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[01:03:32] <TiGSTeR> hail, Avatars
[01:04:09] <TiGSTeR> I have a bug to report
[01:06:20] <TiGSTeR> oh well - next time then
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[01:52:38] <TiGSTeR> hail, Avatars
[01:52:44] <TiGSTeR> I have a bug to report
[01:57:50] <lupine_85> No-one here has heard of the... Avatar...
[01:59:32] <TiGSTeR> hehe
[02:00:35] <lupine_85> :)
[02:00:42] <lupine_85> don't mind me, I just finished work
[02:01:33] <TiGSTeR> now where is wjp and watt?
[02:01:40] <TiGSTeR> I have a bug to report
[02:03:50] <Colourless> bug tracker http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=53819&atid=471706
[02:04:04] <Colourless> bug reports go there
[02:05:19] <TiGSTeR> ah ok thanx
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[08:58:09] <pupnik> ?
[08:58:41] * pupnik has found a 1-euro U8 CD on ebay :D
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[14:15:26] <Monochrome> hello
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[14:54:30] <pupnik_> hiya
[14:57:08] <pupnik_> 3 hours til pagan cdrom auction ends :)
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[15:24:37] <Monochrome> pupnik url plox
[15:24:55] <Monochrome> dont worry i wont compete w/ you
[15:28:38] <Mrrrr> Thats what they all say :P
[15:29:12] <Monochrome> well
[15:29:29] <Monochrome> currently i found a copy of collector's edition on ebay
[15:29:31] <Monochrome> 29 bucks
[15:29:37] <Monochrome> direct sale
[15:29:45] <Monochrome> i could simply buy that you know
[15:30:09] <Monochrome> but srsly. i dont games on ebay. only legos
[15:30:23] <Monochrome> also i have my own pirated copy of ultima 8
[15:30:29] <Monochrome> thank you abandoneer.com
[15:30:54] <pupnik> well this is in german
[15:31:27] <Monochrome> what?
[15:31:30] <Monochrome> german edition?
[15:31:36] <pupnik> yeah
[15:31:49] <Monochrome> then its completely useless for me
[15:31:50] <pupnik> at least the manual
[15:31:54] <Monochrome> so you can link it
[15:32:14] <Monochrome> ah found it
[15:32:24] <Monochrome> bah
[15:32:30] <Monochrome> doesnt even have the original box
[15:32:44] <Monochrome> quite cheap though
[15:32:46] <Monochrome> 1 euro
[15:32:53] <pupnik> yeah i'm hosting my pentagram build
[15:33:05] <Lightkey> hmm, maybe I should bet on it
[15:33:10] <Lightkey> :PPP
[15:33:49] <Monochrome> you mean bid?
[15:34:00] <Lightkey> err, yes
[15:34:11] <Lightkey> ultimate proof I am german too :P
[15:34:15] <pupnik> what's the big to-do right now with pentagram?
[15:34:41] <pupnik> i suppose i could .. haha @ topic
[15:35:13] <Monochrome> tbh i dont care much about pentagram itself
[15:35:19] <Monochrome> only the possibilities it might bring
[15:35:23] <Lightkey> pupnik: there is also another ultima collection up, at 25 € currently
[15:35:33] <Monochrome> ultima 8 had so much potential
[15:36:02] <Monochrome> if it wasnt rushed due to lousy EA, it would have been one of the best in the saga
[15:36:18] <pupnik> most of the work on pentagram seems to be from 2005
[15:36:32] <pupnik> i didn't know that :/
[15:36:40] <pupnik> ultima 9 also had great potential imo
[15:36:50] <Monochrome> ultima 9 was ruined due to a sucky story
[15:36:52] <Mrrrr> I had no issues with u8, enjoyed it all the way
[15:36:58] <pupnik> it was kind of fun as-is, but i hated the 'platform' jumping
[15:37:06] <Mrrrr> some stuff was rushed and lacked content, but it wasnt like completely useless :)
[15:37:08] <Mrrrr> like u9 :P
[15:37:10] <Monochrome> Mrrrr, ultima 8 is too nonsensical
[15:37:14] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:37:20] <Monochrome> praitcly you have to "guess" where to go next
[15:37:21] <Mrrrr> it did break some plot lines
[15:37:22] <Mrrrr> and stuff
[15:37:27] <Mrrrr> in that way
[15:37:32] <Monochrome> if it was done right the plot would link perfectly
[15:37:43] <Monochrome> for example why ta fuck everything is centered on the catacombs?
[15:37:44] <Mrrrr> true
[15:37:58] <Mrrrr> for the lulz.
[15:38:18] <Monochrome> i mean, the catacombs are the burial grounds for the necromancers, not a freeway to every single lair in game
[15:38:29] <Monochrome> oh shi-
[15:38:35] <Monochrome> Mrrrr itty bitty baby?
[15:39:02] <Mrrrr> habeeb it.
[15:39:15] <Monochrome> =D
[15:39:36] <Monochrome> what to do with furries?
[15:40:17] <Lightkey> have you gone insane?
[15:40:23] <Monochrome> NO U
[15:40:53] <Lightkey> O_RLY
[15:41:18] <Monochrome> gtfo
[15:41:48] <Monochrome> dont fuck with something you dont know
[15:41:49] <Lightkey> you have not seen my tits :(
[15:41:55] <Monochrome> oh shi-
[15:42:08] <Mrrrr> :/
[15:42:11] <Lightkey> brb
[15:42:21] <Monochrome> WHAT TO DO WITH FURRIES?
[15:42:38] <Lightkey> KILL ZEM
[15:42:45] <Monochrome> WITH WHAT?
[15:42:46] <Mrrrr> duh, they should be yiffing in hell
[15:42:50] <Mrrrr> fire.
[15:42:55] <Monochrome> =D
[15:43:05] <Monochrome> i lux u guise
[15:43:09] <Monochrome> luv
[15:43:12] <Monochrome> lol, fail
[15:43:20] <Mrrrr> quite a large one
[15:43:24] <watt> ............................
[15:43:37] <Mrrrr> k, im off to work on a Saturday
[15:43:40] <Mrrrr> ohh the good life.
[15:43:47] <pupnik> cheers
[15:44:05] <Monochrome> do it 4 th lulz mate
[15:44:56] <Monochrome> anyways
[15:45:01] <Monochrome> as i was saying
[15:45:30] <Monochrome> ultima 8 is gorgeous, but most of the stuff is too random
[15:45:32] <Monochrome> for example
[15:45:50] <Monochrome> how the heck was i supposed to know i had to find a zealan temple in a huge maze?
[15:46:04] <Monochrome> i got out of that frickin place as soon as i got the skull of quakes
[15:47:25] <Monochrome> only after i read the walktrough i realized i had to keep going foward
[15:47:32] <pupnik> :/
[15:47:57] <Monochrome> srsly the game fails on giving you essential hints
[15:48:13] <Monochrome> you have to do stuff randomly to find the answers
[15:48:42] <Monochrome> also how ta heck was i supposed to know the skull of quakes was to fit on a near invisible hole to open a recall pad room?
[15:48:45] <Mrrrr> call the office to ask for the actual problem... and they say they never left me a message saying get here asap :/
[15:49:06] <Mrrrr> Crack heads, the lot of them
[15:49:28] <pupnik> it took you 6 minutes to get to work?
[15:49:30] <Mrrrr> Monochrome - I sort of miss that from games today tho
[15:49:40] <Mrrrr> no I called before I left to ask what the issue was
[15:49:40] <pupnik> oh nm
[15:49:46] <Mrrrr> i only go in when they neeeeeed me :P
[15:49:50] <Monochrome> Mrrrr i like stuff to be difficult, not impossible
[15:49:52] <Mrrrr> I feel loved like that
[15:50:24] <Monochrome> there was a way to keep it that way without making it so frickin impossible
[15:50:24] <Mrrrr> yeh, its been ages since I played that far in... I must give it a go sometime at the end of the year
[15:50:25] <pupnik> O'Really had a good book cover: "Why you can't find your UNIX system administrator."
[15:50:41] <Monochrome> take monkey island series
[15:50:45] <Monochrome> its a graphic adventure
[15:50:53] <Monochrome> completely different game
[15:50:54] <Mrrrr> cos he's at home getting paid for making game mods :D
[15:51:11] <Monochrome> but they could have used a lot of MI's features
[15:51:35] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:51:37] <Monochrome> for example guybrush comments pretty much every single object on the scenario if you tell him to observe 'em
[15:51:44] <Monochrome> same could have been done with the avatar
[15:51:49] <Mrrrr> MI was awesome tho
[15:51:51] <Mrrrr> but thats the thing
[15:51:57] <Monochrome> like when you enter the zealan shrine
[15:52:01] <Mrrrr> if htey had done like observable items
[15:52:08] <Mrrrr> it would be a lot of content to make
[15:52:17] <Mrrrr> and it would have broken the earlier games interface
[15:52:25] <Mrrrr> the style was right :P
[15:52:29] <Mrrrr> but I get what you mean
[15:52:39] <Mrrrr> you dont know what to do, quite often
[15:52:42] <Monochrome> if you looked at the statues the avatar should say something like "it looks like statues of some ancient deities"
[15:52:50] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:52:56] <Mrrrr> that would have made sense
[15:53:08] <Mrrrr> instead of hte cryptic camera PoV movement from time to time
[15:53:40] <Monochrome> i mean, how ta heck you were supposed to know you had to find a cerimonial shield and place it on the altar
[15:53:42] <Mrrrr> but at least it wasnt like today with like
[15:53:51] <Mrrrr> "you must get A to go any further"
[15:54:04] <Mrrrr> "You must now get B and bring it back to get out of this tiny place"
[15:54:25] <Monochrome> still, those "look at" hints would have helped a lot
[15:54:27] <Monochrome> because
[15:54:29] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:54:38] <Monochrome> not only it would give us the perspective of the avatar
[15:54:53] <Monochrome> a bit more of his personality, etc
[15:54:54] <Mrrrr> a lot of the clues were actually in the written stuff or convo
[15:54:57] <Mrrrr> but so so subtle
[15:55:06] <Monochrome> but it would help the player to understand what was surrounding him
[15:55:32] <Monochrome> yes, some books had some really clever clues
[15:55:44] <Monochrome> i read all of 'em
[15:55:50] <Monochrome> b4 going to certain places
[15:56:02] <Mrrrr> back in the day when you made time to sit down and play a game correctly
[15:56:31] <Mrrrr> currently working on a Thief-like mod/total conversion
[15:56:39] <Mrrrr> and we're trying to get that back
[15:56:39] <Monochrome> but u8 takes it to an impossible level
[15:56:44] <Mrrrr> yup :D
[15:56:47] <Monochrome> you have to check every single corner
[15:56:54] <Monochrome> for keys, etc
[15:57:15] <Mrrrr> I would love to find the dev documentation
[15:57:18] <Monochrome> and without hints its praticly impossible to made it trough the end without a strategy guide
[15:57:21] <Mrrrr> see how old games were made
[15:57:46] <Mrrrr> cos Im pretty sure that the game was mapped and completed before they got aroudn to fitting in the storyline objects
[15:57:58] <Monochrome> Mrrrr ultima 8 doesnt fails for being old. it fails because its incomplete
[15:58:00] <Mrrrr> which would lead to this... sort of unconnected items
[15:58:06] <Monochrome> the producers themselves admitted this
[15:58:08] <Mrrrr> I know dude :)
[15:58:24] <Mrrrr> but yeah - these days we know what they are doing, we know what they were thinking
[15:58:33] <Mrrrr> I'd love to have got the full story in hindsight
[15:58:53] <Monochrome> same. the game srsly needs more character interaction
[15:59:03] <Mrrrr> yeah, 100%
[15:59:03] <Monochrome> but i dont believe they had it fully mapped
[15:59:05] <Mrrrr> after u7
[15:59:13] <Mrrrr> where you are constantly talking to people and stuff
[15:59:20] <Monochrome> u7 its amazing in therms of char interaction
[15:59:29] <Monochrome> you always have something to do
[15:59:33] <Monochrome> you're never lost
[15:59:42] <Mrrrr> well I think the mapping and stuff was done first, but the actual fitting of the storylien was rushed... even if the mapping wasnt 100%... maybe like 80%
[15:59:45] <Mrrrr> yeah
[15:59:52] <Monochrome> for example i loved u8 in the beggining
[16:00:11] <Monochrome> i was like "how the fuck could these morons trash such a beautiful game?"
[16:00:22] <Monochrome> but when i finally got into the whole dungeon exploration
[16:00:39] <Mrrrr> lol, then you get used to that
[16:00:43] <Mrrrr> only to be greeted
[16:00:46] <Mrrrr> with u9 dungeons :/
[16:00:56] <Monochrome> i mean i loved exploring the first dungeons
[16:01:03] <Monochrome> the earth dungeon was awsome
[16:01:12] <Monochrome> i had the feeling i could die at any moment
[16:01:35] <Monochrome> then there was the ingenious energy field puzzle
[16:01:35] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:02:08] <Monochrome> and the beautifully placed hint that you had to throw mushrooms to find the walls
[16:02:14] <Monochrome> written on a book
[16:02:35] <Monochrome> i passed the whole thing without checking the walktrough once
[16:02:50] <Monochrome> it was awsome when i finally got to see lithos
[16:03:10] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:03:16] <Mrrrr> that puzzle was awesome :D
[16:03:17] <Monochrome> but when i found out that the rest of the game was dependant on the catacombs
[16:03:23] <Monochrome> i was like
[16:03:25] <Monochrome> fuck this!
[16:03:40] <Monochrome> the zealan maze also had amazing puzzles
[16:03:48] <Monochrome> like the stair puzzle
[16:03:56] <Monochrome> though it had a rly stupid one
[16:04:02] <Mrrrr> lol
[16:04:04] <Monochrome> the marble puzzle
[16:04:11] <Mrrrr> Catacombs were the big problem
[16:04:16] <Mrrrr> I srsly hated them
[16:04:19] <Monochrome> same
[16:04:39] <Monochrome> you have to find your way while attempting to keep yourself alive
[16:04:46] <Monochrome> its bitch
[16:05:01] <Monochrome> and there are no hints where to go next!
[16:05:16] <Monochrome> i didnt even knew argentrock was connected to the catacombs!
[16:05:24] <Monochrome> no one ever told me that!
[16:05:31] <Mrrrr> haha
[16:05:32] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:05:36] <Mrrrr> You'd get lost
[16:05:43] <Mrrrr> and so many isnta-kill traps
[16:05:49] <Monochrome> and usually when you got lost you got dead
[16:05:53] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:06:03] <Monochrome> i loved some insta kill traps though
[16:06:04] <Mrrrr> HAY THIS FLOOR IS SAFE
[16:06:06] <Monochrome> the lava pits
[16:06:09] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:06:12] <Monochrome> ahaha
[16:06:12] <Mrrrr> they were needed
[16:06:20] <pupnik> well the avatar is 'you' so he doesn't really have a personality
[16:06:22] <Mrrrr> but not in some of hte areas
[16:06:27] <Mrrrr> if you knew you had to go that way
[16:06:29] <Mrrrr> suuuure
[16:06:32] <Mrrrr> make it harder :)
[16:06:56] <Monochrome> pupnik depends. on u8 the avatar made a lot of personal comments
[16:07:03] <Monochrome> on certain situations
[16:07:20] <pupnik> ok
[16:07:26] <Monochrome> which was an innovation from U7
[16:07:35] <Monochrome> yes you are supposed to be the avatar but
[16:07:36] * pupnik still hasn't solved the theft in paws :/
[16:08:11] <Monochrome> on an isometric perspective you dont have the perception of the world like the character itself
[16:08:38] <Monochrome> the game was beautifully rendered but sometimes finding certain items was difficult due to so many detail
[16:08:47] <pupnik> mhm..
[16:08:55] <Monochrome> that is why hints were needed
[16:09:00] <Monochrome> along with personal comments
[16:09:17] <pupnik> would be a nice project to flesh out u8 with comments and hints
[16:09:31] <Monochrome> plus even though you are the avatar you dont have full control over the situation like you had on u7
[16:09:42] <Monochrome> on u7 you could solve stuff by simply killing everyone!
[16:09:58] <pupnik> did you play u6?
[16:10:04] <Monochrome> nope
[16:10:17] <pupnik> i'm finding that the UI is very non-inviting to me
[16:10:21] <Monochrome> i have but i havent played it yet
[16:10:24] <pupnik> too bright, too narrow view
[16:10:30] <Monochrome> its from 1991 lol
[16:10:35] <Monochrome> you'll get used to it
[16:10:48] <Monochrome> still
[16:10:56] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/xu4_onscreenctls7greywood_smc_ani.gif i like the darker colors
[16:11:24] <Monochrome> that's u5
[16:11:32] <Monochrome> not u6
[16:11:59] <pupnik> yeah u4 was the last ultima i solved back in the day
[16:12:30] <pupnik> u6 pissed me off with the look and the mouse
[16:13:19] <pupnik> but with a tablet/touchscreen, mouse/stylus works nice
[16:13:26] <Monochrome> FUCK
[16:13:38] <Monochrome> fucking furries are all over mah /b/
[16:14:13] <Mrrrr> yar
[16:14:16] <Mrrrr> fags :/
[16:14:17] <Mrrrr> everywhere
[16:14:46] <Monochrome> fucking furries dont get the ocean of piss logic
[16:15:53] <Monochrome> still i swear one of these days i'll bust into fucking antrocon with a flamethrower and bbq teh shit out of these faggots
[16:16:53] <Monochrome> you know
[16:17:37] <Monochrome> i remember i once got really down when i found out the creator of furcadia was the dude who helped create u6 and u7
[16:18:00] <Monochrome> sometimes i still question myself
[16:18:03] <Monochrome> WHY!?
[16:18:18] <pupnik> closet yiffer
[16:18:52] <Mrrrr> lol
[16:18:56] <Mrrrr> man
[16:19:05] <Mrrrr> I must get back in with the anti-yiff :/
[16:19:23] <Monochrome> whaddya mean?
[16:20:16] <Mrrrr> ummm
[16:20:27] <Monochrome> btw, furcadia may suck hairy balls, but i still shit brick loling everytime i look at this pic http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/images/b/be/Cironir.JPG
[16:20:28] <Mrrrr> a bit of raiding action
[16:20:36] <Monochrome> where?
[16:20:41] <Monochrome> tarters?
[16:21:06] <Mrrrr> /i/ are quite good at dealing with the furfags
[16:21:34] <Monochrome> oh /i/...
[16:21:43] <Monochrome> i dont visit 420 in ages tbh
[16:21:58] <Mrrrr> yeah, well there are /i/'s all over
[16:22:11] <Mrrrr> my isp is watching my traffic these days
[16:22:16] <Mrrrr> so I cant help out much
[16:22:20] <Mrrrr> and there are only 2 decent isps
[16:22:24] <Mrrrr> and the one hates me already :/
[16:22:42] <Monochrome> IMO fursection policies should be changed
[16:23:06] <Monochrome> we should focus on preventing furfaggotry
[16:23:46] <Monochrome> on so many years of open war we forgot to analyze the key question
[16:23:53] <Mrrrr> indeed
[16:23:56] <Monochrome> why are there furries?
[16:24:02] <Mrrrr> All over hey
[16:24:10] <Mrrrr> most of these ones are members of all their forums
[16:24:16] <Mrrrr> so its hard to actually target
[16:24:55] <Monochrome> all?
[16:25:08] <Mrrrr> well, there are loads of fur forums and communities :/
[16:25:09] <Monochrome> how many fucking furry forums are out there?
[16:25:15] <Mrrrr> Loads.
[16:25:19] <Monochrome> hundreds perhaps
[16:25:28] <Monochrome> they cant be in every single one of 'em!
[16:25:47] <Mrrrr> yeah, but you fail to see how well hosted they are... they have many jewGolds
[16:25:49] <Monochrome> the most lulzi i ever checked was Furries for Christ
[16:26:09] <Monochrome> i swear that was serious lulz
[16:26:42] <Monochrome> "i was a compulsive yiffer for years until one day i saw the light of jesus! i've been clean for months now!"
[16:27:20] <Monochrome> well, thing is, we fail to strike 'em where it hurts a lot
[16:27:24] <Monochrome> second life for example
[16:27:36] <Mrrrr> hahahaha
[16:27:38] <Mrrrr> no way
[16:27:45] <Mrrrr> have you seen PN in action?
[16:27:55] <Monochrome> PN were kickass, but if they did it right they would crash the whole fucking grid every single day
[16:28:02] <Monochrome> i WAS from PN
[16:28:33] <Monochrome> and i know mudkips acronym
[16:28:43] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:28:53] <Monochrome> PN only used a fraction of their power
[16:28:59] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:29:02] <Mrrrr> but the thing is
[16:29:06] <Mrrrr> they're constant
[16:29:10] <Monochrome> they have a weapon that can crash the whole fucking game!
[16:29:15] <Monochrome> for more than six hours!
[16:29:34] <Monochrome> they do it too much for their personal lulz, and not enough for anon itself
[16:29:44] <Monochrome> if they crashed it all the time it would be the end of SL
[16:29:54] <Monochrome> raiding particular locations is kewl
[16:30:05] <Monochrome> goatse spheres, etc, its awsome
[16:30:20] <Mrrrr> nah
[16:30:24] <Monochrome> but crashing it completely constanstly would prevent a lot of faggotry
[16:30:24] <Mrrrr> if they crash it perma
[16:30:27] <Mrrrr> then the code gets fixed
[16:30:29] <Mrrrr> :/
[16:30:34] <Monochrome> Mrrrr its impossible
[16:30:39] <Monochrome> its not a bug
[16:30:50] <Monochrome> plus its impossible to blacklist scripts aswell
[16:30:54] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:30:55] <Mrrrr> I know
[16:31:06] <Mrrrr> but the server can prevent certain things
[16:31:29] <Mrrrr> they could stop brid weapons, but thats the thing
[16:31:31] <Mrrrr> they keep changing
[16:31:35] <Monochrome> yeah, but they wouldnt have the time to fix it with round the clock crashes
[16:31:38] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:31:48] <Mrrrr> but it would run out of easy sploits
[16:31:49] <Monochrome> though it still think its impossible to crash
[16:31:51] <Mrrrr> then theres a problem
[16:31:57] <Mrrrr> you odnt have a weapon whenever you need one :/
[16:32:27] <Monochrome> PN are too few for the whole SL
[16:32:40] <Monochrome> constant crashes would be the final solution
[16:32:50] <Mrrrr> heh
[16:32:52] <Mrrrr> I donno hey
[16:32:53] <Monochrome> plus, PN sucks balls now
[16:33:02] <Mrrrr> we used them for dos stuff before
[16:33:06] <Monochrome> i only entered on a couple of raids back in the days
[16:33:10] <Mrrrr> but yeah, PN members are tards now :/
[16:33:25] <Monochrome> didnt had much time to spare
[16:33:51] <Monochrome> they surrendered themselves to drama and "hay u spai!" fggtry
[16:34:04] <Monochrome> mudkips acronym is still out there however
[16:34:14] <Mrrrr> yeah same as me now, I worked on tools for both PN and /i/... but now I am working on other things and my ISP wants to kill me :/
[16:34:15] <Monochrome> he's planning to create a huge grieferpedia
[16:34:20] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:34:32] <Mrrrr> I saw he got interviewed in NewScientist
[16:34:34] <Mrrrr> I lol'd
[16:34:38] <Monochrome> sry for ignorance but wtf is ISP :p?
[16:34:51] <Mrrrr> Internet Service Provider
[16:34:55] <Monochrome> oh the hoster
[16:34:59] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:35:15] <Monochrome> newscientist?
[16:35:18] <Mrrrr> so if they fag out on me... I have like no good ISP's left
[16:35:26] <Mrrrr> a very well known scientific mag
[16:35:34] <Monochrome> RL?
[16:35:40] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:35:42] <Monochrome> fo real? he never told me that
[16:35:45] <Mrrrr> massive readership
[16:35:53] <Monochrome> why did they interviewed him?
[16:36:09] <Monochrome> on science mag
[16:36:17] <Mrrrr> http://www.newscientist.com/channel/opinion/mg19526191.000-interview-second-life--under-attack.html
[16:36:56] <Mrrrr> and theres another one
[16:37:13] <Monochrome> o i c
[16:37:38] <Monochrome> tbh i helped him smuggle weapon codes when he got b& form the forums :p
[16:38:06] <Monochrome> i know him since a long time nao
[16:38:28] <Monochrome> long b4 pn
[16:38:43] <Mrrrr> http://technology.newscientist.com/channel/tech/mg19526196.000-virtual-entrepreneurs-and-griefers-spoil-the-fantasy-of-online-worlds.html
[16:39:10] <Monochrome> oh lol
[16:39:29] <Monochrome> when will these people learn
[16:39:41] <Monochrome> so many drama generated over a crappy game
[16:39:44] <Mrrrr> the NS journs think its cool :D
[16:40:12] <Mrrrr> one day people will realise how shit the net would be
[16:40:14] <Monochrome> NS only shows how lame they are for caring with dis shitte
[16:40:16] <Mrrrr> if no one trolled
[16:40:24] <Monochrome> ye
[16:40:52] <Monochrome> they owe us 90% of the fun available on the internet and they dont even realize it
[16:41:08] <Mrrrr> and we stop stupid shit from getting off the ground
[16:41:17] <Mrrrr> otherwise the net would be fucking MTV with hyperlinks
[16:41:28] <Monochrome> fuck ye
[16:41:37] <Monochrome> we are the original content
[16:42:00] <Monochrome> we are the absolute guardian of the tubes
[16:42:25] <Monochrome> and we only ask a small price for years of entertainment provided at our costs
[16:42:55] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:42:57] <Mrrrr> and tbh
[16:43:03] <Monochrome> but still its our duty to remain anonymous. we arent like fucking ytmd or gaia
[16:43:05] <Mrrrr> when I speak to troll-kind
[16:43:10] <Mrrrr> they have far higher morals
[16:43:10] <Monochrome> HAY WE CREATED THAT MEME!
[16:43:14] <Mrrrr> than most people I know
[16:43:47] <Monochrome> that's because we know to distuinguish RL from Inet
[16:43:47] <Mrrrr> I think its a lot to do with seeing it as almost a Robbin Hood type thing, strange as it sounds
[16:44:33] <Monochrome> most of the people are a bunch of kiddies who go batshit insane just becuz we raided their myspace
[16:44:38] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:44:41] <Mrrrr> fuck
[16:44:48] <Mrrrr> facebook is starting to grind my cock
[16:44:59] <Monochrome> you mean facebox?
[16:45:00] <Mrrrr> people are bringing it into rl too much
[16:45:24] <Mrrrr> No one can believe how I spend so much time on the net yet dont have a frigging account
[16:45:42] <Mrrrr> htf is that amazing? its a pile of shit
[16:45:45] <Monochrome> thing is, people transfer too much of their RL to inet
[16:46:22] <Monochrome> the ultimate objective, speaking in an arthur c clark, way it to meld the two
[16:46:34] <Monochrome> like having the tubes inside your head
[16:47:16] <Monochrome> ultimate nanotechnological fusion between conscient human mind and the tubes themselves
[16:47:24] <Mrrrr> lol
[16:47:35] <Mrrrr> Clarke is the bestest man evar
[16:48:17] <Mrrrr> I donno hey, for some things
[16:48:23] <Mrrrr> constant IM style convo's in my head
[16:48:26] <Mrrrr> would irritate me
[16:48:36] <Mrrrr> an email system would be fine tho :P
[16:48:55] <Monochrome> i once saw an episode of a freaky series
[16:48:57] <pupnik> you guys remind me of this kid http://www.e-2005.de/potw/pro-noob.jpg
[16:49:32] <Monochrome> something like a new version of twilight zone
[16:49:35] <Monochrome> forgot the name
[16:49:41] <Monochrome> dammit how was it called
[16:49:52] <Mrrrr> I can seperate rl from the interbuttz wihout issue. These jocks and stuff these days that live their life on a phone IMing eachother... they are far more dependant than me... the actual geek
[16:49:55] <Monochrome> dunno, but it was like twilight zone, only recent
[16:50:14] <Monochrome> anyways i saw an episode of it which supposed a similar situation
[16:50:22] <Monochrome> people had the internet inside their heads
[16:50:34] <Monochrome> they didnt even learn hwo to read anymore
[16:51:10] <Monochrome> but there was this kid who couldnt be implanted
[16:51:32] <Monochrome> because his brain had a tumor or sumethin
[16:51:44] <Monochrome> and he had to learn to do everything by himself
[16:52:01] <Monochrome> he had to learn how to read and how to relate to everyone else who was connected
[16:52:19] <Monochrome> but one day one shitty virus started to kill people at random
[16:52:32] <Monochrome> and every1 was liek "oh noes!"
[16:52:51] <Mrrrr> omgaaawd
[16:53:08] <Monochrome> and the kid saved every1 by shutting of the tubes and later thought the whole mankind of how to read
[16:53:15] <Mrrrr> "lol, only got... hours... candlejack... fu..."
[16:53:16] <Monochrome> and do shit without inets
[16:53:35] <Monochrome> it made meh think a lot about this
[16:53:50] <Monochrome> we shouldnt be so tube dependant
[16:54:04] <Monochrome> its useful, but we should face it merely has a tool
[16:54:09] <Mrrrr> yeah
[16:54:15] <Monochrome> not as a projection of our own lives
[16:54:21] <Mrrrr> zactly
[16:54:27] <Mrrrr> People that think it should be like that
[16:54:38] <Mrrrr> Are also people that think that freedom os speech and stuff
[16:54:47] <Mrrrr> is like wtfever
[16:54:53] <Mrrrr> they dont understand shit :/
[16:55:23] <Mrrrr> they dont see that facebook is also a nice way to watch people
[16:55:26] <Mrrrr> and to track you
[16:55:39] <Monochrome> oh shi- is dat sum george orwell
[16:55:39] <Mrrrr> then they are amazed how I can take like 20 min and find out all their details :/
[16:56:01] <Monochrome> lol u h4x?
[16:56:11] <Mrrrr> nah, doesnt even need that
[16:56:34] <Monochrome> is it that unprotected?
[16:56:39] <Mrrrr> its called "I'm in your itnernets pretending to be someone with a weak password"
[16:56:57] <Mrrrr> I cant believe how many people use questions like
[16:57:02] <Mrrrr> "what is your dogs name?"
[16:57:07] <Mrrrr> to protect passwords
[16:57:08] <Monochrome> oh lol
[16:57:10] <Mrrrr> for mail
[16:57:17] <Mrrrr> HI IM SANDY YOUR BFF
[16:57:20] <Mrrrr> WHATS YOUR CUTE DOGS NAME
[16:57:23] <Mrrrr> I FORGOTTED
[16:57:30] <Mrrrr> gg.
[16:57:34] <Monochrome> oh lawl
[16:57:52] <Monochrome> i have those questions aswell on my mail n shit
[16:57:59] <Monochrome> but the answers are completely nonsensical
[16:58:04] <Mrrrr> yup
[16:58:14] <Mrrrr> no clever person puts real answers down
[16:58:22] <Mrrrr> but these people that just dont udnerstand the nets
[16:58:28] <Monochrome> ye
[16:58:29] <Mrrrr> I READ IT ON THE INTERNET
[16:58:38] <Monochrome> they think its like sunshine n lollipops
[16:58:59] <Mrrrr> I got paid $300 a year ago
[16:59:02] <Mrrrr> to track some chick down
[16:59:07] <Mrrrr> and grab her mail
[16:59:11] <Mrrrr> and her IM history
[16:59:17] <Monochrome> w00t?
[16:59:23] <Mrrrr> took about 30 min
[16:59:32] <Mrrrr> donno, I dont ask questions
[16:59:47] <Monochrome> you checked her inet profiles?
[16:59:55] <Monochrome> hi5, myspace, facebook, wtv?
[17:00:07] <Mrrrr> yeah, then got her mail from those
[17:00:11] <Mrrrr> reset her password
[17:00:19] <Mrrrr> got her mail
[17:00:24] <Mrrrr> reset her IM with the mailbox
[17:00:27] <Mrrrr> got her IM
[17:00:36] <Monochrome> im' sry, IM?
[17:00:46] <Monochrome> i fail into sum acronyms
[17:00:47] <Mrrrr> Instant Message
[17:00:52] <Monochrome> oh
[17:00:54] <Mrrrr> MSN/ICQ/etc
[17:00:54] <Monochrome> dat shit
[17:01:08] <Mrrrr> then I got a new gfx card
[17:01:10] <Monochrome> ye, fgot you amerifags luv that expression
[17:01:18] <Mrrrr> Im not amerifag :/
[17:01:24] <Mrrrr> Im Afrinigga
[17:01:26] <Monochrome> britfag?
[17:01:32] <Monochrome> oh lol
[17:01:36] <Mrrrr> cept irl im not nigga :(
[17:01:41] <Mrrrr> IM LIKE A POSER :(
[17:02:05] <Mrrrr> its true, real white people... in africa.
[17:02:36] <Monochrome> ye, that's south africa 4 u
[17:02:53] <Monochrome> only that there are a lot less whiteys on it
[17:03:04] <Monochrome> than there were a few decades ago
[17:03:06] <Mrrrr> yar :/
[17:03:20] <Mrrrr> we're all in your london making it totally sweet.
[17:03:34] <Mrrrr> cos thats where 90% of people my age end up :P
[17:03:42] <Monochrome> so w8, u're south african 4 real?
[17:03:47] <Mrrrr> yup
[17:03:53] <Monochrome> i lol'd
[17:04:30] <Mrrrr> ag its quite a nice place
[17:04:43] <Mrrrr> besides certain racial groups, its not too bad :D
[17:04:57] <Monochrome> i thought you were a finn or sumethin when i check ur whois
[17:09:12] <Mrrrr> lol
[17:09:29] <Mrrrr> nah, the dutch gave us good ol ZA ;/
[17:10:39] <Monochrome> actually i was more thinking about your presence on the kde channel
[17:10:56] <Monochrome> cuz finns are everywhere on irc these days
[17:11:20] <Monochrome> they cant accept the fact its a dead fad, jsut because they were the ones to invent it
[17:11:32] <Mrrrr> irc is win :/
[17:11:33] <Monochrome> also pretty much every finn uses linux
[17:11:42] <Monochrome> depends
[17:11:52] <Monochrome> irc is useful for some stuff
[17:12:01] <Monochrome> but it generates a whole lot of drama
[17:12:06] <Monochrome> something that IM doesnt
[17:12:07] <Mrrrr> Shaw :D
[17:12:21] <Mrrrr> but its better than most other community things
[17:12:30] <Mrrrr> and its accessable and unsafe and all sorts
[17:12:39] <Monochrome> lol
[17:12:52] <Monochrome> 4 u perhaps. unfortunely i'm not a pc nerd
[17:13:05] <Monochrome> i am unable to h4x
[17:13:10] <Mrrrr> ohh noes :(
[17:13:44] <Monochrome> i can barely install sum RAM
[17:14:02] <Mrrrr> lol
[17:14:16] <Mrrrr> thats shit you do when you're 8 :/
[17:14:36] <Monochrome> yeah, i'm still unable to do it
[17:14:42] <Monochrome> becuz i rly dont care
[17:14:51] <Mrrrr> lazy siht :/
[17:14:55] <Mrrrr> spelled correctly
[17:15:16] <Mrrrr> [19:11] <OmarHafez87> Any Arabian ppl here?
[17:15:16] <Monochrome> some people are all liek "hay i will now use this uber cmd to pwn ur ass" while on irc
[17:15:19] <Mrrrr> its too easy
[17:15:37] <Monochrome> o i c wut i did thar
[17:15:50] <Mrrrr> pitty its in #kde :/
[17:16:06] <Mrrrr> they will go emo if I go on about Jihad and crap
[17:16:10] <Mrrrr> terrorists :/
[17:16:25] <Mrrrr> sandkips ftw :/
[17:16:38] <Monochrome> yeah, arabians suck nowadays
[17:16:55] <Monochrome> to think they were teh awsome back on the middle ages
[17:17:25] <Monochrome> my country as a lot of arabian influence and i'm proud to descend from that kind of arabians
[17:17:37] <Mrrrr> TERRORIST
[17:17:43] <Mrrrr> hide your towers.
[17:17:48] <Monochrome> they werent like the sand-eating fundamentalist scum nowadays
[17:17:56] <Mrrrr> LOLOL
[17:18:16] <Mrrrr> Ahh man
[17:18:21] <Monochrome> wut?
[17:18:22] <Mrrrr> those guys give me so many lulz
[17:18:25] <Mrrrr> we raided them ages ago
[17:18:32] <Mrrrr> they were so upset
[17:18:32] <Monochrome> who?
[17:18:43] <Mrrrr> some extremeist sandkip forum
[17:18:48] <Mrrrr> very pro-jihad etc
[17:18:49] <Monochrome> oh lol
[17:18:57] <Monochrome> they're on the tubes nao?
[17:18:58] <Mrrrr> They would like reply
[17:19:02] <Mrrrr> to spam posts
[17:19:09] <Mrrrr> Goatse, and they are like
[17:19:15] <Monochrome> goatse them! if they see it they wont get virgins!
[17:19:20] <Mrrrr> IN THE NAME OF ALLAH then some moonspeak
[17:19:43] <Monochrome> h lawl
[17:20:07] <Mrrrr> that was when Alex tried to warn them :(
[17:20:33] <Monochrome> silly sand niggers
[17:20:44] <Monochrome> too bad jews arent bumd like they are lawl
[17:20:48] <Monochrome> *dumb
[17:21:46] <Mrrrr> lol, k time to make some food
[17:21:49] <Mrrrr> bbl
[17:21:59] <Monochrome> k lol
[17:22:10] <Monochrome> we'll discuss sum ultima after dat
[17:56:56] <Lightkey> pupnik: are you marleen?
[17:57:48] <Lightkey> ah
[17:57:51] <Lightkey> arnims? ;)
[17:57:55] <pupnik> yeah
[17:58:12] <Lightkey> tehe
[17:58:35] <pupnik> just woke up in time
[17:58:54] <pupnik> were you bidding?
[17:59:20] <Lightkey> nah
[17:59:31] <Lightkey> I bid on too much else already ;)
[17:59:31] <pupnik> 1 euro 54 cents yaay :)
[17:59:51] <Lightkey> got an Ultima IV for Sega Mega Drive
[18:00:02] <pupnik> ah i saw that
[18:00:25] <Lightkey> no, not that one, my browser behaved badly :/
[18:00:51] <Lightkey> otherwise I would have gotten that too
[18:01:40] <pupnik> you have a sega? or are you collecting
[18:01:46] <Lightkey> collecting
[18:06:02] --- Monochrome is now known as Monochrome_
[18:08:07] <Monochrome_> ahaha
[18:08:14] <Monochrome_> trolled the irrlicht channel so bad
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[20:18:01] <Monochrome_> anyone?
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[20:59:22] <Lightkey> what anyone?
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[21:35:29] <SB-X> hello
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