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[00:24:36] --> dexxy has joined #pentagram
[00:24:41] <dexxy> hello! :)
[00:29:00] <dexxy> anyone here?
[00:59:21] <watt> Hiya!
[01:08:26] <dexxy> ah
[01:08:33] <dexxy> hello! .9
[01:08:40] <dexxy> :)
[01:09:24] <dexxy> i have a question about pentagram (how obvious ;))
[01:10:02] <watt> shoot.
[01:10:34] <dexxy> ok so
[01:11:14] <dexxy> how "complete" is this? no, iīm no newbie, i donīt want it to be perfect already etc.
[01:11:35] <dexxy> but, is it finishable and does the plot work?
[01:11:54] <dexxy> oh and yes, i read the faq first
[01:12:01] <watt> oh... well, sound, movies, some combat, most conversion, most plot.
[01:12:08] <dexxy> mmh
[01:12:15] <dexxy> some combat?
[01:12:18] <watt> you may need to do some hacks to comple the game.
[01:13:07] <dexxy> what does that mean in detail? ;)
[01:13:15] <watt> basic attacking appears to work fine.... not sure how much magic is good to go
[01:14:04] <dexxy> do you have to use magic to complete it? i never finished it.
[01:14:06] <watt> there may be a few plot stopper bugs along the way. I've yet to attempt to play though myself.....
[01:14:35] <dexxy> i would prefer a basic fighter (swords!!) so magic is not that important
[01:14:38] <watt> a few places, yes... but I'm sure we have work arounds for them
[01:15:24] <dexxy> does it have the music and sound?
[01:15:28] <watt> yes
[01:16:02] <dexxy> fully implemented?
[01:16:20] <watt> If you're looking for good combat... then I'd say it would be best to wait a while, but if you're interested in plot, I think its fairly good
[01:16:36] <dexxy> very nice!!
[01:16:42] <watt> music sometimes stops on map change IIRC
[01:16:56] <dexxy> i also read about a pocketpc port, finished yet?
[01:17:46] <watt> it's actually been a while since I've coded on pentagram (naughty me... I really should) I'm not aware of the progress on pocketpc
[01:18:32] <dexxy> ok
[01:19:23] <dexxy> so does it feel like the original game then?
[01:19:37] <dexxy> or more like an "early beta"?
[01:20:26] <watt> I think the feel is pretty good... but like I said, I haven't played though pentagram yet.
[01:20:48] <watt> oh... and we tend to break savegames every few weeks
[01:21:21] <watt> so we are definately still "in development"
[01:22:13] <dexxy> ok, still sounds very nice :)
[01:22:21] <watt> so if you play though, keep the same version until you finish.
[01:22:43] <dexxy> ok
[01:23:34] --> Kirben has joined #pentagram
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[01:24:54] <watt> hi Kirben!
[01:25:04] <Kirben> Hi
[01:26:07] <watt> dexxy: bug reports would be nice if you do run into issues.
[01:27:37] <dexxy> sure
[01:27:44] <watt> thanks
[01:29:45] <dexxy> i donīt know if i should start playing now or wait until a later version
[01:29:56] <dexxy> what enhancements are there yet?`
[01:30:03] <dexxy> besides higher res
[01:33:26] <watt> scalers to smooth graphics... a console.. keybindings...
[01:33:53] <dexxy> ah scalers, yes :)
[01:34:23] <watt> better fonts!
[01:34:35] <watt> almost forgot those
[01:34:55] <dexxy> nice! =)
[01:35:45] <dexxy> how long would it take to reach a "99% of everything implemented" status?
[01:36:22] <watt> not a good question. There is no current roadmap or timeline.
[01:36:53] <dexxy> i mean more like a year or a half or more than two years?
[01:36:55] <watt> I'm sure the website will have that information when we make some decisions on it
[01:37:10] <watt> I hope a year.
[01:37:15] <dexxy> because i waited for so long, i can wait another year
[01:38:11] <watt> sorry ;-( I promise I'll be working on a few things in the next couple of weeks.
[01:39:00] <dexxy> ah, no haste ;)
[01:39:07] <dexxy> take your time
[01:39:27] <watt> although, they'll probably be better memory management, keybindings, gimp plugin, and pathfinding... (I've taken an interest in pathfinding in the last few weeks)
[01:39:29] <dexxy> itīs already better than i thought :)
[01:39:42] <watt> ;-)
[01:40:23] <dexxy> ok, something off topic if you donīt mind ;) did you try that exult3d by chance?
[01:40:40] <watt> oh.. no, not yet....
[01:40:57] * watt ducks anything thrown my way by servus
[01:41:10] <watt> I really should
[01:43:06] <servus> Ehh
[01:43:16] <servus> I didn't do nothin', officah.
[01:43:38] <servus> Off to see a movie.
[01:43:39] <servus> Bye
[01:43:42] <watt> ye
[01:43:47] <watt> bye
[01:43:51] <servus> ( Exult3D has had progress made on it, by the way ;-) )
[01:47:23] <dexxy> yes
[01:47:38] <dexxy> do you know anything i do not? :)
[01:53:22] <dexxy> what`s the latest version?
[02:06:16] <dexxy> ok got to go
[02:06:22] <dexxy> thanks for answering!!
[02:06:24] <dexxy> bye!
[02:06:25] <-- dexxy has left IRC ()
[05:37:42] --- Cless|sleeping is now known as Colourless
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[09:42:52] <wjp> oooh, actual conversation :-)
[09:52:04] --> Darklock has joined #Pentagram
[11:07:38] * servus wonders whom wjp was referring to
[11:15:49] --- Ember is now known as Darke
[11:16:26] * Darke waves his paw at wjp and intones, "This is not the conversation you were looking for... continue coding."
[11:17:09] * servus likes paws
[11:19:03] <servus> Too much cough syrup for this Catsby. Night night! Zzzz see ya later. Show ya Exult3D R3 sometime ;-)
[11:20:00] * Darke likes paws too. Especially his four paws. Night!
[11:20:39] <Colourless> darke... coding
[11:20:42] * servus smiles at gives Darke a high-paw! Mahrrrrrroo night night : o)
[11:20:44] <Colourless> obviously not pentagram :-)
[11:21:16] <Colourless> of course i haven't been working on pentagram lately either... 90% finished midi code for exult... then distracted by other things with a specific deadline of monday
[11:24:23] * Darke has been demot^Wpromoted to 'Web Dude' at work, so his mind has devolved to not being able to understand anything more complex then html, css and javascript. *noddle*
[11:26:12] <Colourless> hehe
[11:26:41] <Colourless> where is our usecode compiler!
[11:28:27] * Darke has visions of a usecode compiler written in javascript. Ewwwwww!
[11:29:17] <Colourless> with a web interface
[11:30:04] * Darke shudders! Please! Have mercy! Not that! Anything but *that*!
[11:30:20] <Colourless> :-)
[11:35:12] * Darke faintly hears Raymond Scott's Powerhouse in the background, and really must try and get that old Loony Toons cartoon. It was cool, in a sadisticly amusing way. *grin*
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[13:35:29] --> Colourless has joined #Pentagram
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[18:11:17] <watt> Darke: I know how you feel. I've been doing data conversion for a while now at work and I'm afraid any knowledge beyond sql scripts has diminished in my mind.
[18:11:48] <watt> Although I can work with large sets with far greater ease now
[18:13:06] <watt> web interface usecode.... that might not be bad for a multiplayer concept for a game based off of it.
[18:13:38] <watt> gamer could log in and program new quests to keep the world interesting...
[18:13:59] <watt> ok... yeah, that would be a frickin' disaster waiting to happen
[19:00:37] <wjp> :-)
[19:16:46] <Colourless> no... not multiplayer... a request for all of you... whack me on the head hard if you see me one day write up a document outlining how to make pentagram a multiplayer engine. Ok?
[19:17:26] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("brb")
[19:26:04] --> Colourless has joined #Pentagram
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