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[04:17:32] <servus> Uhh, joystick combat?
[04:17:34] * servus boggles.
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[04:29:24] <sbx> Pentagram is a U8 flight-sim.
[04:30:05] <servus> That'd be Exult3D.
[04:30:13] <servus> Maybe you'll see R3 sometime soon..
[04:38:52] <servus> "I Shall call him minimap"???
[04:39:07] <servus> I'm guessing Sharptooth wrote these captions.
[04:45:09] <sbx> I thought watt wrote a few.
[04:46:46] <servus> Watt doesn't have paws, AFAIK
[04:51:01] <sbx> So? He has a super-seiyin form.
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[05:28:51] <megawatt> appol3d
[05:29:00] <megawatt> blah.
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[05:33:15] <megawatt> hooray. finally getting email again..... down all weekend
[05:34:46] <megawatt> Anything useful from Mike D.? Neat that other people have taken interest in the past with U8.....
[05:35:02] <megawatt> I'll have to look over that stuff tomorrow
[05:46:31] <megawatt> hmmm.. probably help define some ideas for extras to add in, but I don't think any new info is in there... I'll take a deeper look tomorrow... sleep now
[05:51:05] <sbx> hi megawatt
[05:51:06] <sbx> bye megawatt
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[15:58:27] <wjp> any windows users around?
[15:59:00] <wjp> if so, totally off-topic question: what does the following page look like for you: http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/u.html
[16:03:29] <Colourless> Z
[16:03:30] <Colourless> and
[16:03:32] <Colourless> Z^
[16:03:40] <Colourless> of course that was with firefox
[16:04:06] <wjp> the first Z probably has a hat overlapping with it?
[16:04:27] <Colourless> in ie
[16:04:33] <Colourless> first Z has a box overlapping the Z
[16:04:45] <wjp> hm, I see
[16:04:59] <Colourless> hmm yes in firefox has the 'hat' overlapping, but you can barely see it
[16:05:22] <wjp> the first line contains a Z followed by a 'combining circumflex accent'
[16:05:43] <wjp> I was kind of hoping it would be put on top of the Z
[16:05:50] <Colourless> try a different character
[16:05:56] <Colourless> an A or an E...
[16:06:03] <Colourless> or O or whatever characters normaly have one
[16:06:11] * Colourless shurgs
[16:06:20] <Colourless> i dont know how that stuff works
[16:06:24] <wjp> same effect here
[16:06:37] <Colourless> firefox though still didn't display something that is 'useable'
[16:06:50] <Colourless> the circumflex is too low and overlaps with the top beam
[16:06:52] <wjp> me neither... the unicode specs don't seem to really specify how it's supposed to work
[16:07:40] <Colourless> in ie, it worked perfectly with a lowercase u
[16:07:51] <Colourless> doesn't like a Z though
[16:08:28] <Colourless> uppercase U works too
[16:08:58] <wjp> so if you reload that page in IE now it shows a proper U-hat and u-hat?
[16:09:17] <Colourless> U and O working
[16:09:56] <wjp> copy-pasting it into a gnome-terminal confuses the terminal :-)
[16:09:57] <Colourless> firefox doesn't display uppercase very well
[16:10:12] <Colourless> lowercase works
[16:10:16] <Colourless> but ie looks better
[16:10:22] <wjp> it displays Z^; after pressing backspace once it shows Z, but pressing backspace again does nothing :-)
[16:14:53] <wjp> anyway, this doesn't look like the proper way to get a Z-hat currently
[16:14:55] <wjp> thanks for checking
[16:48:32] <wjp> heh, xterm -u8 does support it properly
[16:50:25] <Colourless> is that useful though?
[16:50:30] <wjp> no :-)
[16:51:26] <Colourless> amused me, winxp notepad natively support UTF-8 files. it doesn't show the character codes, it actually shows the characters
[16:51:56] <wjp> how does it display the combining circumflex? same as IE?
[16:52:15] <Colourless> no
[16:52:23] <Colourless> it displayed a box beside
[16:54:26] <Colourless> pasting it into word does what it should do
[16:54:45] <wjp> including uppercase-Z-hat ?
[16:54:46] <Colourless> and pressing backspace gets rid of the ^
[16:54:53] <Colourless> no Z-hat didn't work
[16:54:58] <Colourless> produced Z-Box
[16:55:53] <Colourless> why do you need Z-hat?
[16:56:35] <wjp> no particular reason
[16:56:50] <wjp> just experimenting with combining unicode characters
[16:57:19] <wjp> and I had snippet of text about Z-hat lying next to me :-)
[16:57:40] <wjp> (which is standard mathematical notation for some specific mathematical object)
[16:58:01] <Colourless> using char maps, i have Z with 'caron' above which is a v like thing
[16:58:03] <wjp> the Z should in fact also be bold, but I skipped that for now :-)
[16:58:05] <Colourless> rather than a ^
[16:58:11] <wjp> there's unicode 1E90
[16:58:51] <Colourless> charmap says 017D
[16:58:51] <wjp> ( bottom of http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/u.html now)
[16:59:10] <Colourless> that worked :-)
[16:59:17] <wjp> 017D is the caron, yes
[17:00:04] <wjp> but it looks like hardly anything supports combining unicode chars :/
[17:00:18] <Colourless> not properly anyway
[17:00:36] <wjp> yudit (unicode text editor) actually displays 0x1E90 when I input Z+combining circumflex
[17:18:39] <wjp> the more I look at this unicode stuff, the more I appreciate having the stable TeX and LaTeX around for mathematical texts :-)
[19:29:00] <Lightkey> Ẑ Ô Û ẑ ô û Ẑ
[19:30:26] <Lightkey> it *looks* like all charakters have an hat overlapping or one on top, although it's so tiny I can barely guess them
[19:31:21] <Lightkey> well, in x-chat that is, in mozilla it looks good
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