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[08:31:00] <Fl00der> hi
[08:36:29] <sbx> hi
[11:35:26] <wjp> Fl00der: I fixed some saving-related things last night
[11:35:46] <wjp> I don't think they are what caused your crash, but you never know :-)
[11:36:07] <Fl00der> \o/
[11:36:29] <Fl00der> wjp: congratulations!
[11:45:45] <wjp> don't congratulate me before you try it :-)
[11:46:08] <servus> He meant congratulations on getting out of bed
[11:46:13] <servus> It gets harder and harder to do every day =)
[11:46:24] <wjp> :-)
[11:46:51] <servus> By =), I mean sigh..., of course.
[11:51:07] <Fl00der> :D
[11:51:22] <Fl00der> wjp, is it on site now available for download?
[11:52:27] <Fl00der> hmm. site shows that newest is 08.25.04 :S
[11:52:36] <servus> cvs.
[11:52:52] <Fl00der> that's older what wjp talked about
[11:52:57] <sbx> servus: It's funny because it's true!
[11:53:19] <Fl00der> wjp: where can I get last night version now?
[11:53:30] <wjp> wait until the snapshot gets updated
[11:53:46] <Fl00der> or can you send VIA IRC or email? :P
[11:54:01] * Fl00der wants test now
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[11:54:16] <wjp> I don't have a windows binary
[11:54:22] <Fl00der> :-/
[11:54:22] <Fl00der> ok
[11:54:30] <Fl00der> then I will wait, *sigh*
[11:54:48] <servus> I said something funny?
[11:55:07] <servus> Some days I just want to hide under my bed.
[11:55:23] <Fl00der> :)
[11:55:27] <sbx> no im just tired
[11:56:03] <sbx> http://uploads.ungrounded.net/90000/90046_8bitDandD.swf
[11:56:12] <sbx> 8-bit Dungeons & Dragons
[11:58:08] <servus> Kind of sucks without sound...
[11:58:31] <sbx> plug your speakers in
[11:58:52] <servus> I'm on Linux
[11:58:59] <servus> Soundcard support sucks.
[11:59:13] <servus> I'm lucky to have hacked xmms into working condition
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[12:00:32] <sbx> ok
[12:00:38] <sbx> yeah it doesnt make sense without sound
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[14:03:51] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
[14:04:06] <wjp> hi
[14:04:20] <Sheng_Gradilla> it has been a busy week for me
[14:04:44] <Sheng_Gradilla> I read five chapters from different books @_@
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[14:07:00] <Sheng_Gradilla> three chapters about the design phase from a software engineering book, one about distributed systems from Tanenbaum's Modern Operating Systems, and another about parsers from a book about compilers
[14:07:43] <Sheng_Gradilla> and had to do relevant work about them
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[16:21:25] <wjp> ugh, this is annoying
[16:22:28] <wjp> there are two items which should not be 'connected' with overlapping y coordinates
[16:22:40] <wjp> (even if they only overlap by one unit)
[16:23:10] <wjp> one has y=7454 and y dimension 32, and the other has y=7423
[16:30:07] <wjp> what a mess... *sigh*
[16:55:26] <wjp> well, it isn't pretty, but it seems to work
[16:55:34] <wjp> Item::ascend intrinsic committed
[17:42:00] <wjp> hm, test of centeredness is very broken :-(
[17:52:37] <wjp> wow, that must _really_ have hurt... I just fell from z=65000 to the ground :-)
[18:04:51] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
[18:05:43] <Sheng_Gradilla> is that the max height?
[18:06:03] <wjp> yeah
[18:06:16] <wjp> probably an integer overflow/underflow or signed/unsigned problem somewhere
[18:18:47] <wjp> hm, interesting
[18:19:51] <wjp> the problem seems to be sign extending between 8 bit and 16 bit ints in usecode
[18:27:11] <wjp> great, that fixed the centeredness test
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[18:33:55] <wjp> gah, but now I'm getting segfaults in the silver mine :-(