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[15:57:17] <Dark-Star> hi
[15:57:23] <wjp> hi
[15:58:11] <Dark-Star> I found a bug in HIDManager.cpp :-)
[15:58:33] <Dark-Star> line #104 and #111
[15:58:33] <wjp> that's good :-)
[15:58:42] <wjp> (that you found it, not that it's there, I mean ;-) )
[15:58:54] <Colourless> what... so that wasn't a competition? ;-)
[15:58:56] <wjp> let's see
[15:58:59] <Colourless> hehe
[15:59:00] <Dark-Star> MSVC complained about this one, and I think it is indeed a bug...
[15:59:18] <wjp> cute
[15:59:35] <wjp> yes, those would definitely be bugs
[16:00:20] <Colourless> hmm
[16:01:00] * Colourless updates to make sure he is looking at the same code as everyone else
[16:01:40] <Dark-Star> if (button < NUM_MOUSEBUTTONS);
[16:01:41] <wjp> fix committed
[16:02:02] <Colourless> hehe
[16:02:04] <Colourless> yeah
[16:02:24] <Colourless> you know, that bugged code was actually better than the old code that i had :-)
[16:02:26] <Colourless> hehe
[16:02:35] <Colourless> at least IMO
[16:02:49] <Colourless> actually, no, i am totally wrong there
[16:03:06] <Colourless> a buffer overrun is never a good thing ever
[16:03:11] <Dark-Star> oh, I just crashed MSVC ...
[16:03:12] <wjp> Dark-Star: thanks :-)
[16:03:38] <Colourless> crashing MSVC... thats not hard
[16:04:26] <Dark-Star> I never managed it before.... especially not by simply compiling
[16:05:37] <Dark-Star> well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just ran out of disk space...
[16:08:06] <Dark-Star> ok, next try
[16:08:35] * Colourless decides to update his msvc_include.h file so it is 64bit ready
[16:14:29] <Dark-Star> MSVC7 seems to lack va_copy, it seems
[16:15:17] * Dark-Star seems he uses the word 'seems' to much, it seems
[16:15:19] <Colourless> that it does
[16:15:36] <Colourless> might be a C99 addition
[16:16:39] <wjp> yeah, it is
[16:17:17] <Dark-Star> well, Console::vPrintf() has to vsnprintf() its args to a char buffer anyway, so why not just print this buffer to stdout instead of calling two v*printf() functions
[16:19:11] <Colourless> because...
[16:19:16] <Colourless> actually there is a reason
[16:19:24] <Colourless> vsn might truncate the output
[16:19:35] <Colourless> vprintf() wont
[16:19:57] <Dark-Star> yes, but only if it's larger than MAXPRINTMSG, which is currently 4096...
[16:20:05] <Colourless> hey, you never know
[16:23:41] <Colourless> only 65 warning when compiling pentagram in msvc for me now
[16:25:00] <Colourless> a lot less pointer truncation warning now though
[16:26:08] <Colourless> I am totally amazed how big pentagram has grown
[16:29:47] <Colourless> I.... managed to climb up on the overhead walkway in tenebrae
[16:30:09] <Colourless> things are progressing quite far
[16:30:39] <Colourless> music eggs are broken
[16:31:31] <Colourless> undouabtably related to your changes to the cachein stuff
[16:33:45] <wjp> hm, probably
[16:33:58] <wjp> did I invert a condition somewhere?
[16:34:52] <wjp> I did run pentagram on a 64 bit machine before, btw
[16:35:14] <wjp> so most of the core stuff should still work
[16:35:21] <Colourless> no idea
[16:35:25] <Colourless> they just aren't working
[16:36:09] <wjp> at all or on the first map?
[16:36:22] <wjp> first map is intentional
[16:37:22] <Colourless> all maps
[16:37:34] <wjp> let's see
[16:37:38] <Colourless> as in cache in is totally broken
[16:37:44] <Colourless> music still works from usecode though
[16:38:03] <Colourless> since the execution plays music
[16:38:23] <Colourless> but when you start no music, and when you change to a different map the music doesn't change
[16:40:31] * wjp hmms
[16:41:59] <wjp> cachein _is_ being called on lots of objects
[16:43:32] * Colourless looks
[16:45:02] <wjp> compiling two things at once and scaling down 400 photos at the same time is making compiling pentagram very slow :-)
[16:45:16] <Colourless> hehe
[16:46:24] <wjp> hm, MUSIC::cachein is getting called
[16:46:39] <wjp> wait a sec... didn't I change something else in the music process recently?
[16:48:12] <wjp> no, I didn't
[16:48:29] <wjp> the playMusic intrinsic is getting called here
[16:48:33] <Colourless> hmm..
[16:48:43] <wjp> could there be no MusicPrcoess?
[16:49:45] <wjp> ah, indeed
[16:49:57] <Colourless> hmm.. cachein isn't being called here
[16:50:11] <wjp> on the first map the music doesn't play because cachein isn't called (intentionally)
[16:50:21] <wjp> after teleporting the MusicProcess has vanished
[16:50:36] <Colourless> that is not correct
[16:50:48] <Colourless> i think..
[16:51:06] <wjp> I probably forgot to set the type to 1 (persistent) back when I changed the process killing on map change
[16:51:21] <Colourless> music egg is still supposed to be activated at the start of the game
[16:51:37] <wjp> yes, but I'm fairly sure we should do that manually
[16:51:43] <Colourless> you are?
[16:52:00] <wjp> yes
[16:52:09] <Colourless> annoying
[16:52:45] <wjp> (not entirely sure, but fairly sure :-) )
[16:52:58] <Colourless> wouldn't surprise me
[16:53:09] <Colourless> like how we need to setup the avatars inventory
[16:53:27] <wjp> I think the intro is actually supposed to be an in-game process as well
[16:54:07] <wjp> loading the 'The Beginning' savegame in the original shows the Avatar lying on the ground next to Devon for a moment before it starts the intro
[16:54:41] <Colourless> yeah
[16:58:13] <wjp> ok, music is back :-)
[17:02:14] <Colourless> yay
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