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[18:36:04] <watt> hi all.
[18:37:04] <wjp> hey watt
[18:57:31] <wjp> I wonder if failing a process that's suspended should fail the process it's waiting for as well
[18:57:47] <wjp> that might fix the freezing guard at the Tenebrae gates
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[19:22:12] <sbx> hi watt
[19:30:49] <watt> hiya
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[19:37:44] <wjp> hi
[19:38:11] <wjp> the CPPFLAGS issue you mentioned last week should be fixed now
[19:39:36] <shinji-kun> I've just updated from cvs.
[19:39:43] <shinji-kun> Rebuild is going on.
[19:47:54] <shinji-kun> The configure scripts still tests SDL_ttf with a test program including <SDL_ttf.h> instead of <SDL/SDL_ttf.h> ... Is this correct?
[19:48:21] <wjp> sort of
[19:48:39] <sbx> It isn't "SDL_ttf.h"?
[19:48:57] <shinji-kun> The package installs this file in $prefix/include/SDL
[19:49:17] <wjp> sbx: yes, that's probably better
[19:49:50] <wjp> it's kind of expected that SDL_ttf.h is in the same directory as SDL.h
[19:49:51] <sbx> I'm only going by the fact that SDL recommends "SDL.h".
[19:50:18] <sbx> ok
[19:50:26] <wjp> maybe I'll make configure check both "SDL_ttf.h" and <SDL/SDL_ttf.h>
[19:50:51] <shinji-kun> Well... I believe it should test for it exactly as it is used in the code.
[19:51:08] <wjp> that's "SDL_ttf.h"
[19:51:30] <wjp> (currently, anyway)
[19:52:08] <shinji-kun> If you think it would be nice to have that as <SDL/SDL_ttf.h>, I'd provide a patch for this.
[19:52:34] <wjp> no, that would break various other systems
[19:55:36] <shinji-kun> okay.
[20:05:55] <shinji-kun> More build system stuff: having SDL_ttf installed in the $prefix $HOME/.local, and setting LDFLAGS="-L$HOME/.local/lib" is ignored, and the linking target fails.
[20:06:39] <wjp> did you set LDFLAGS before calling configure?
[20:06:49] <shinji-kun> Yes.
[20:07:30] <wjp> oh, oops
[20:07:32] <shinji-kun> In the toplevel Makefile, LDFLAGS is set to "-lz -lSDL_ttf -lasound"
[20:08:04] <wjp> add an @LDFLAGS@ to the "LDFLAGS := ..." line in Makefile.in
[20:08:08] <shinji-kun> In Makefile.in, LDFLAGS := @LIBS@ @PROFILE@
[20:08:13] <shinji-kun> okay.
[20:09:38] <shinji-kun> okay, build succeeded. :)
[20:11:22] <shinji-kun> Should there be a fixedfont.ini file in the data/ source directory?
[20:11:35] <shinji-kun> er. Nevermind.
[20:11:48] <wjp> there should, yes :-)
[20:14:36] <shinji-kun> And there is. I moved some directories recently.
[20:15:24] <shinji-kun> Looking good. It'll be nice when I find some time to play it properly. :D
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