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[08:53:46] <Darke> Today's find has been yet another version of AGWDS. Version 1.23 of Crusader: No Remorse.
[08:54:16] <Darke> Yes, we now, officially, have as many languages/versions of TGWDS as TGWDoS. *grin*
[08:55:29] <Darke> Thankfully they seem to be almost identical.
[08:56:40] <Darke> Seems like the only difference between .21 and .23 is that the "What will be fixed in the near future:" described in the .21 patch.txt, have been fixed in .23.
[08:57:11] <Darke> (AKA, new asylum.dll, crusader.exe and not much else.)
[09:02:28] <Darke> Also credits.dat and fonts.flx too, it seems.
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[14:30:52] <wjp> well, as expected the pathfinder goes into an infinite loop at the first try :-)
[14:54:06] <wjp> yay, it's working somewhat now :-)
[15:42:39] <wjp> for some reason it's completely avoiding walking diagonally... *sigh*
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[16:49:58] <Fingolfin> it's very straight, you mean =)
[16:51:18] <wjp> :-)
[16:51:41] <wjp> kind of weird since I'm using a euclidean cost function, though
[16:51:50] <wjp> ah well, will look into it after dinner; bbl
[18:04:54] <wjp> *hits self*
[18:05:00] <wjp> Devon doesn't _have_ any diagonal animations
[18:05:48] <wjp> the avatar has some issues with walking diagonally too, though
[19:01:12] * wjp sighs
[19:01:19] <wjp> it's "kind of" working
[19:01:41] <wjp> need to tweak some parameters a bit so it won't do some weird dance at the end to get close enough to the target
[19:02:03] <wjp> and there's that very irreproducable segfault
[19:02:23] <wjp> and the fact that Vividos and Jenna only walk one waypoint and then stop
[19:16:39] <wjp> ok... that last one is solved by inverting the return value
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[20:29:39] <wjp> hi
[20:29:47] <Dominus> hi
[20:30:00] <Dominus> so how is pathfinding tonight?
[20:30:08] * wjp points at logs :-)
[20:30:28] <wjp> fixing a dosbox directory handling bug that's been driving me crazy atm
[20:31:07] * Dominus can't even compile dosbox atm
[20:31:23] <wjp> oh? the cvs snapshot from the topic in #dosbox works here
[20:32:23] <Dominus> I'm trying the one I got from anonymous cvs atm
[20:33:08] <Dominus> it's always stopping at drivercache.cpp for ages now for me...
[20:33:31] <wjp> coincidentally that's where I'm doing the bugfixing :-)
[20:33:39] <wjp> um, no, that's drive_cache.cpp
[20:34:01] <Dominus> uhm, that's what I meant :-)
[20:34:38] <Dominus> mingw is complaining about line 139
[20:34:53] <Dominus> GetVolumeInformation' undeclared
[20:35:03] <wjp> try including windows.h at the top or something
[20:36:52] <Dominus> ok, that seems to make it g on for now...
[20:37:17] <Dominus> hey it compiled....
[20:37:53] <Dominus> does that matter much?
[20:37:56] <Dominus> fmopl.c:335: warning: initialization to `const UINT32' from `double'
[20:37:56] <Dominus> fmopl.c:335: warning: argument to `unsigned int' from `double'
[20:38:27] <wjp> ugh, that's audio code; I don't know anything about that :-)
[20:39:00] <wjp> hah! fixed
[20:48:56] <wjp> case sensitivity can be a major pain at times :-)
[20:49:22] <wjp> especially when trying to run code written on a case insensitive platform :-)
[20:49:44] <Dominus> strange configure can't seem to find sdl_net... even though I have it right here...
[20:50:18] <wjp> is the "right here" where configure expects it? :-)
[20:50:54] <Dominus> it expects it in SDL/SDL_net.h and that's where it is...
[20:51:10] <wjp> dosbox' configure, btw?
[20:51:58] <wjp> checking for SDL/SDL_net.h... yes
[20:51:58] <wjp> checking for SDLNet_Init in -lSDL_net... yes
[20:52:18] <wjp> it probably has to be in a system header location, btw
[20:52:26] <wjp> (so not just behind the current directory)
[20:52:31] <Dominus> ah, now it found it
[20:52:51] <Dominus> there is some confusion where to put the sdl stuff
[20:53:40] <Dominus> dosbox wants it in mingw/include/SDL/...
[20:55:28] <Dominus> libasound is linux specific, right? (it looks for it and can't find it
[21:32:48] <wjp> no idea, actually
[21:33:18] <wjp> oh, I see... it's part of ALSA
[21:33:20] <wjp> yes, linux specific
[21:33:31] <wjp> (advanced Linux sound architecture)
[21:33:38] <Dominus> ok (erased from meory)
[21:42:11] <wjp> hm... well settlers2 gets a bit further with this case bug fixed but still crashes
[21:42:38] <wjp> (no more "file not found" errors this time, though :-) )
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[22:47:18] * wjp sighs
[22:47:52] <Dominus> ?
[22:48:02] * wjp doesn't feel like endlessly experimenting with pathfinding parameters
[22:48:32] <Dominus> doesn't sound much fun
[22:49:00] <Dominus> is there any possibility to have the avatar pathfind like in u7?
[22:49:51] <wjp> sure
[22:49:56] <wjp> middle mouse does that here, currently :-)
[22:50:14] * Dominus envies wjp :-)
[22:50:40] <wjp> yay! syndicate runs!
[22:50:49] <Dominus> :-)
[22:51:42] <Dominus> can you tell me at which res dosbox runs fullscreen?
[22:52:15] <wjp> no, I'm too busy playing syndicate ;-P
[22:52:30] <Dominus> he he
[22:52:34] <Dominus> have fun
[22:52:47] <wjp> 1280x960
[23:11:30] <Dominus> going now
[23:11:33] <Dominus> bye
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