttf error is gone though with it...
[19:38:01] <Dominus> hmm, my sdl_ttf error is also happening with a fresh built of SDL_ttf-2.0.10 - seems to me that SDL 1.2.15 has something strange OR Lion is behaving strange...
[19:38:23] <Dominus> got to rest now, perhaps I'll try later with a lock stock SDL 1.2.14 built
[21:20:41] <Dominus> hmmm, seems to be something that the system messes up
[21:46:11] <Dominus> hmmmmmmmm
[21:46:16] <Dominus> I hat this stuff
[21:46:59] <wjp> what's working and what isn't?
[21:47:06] <Dominus> now I somehow circumvented the bad sdl_ttf stuff (by using the macports install - a package manager)
[21:47:17] <Dominus> but I'm still running into the outputlogger thing
[21:51:26] <Dominus> and this is with building dynamic or static pentagram
[21:51:42] <Dominus> something that SDL is just not providing it seems
[21:51:50] <Dominus> does it build for you?
[21:53:26] <wjp> you should have added you get these errors when linking flexpack :-)
[21:55:03] <wjp> (and shapeconv, and other tools)
[21:56:43] <Dominus> oops :)
[21:57:31] <wjp> so we have an SDL dependency in our command-line tools :/
[22:01:31] <Dominus> it was actually disasm that was being linked :)
[22:34:57] <Dominus> now I know what my problem with SDL_ttf and SDL_net is. somehow my static libs are not really static but are linked against SDL static libs and thus somehow fail to link
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[23:39:15] <Dominus> bah pkgconfig was screwing up my builds of sdl_net and sdl_tff, needed to point that at nothing to make everything work
[23:39:26] <Dominus> now need time to build my libs again
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