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[13:35:05] <Colourless> hi
[13:45:52] <ragzter_> hi!
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[19:11:44] <wjp> kind of weird... jumping around often results in collideMove not reaching its destination
[19:12:12] <Colourless> there is something wrong collideMove....
[19:12:20] <Colourless> what exactly it is I don't know yet :-)
[19:12:36] <wjp> probably in sweepTest
[19:12:47] <Colourless> i think there is an accuracy problem somewhere too
[19:19:41] <wjp> hm
[19:19:49] <wjp> sweeptest with (14415,6127,28)-(14391,6151,26) dims (64,64,40)
[19:20:01] <wjp> reports a collision with a shape 70 at (14206,6398,0)
[19:20:08] <wjp> (shape 70 = (flat) ground)
[19:20:25] <Colourless> :-)
[19:20:47] <Colourless> obviously something is broken
[19:26:02] <wjp> hm, one thing that looks fishy
[19:26:20] <wjp> at the creation of the u_1/u_0 arrays, you label u_1 first and u_0 last
[19:26:31] <wjp> later when setting first/last, they're reversed
[19:27:07] <wjp> comments at the declaration could just be wrong, though
[19:27:54] <Colourless> i'll have a look at it sometime later
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[19:36:44] <wjp> ah, it looks quite simple, actually
[19:37:02] <wjp> the start and end 'hit' times are 0x28000 and 0x88000
[19:37:09] <wjp> which are far out of range
[19:39:52] <wjp> ...and I don't see any checks for that
[19:51:25] <wjp> something else is broken too, though
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[19:54:55] <SB-X> hi Pagans
[19:56:30] <wjp> hi pyro :-)
[20:00:13] <SB-X> i admit ive learned to love the flamethrower in syndicatewars
[20:00:32] <wjp> I think the 'touching' flag is broken
[20:00:43] <wjp> hm, syndicate wars...
[20:00:52] <SB-X> heh
[20:00:54] <wjp> played that quite a lot, but never finished it
[20:01:20] <SB-X> or... most of the weapons in Crusader if you want me to be more "on-topic" :)
[20:01:32] <SB-X> but ive played SW more recently
[20:01:39] <wjp> what makes you think crusader is on topic? :-)
[20:01:41] <SB-X> oops
[20:01:47] <SB-X> cruwhat? nm
[20:01:55] <Colourless> wjp: touching, wouldn't surprise me
[20:02:38] <wjp> or maybe more specifically hitting something at the end
[20:02:59] <wjp> but I could be misinterpreting sweepTest's results in tryAnim
[20:03:18] <wjp> I _hated_ the end of SW
[20:03:26] <SB-X> i havnt got that far yet
[20:03:53] <wjp> there was this insanely hard mission
[20:04:06] <wjp> and when I _finally_ finished it, there was no opportunity to save before the next one
[20:04:11] <SB-X> i only know you have to go to the moon
[20:04:37] <wjp> and that next mission required a lot of experimentation
[20:04:54] <wjp> (which obviously involved lots of dying...)
[20:05:15] <wjp> (disclaimer: I was rather young at the time :-) )
[20:05:35] <SB-X> experimentation = set explosives randomly and look for positive result
[20:05:54] <wjp> that's _not_ a good idea on a fragile space station :-)
[20:06:09] <SB-X> oh
[20:06:11] <SB-X> no i guess not
[20:06:29] <SB-X> ...still fun
[20:06:39] <wjp> fun, yes :-)
[20:06:56] <SB-X> the last fun youll have i'd think
[20:07:34] <SB-X> you played system shock didnt you? im playing that too
[20:07:46] <wjp> no, actually I didn't
[20:08:02] <Colourless> :-)
[20:08:02] <Colourless> i have
[20:08:07] <wjp> although the various creatures in this channel seem to like it :-)
[20:08:20] <SB-X> im playing that more frequently than SW, and ive gotten to the blow-up-the-antennas mission
[20:08:32] <SB-X> finally got used to the controls
[20:08:48] <SB-X> but it would still be nice if they were configurable
[20:09:07] * SB-X throws a rock at DarkeZzz.
[20:09:59] <Colourless> DarkeZzz actually hasn't played through more than the first level of the first game IIRC
[20:10:06] <SB-X> did you complete it?
[20:10:12] <Colourless> yep
[20:10:17] <SB-X> im really looking forward to SS2
[20:10:29] <SB-X> how would you compare them?
[20:10:36] <wjp> ok... I think I'm misinterpreting the sweepTest results
[20:10:48] * SB-X nods.
[20:10:53] <wjp> tryAnim should probably succeed if hit_time == 0x4000 || end_time = 0
[20:11:06] <Colourless> the 2 games are different
[20:11:38] <wjp> (I was under the impression that 'touching' covered that case)
[20:13:58] <wjp> ok, that seems to fix things
[20:14:38] <Colourless> it should have
[20:15:08] * wjp wonders what key he accidentally pressed
[20:15:16] <wjp> keypad is now moving the mouse around
[20:16:13] <wjp> ah, shift-numlock... interesting
[20:16:31] <Colourless> sounds annoying
[20:16:38] <wjp> first time I managed to do it
[20:16:50] <Colourless> stuff like that should be off by defauly
[20:16:59] <SB-X> XFree86?
[20:16:59] <Colourless> s/defauly/default/
[20:17:05] <wjp> SB-X: yes
[20:17:17] <SB-X> you can control the mouse cursor with the keypad
[20:17:30] <SB-X> oops
[20:17:32] <SB-X> you just said that
[20:17:32] <wjp> :-)
[20:17:45] <wjp> I was trying to control the avatar with the keypad :-)
[20:17:59] <Colourless> here in windows you press Alt-Left Shift-Num Lock to turn out mouse keys
[20:18:08] <Colourless> of course it brings up a dialog box when you do that
[20:19:58] <Colourless> anyway. i'm going
[20:20:06] <Colourless> my brane is fried
[20:20:09] <Colourless> :-)
[20:20:16] <wjp> night :-)
[20:20:16] <Colourless> too many pixel shaders...
[20:20:20] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
[20:21:09] * wjp is going to do something shocking
[20:21:12] <wjp> commit! :-)
[20:23:31] * SB-X gives wjp a grenade, in case things get messy.
[20:24:04] <wjp> hm, *ponders*, won't a grenade _cause_ things to get messy? :-)
[20:24:18] * wjp wonders what this pin-thingie is for
[20:24:26] * wjp takes it out to take a closer look
[20:24:37] * SB-X puts a helmet on.
[20:24:51] * wjp hands the rest of the grenade to SB-X: "Here, hold this while I take a look at this pin"
[20:25:09] <SB-X> erm
[20:25:22] * SB-X hands it to exultbot.
[20:25:41] * exultbot gives it to servus
[20:25:53] * SB-X steps away from servus
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[20:26:03] <SB-X> hehe
[20:26:06] <wjp> boom :-)
[20:26:33] <SB-X> now you have to face CVS unarmed, with nothing but code changes :P
[20:26:36] <wjp> (or actually I accidentally pressed ctrl-w, but that's another matter :-) )
[20:26:57] <SB-X> at least it wasnt a nuclear grenade from SW
[20:27:13] <wjp> yes :-)
[20:32:54] <wjp> how are you running SW btw?
[20:33:15] <wjp> I think I read on vogons people had a lot of trouble running that
[20:52:16] <SB-X> i run it in win95 it works fine
[21:30:01] <SB-X> i couldnt get syndicate working properly
[21:30:01] <wjp> syndicate runs in dosbox
[21:30:01] <SB-X> hmm, its probably still really slow for me
[21:30:01] <SB-X> for some reason syndicate didnt have sound (even with the bat file configured)
[21:30:01] <SB-X> and it locks up randomly
[21:30:01] <wjp> speaking of random lockups... *kicks exultbot*
[21:30:01] <SB-X> i didn't do it
[21:30:01] <wjp> suuuuuure ;-)
[21:30:01] <SB-X> im sure it was Darke somehow
[21:30:01] * SB-X shrugs.
[21:30:01] <wjp> hm, you may be right
[21:30:01] <wjp> no, I don't get any sound in syndicate in dosbox it seems
[21:30:01] <wjp> anyway... it looks like our fileserver crashed *sigh*
[21:30:01] <SB-X> i just have a sb16 so there shouldn't be any problem
[21:30:01] <wjp> so I guess I'll go give it a good kicking
[21:30:01] <wjp> hm, no, you'd expect sound to work
[21:30:01] <wjp> bbl
[21:32:25] <SB-X> there he goes
[21:34:03] * SB-X thought exultbot was a fully autonomous self-contained logging unit.
[21:46:38] <wjp> he depends on the fileserver :-)
[21:47:08] <wjp> and that thing crashed _twice_ since we hooked up a new DLT drive
[21:47:15] <wjp> (within a week)
[21:48:04] <SB-X> does that affect the rest of the university?
[21:48:08] <wjp> oh yes
[21:48:18] <wjp> well, uh, the rest of the math department
[21:49:41] <wjp> anyway, I disconnected the DLT drive for now, so it should stay up now
[21:50:02] * wjp wonders why new hardware can't just work :-)
[21:50:24] <SB-X> SHODAN sent cyborg assassins to eliminate technicians who tried to fix the computers on Citadel station
[21:50:41] <SB-X> at least you arent in that predicament
[21:50:45] <wjp> :-)
[21:52:25] <SB-X> you wont have to start worrying until the uni gets an AI administrator
[21:52:51] <wjp> good to know :-)
[21:53:58] <SB-X> and now i want to play that again
[21:54:00] <SB-X> cya
[21:54:18] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("X-Chat")
[22:25:14] <DarkeZzz> (Syndicate Wars) Works near perfectly under WinXP+VDMS. The game lacks anything closely resembling speed limiting in game, so it's just a touch quick. It's minorly unstable, and the intro movie plays at about half speed, presumably because of overhead of sound decoding or something.
[22:30:25] <wjp> hm, I see
[22:31:46] <DarkeZzz> Gameplay is about 3x normal speed I'm guessing, not that I've played the original on a 'reasonably' specced machine for the time. This is on a 1300 duron too, so anyone with a slightly faster machine will have more problems. *grin*
[22:32:17] <wjp> uh oh :-)
[22:32:36] <wjp> dosbox is supposed to be able to run it
[22:32:51] <wjp> but that's probably the other extreme :-)
[22:32:54] <wjp> (i.e., really slow)
[22:33:46] <DarkeZzz> Given the... err... 'amazing' performance of the P4 machines at work, I'm guessing that you wouldn't notice a difference between a duron1300 and a P4 2.x ghz, though. Can you tell I'm not at all impressed with P4's performance under windows? *grin*
[22:33:54] <DarkeZzz> Heh.
[22:34:22] <wjp> hm, I seem to recall Dominus' P4 performed quite well with Pentagram in windows
[22:38:09] <DarkeZzz> All I've found is the things seem to make even common apps sluggish for some reason. And they're also stupidly heat sensitive, we've had a batch of power supplies have chronic failure of their fans long before the should, they start slowing down or stop all together. So the machines heat up to around 50-55C, which tended to be where my poor duron used to be when I had 4 hdds in the closed case, and no extra fans, and the P4's turn to molassis
[22:38:12] <DarkeZzz> , whereas the durons don't blink. *grin*
[22:48:49] * wjp wonders how hot his athlon is running
[23:16:50] <wjp> hmm... do you have the original U8 nearby?
[23:18:39] <DarkeZzz> Yes. Not in a 'runnable' state though. Don't have u8run or a dos machine handy. *grin*
[23:18:50] <wjp> ah, pity :-)
[23:19:07] <wjp> need to figure out when exactly to make the avatar turn...
[23:19:24] <wjp> it doesn't seem right to make the avatar take a jump in the opposite direction from the one he's currently facing :-)
[23:20:17] <DarkeZzz> Heh.
[23:23:52] <wjp> ...and can the avatar turn in any direction instantly, or does he move through the directions between them...
[23:24:01] <wjp> all these details... :-)
[23:25:55] <DarkeZzz> He turns I believe.
[23:26:11] <DarkeZzz> That's why he needs to slow down to a walk when turning abruptly, IIRC.
[23:26:30] <DarkeZzz> There should be a conversation in the logs about this from a while back. *grin*
[23:27:06] <wjp> he can do 45 degree turns while running, right?
[23:30:18] <DarkeZzz> I think so, yes.
[23:33:48] <wjp> stairs are still a bit tricky :-)
[23:33:56] <wjp> it "usually" works :-)
[23:36:18] * wjp hmms... climbing up onto items...
[23:37:25] <wjp> what would be the exact conditions for that to happen?
[23:37:39] <wjp> you'd obviously have to be able to 'exist' at the target spot
[23:37:50] <wjp> but you also need to have something to climb up onto
[23:37:56] <DarkeZzz> Can't quite remember. I'm pretty sure that was discussed in the logs a while back.
[23:40:28] <wjp> really? can't remember that
[23:40:43] <wjp> hm.. the tricky part is probably ensuring you're "close enough" to the object you want to climb onto
[23:45:26] <wjp> ok, committed that.
[23:45:33] <wjp> you can now walk and jump around :-)
[23:45:40] <wjp> (no climbing, airwalking, ... yet)
[23:45:52] <wjp> oh, and falling is also not quite working yet
[23:46:22] <DarkeZzz> Gah! You mean I need to do another cvs update?!? I just did one of those! All these fancy updates, what happened to one update every 2 weeks or so?! *grin*
[23:46:35] <wjp> you broke that trend :-)
[23:46:54] <wjp> you did _four_ in one day!
[23:48:20] * DarkeZzz denies it! He denies it all!
[23:49:16] <wjp> I wonder how far I can get in the plot
[23:55:33] <DarkeZzz> Heh. Good luck!
[23:56:38] <wjp> hm, segfault