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[10:30:04] <Darke> Yay!
[10:37:32] <Servus> ?seen Darke
[10:37:32] <exultbot> darke is right here!
[10:38:37] <Servus> I dont believe you
[10:39:01] * Darke doesn't believe himself either.
[10:45:23] <Servus> ?seen servus
[10:45:23] <exultbot> That's you!
[10:45:30] <Servus> Teehee
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[11:45:09] <Darke> Hmm... we really need the tools linked as dynamically loadable 'executables' (as .so's or .dll's or something), that way we don't need to link them with the main app when we're compiling. Much easier to add extensions too...
[11:45:51] * Darke quickly makes his Dramatic Exit (Stage Left of course!), before he gets caught and tortured for making such a suggestion! *grin*
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[12:51:09] * wjp catches and tortures Darke for making such a suggestion
[12:53:27] * Darke yelps!
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[14:11:21] <Colourless> Darke: exactly what do you want to do with the tools? you talking about say on windows putting the tools into dlls, and then using a 'loader' app, or something different
[14:13:20] <wjp> yes, I was wondering about that too :-)
[14:14:03] <wjp> probably because the kernel/ directory currently needs most of the rest of pentagram
[14:14:25] <wjp> so if Darke wants to use Application unchanged it would pull in all of pentagram
[14:15:09] <wjp> I'd suggest being creative with subclassing or macros :-)
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[14:17:55] <Colourless> There is 'problems' in windows with using c++ dlls... such as incompatiblity between compilers. MS uses one method of linking C++ dlls, GCC uses a different method. You also get problems with the way that the compilers set out classes in memory. So while such things aren't impossible, they are frowed upon. Usually the way things are done is to use a "C" export of a function and to use structures full of function pointers.
[14:18:14] <wjp> there's no fixed C++ ABI, no
[14:18:29] <wjp> even different versions of g++are incompatible with eachother
[14:21:45] <Colourless> i actually have no problems with the concept in theory, as it would mean that we'd have code in pentagram to do dynamic linking, meaning that my 'grand' plugin scheme could be done :-)
[14:26:01] <wjp> as long as it's not the only way to do things
[14:26:38] <Colourless> that is true. i don't really know what darkes plans are :-)
[14:47:05] <wjp> going home; bbl
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[14:47:12] <Colourless> cya
[14:50:14] <Natreg> hey Colourless
[14:50:22] <Natreg> does pentagram support crusader?
[14:51:36] <Colourless> by definition no. the crusader games are 'tgwds' (the games we don't support) :-)
[14:51:52] <Colourless> then again, even currently we don't really even support ultima 8 either :-)
[14:52:04] <Natreg> hehe
[14:52:15] <Natreg> I mean as what pentagram does now
[14:52:19] <Natreg> map viewer or something
[14:53:04] <Colourless> the map viewer can be forced to support crusader, but it's a hassle
[14:54:27] <Natreg> and what about lost vale? I heard (I read) that someone at the exult team had a copy of what origin did
[14:55:20] <Colourless> first rule of the internet) don't believe everything you read
[14:56:59] <Natreg> hehe
[14:57:18] <Natreg> yeah but that sound cool
[14:57:53] <Colourless> yeah well, if it seems too good to be true it probably is... darke is known to be more than just a tad sarcastic
[14:58:03] <Colourless> his comments were not ment to be taken seriously
[14:58:45] <Natreg> hehe
[14:59:26] <Natreg> so do you think that the thing about some people from origin havin a copy of it (not completed) is also false?
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