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[14:54:52] * Darke idly ponders making a 'music video' with the pentagram engine once we've got something working. Would be an interesting test of the flexability of the engine, and -certainly- tickle all the little timing and synchronising problems out of the code.
[14:57:04] <wjp> a music video? With the Avatar dancing to Rule Britannia or something? :-)
[14:58:51] <Darke> Nah. Was actually thinking something more complex, probably using the slightly more 'broad' tileset of the crusader games then u8. *grin* We'd really have to have 3d avatars working for the npcs though, you'd probably need to add an extra couple even just for 'scenery'.
[15:02:19] * Darke actually has thought about it before. Just from the direction of working out how to try to put together a semi-good video for a couple of songs that never had one. The memory was just triggered again with a song I was listening to. *grin*
[15:03:02] <wjp> :-)
[15:03:32] <wjp> we'll have to prod Colourless a bit for his graphics engine, I guess :-)
[15:04:01] * wjp seems to remember something about it being committable in "a couple of days" at least a week ago :-)
[15:04:36] <Darke> Just for reference '99 Luft Balloons' english version is a lovely surreal song and I'd *love* to hear the original in German, which apparently is so much better. *grin*
[15:05:00] <wjp> there's an english version?
[15:05:07] <Darke> Yup. *grin*
[15:05:29] <Darke> Or at least the one I'm listening to is in english. *grin* Sung by the same person who sung the german one apparently.
[15:05:37] <wjp> Nena
[15:05:43] <Darke> Yup.
[15:06:23] <Darke> Apparently the 'real' english title is '99 Red Balloons', but this track I got on a cd today is called '99 Luft Balloons'. *shrug* Who knows.
[15:06:48] <Darke> http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node=99%20Red%20Balloons Here's a quick comparison and the lyrics to the english one.
[15:10:49] <wjp> hm, english ones are quite different from what I remember of the german ones
[15:11:31] <Darke> *nod* Very different. There's a link to the german ones down the bottom and an approx translation to english: http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node=99%20luftballons
[15:13:37] <wjp> 'fette Beute' == 'greasy loot'? eh?
[15:14:07] <Darke> Apparently. *grin* My german is very basic.
[15:14:31] <wjp> fette = fat, but 'fat loot' != 'greasy loot' :-)
[15:15:15] <wjp> translation's pretty ok, though; apart from that :-)
[15:19:53] * Darke snickers. Perhaps not a litteral translation, but the meaning works. *grin*
[15:28:08] * Darke somehow almost immediately trips over a copy of the german version and watches it fall off the back of the truck very, very slowly...
[15:30:49] <wjp> still stuck on dialup^W^Wwith a small front-door, I guess? :-)
[15:30:54] * Darke pouts. It stopped. And it was sounding so nice too.
[15:32:40] <Darke> Yeah. Telstra 'said' they'd have the line in around about the 20th. 'Apparently' however their ADSL exchange is full, but they're upgrading on the 7th of February, so we can have it then! *bleah* Loosers.
[15:34:45] <Darke> Of course their web interface to drop in a phone number to see if we can get adsl *still* says we're fine! And we Can Get Upgraded To It Now!(tm)
[15:34:57] * Darke is *only* a little bit bitter.
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[23:00:29] <wjp> hi
[23:00:35] <stevo> hey
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