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[07:48:53] <wjp> watt: yeah, we're not checking for dead actors in all the required places yet
[07:49:15] <wjp> some of the usecode events shouldn't be triggered for them
[07:58:23] <servus> Dead actors spoke in the original. Why mess with a classic feature?
[08:00:41] <wjp> they did?
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[08:12:17] <servus> They did!
[08:12:28] <servus> Find a guard that is harassing a peasant for money, then kill them both.
[08:12:32] <servus> The corpses continue to argue :-)
[08:14:18] <wjp> hehe, oops :-)
[08:14:32] <wjp> I guess they gave that process the wrong processtype
[08:14:32] <servus> See all the stuff I'm good for!
[08:14:59] <servus> Ooh, and if you deallocate your avatar, then die, the game crashes. Emulate that too!
[08:17:37] <wjp> how does one deallocate one's avatar?
[08:18:07] <wjp> hi Fingolfin
[08:21:50] <Fingolfin> hi
[08:22:58] <Fingolfin> deallocate one's avatar? sounds like fun!
[08:23:04] <Fingolfin> just like shooting onself into the foot
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[08:29:43] <servus> You jump into water.
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[08:29:54] <servus> You then die, but you're already deallocated. Neat.
[08:30:15] <servus> (Fall into water as Beren is getting ready to whip your hide)
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[08:31:20] <sbx> ...
[08:31:22] <sbx> hi
[08:49:11] <wjp> hi
[09:01:29] <sbx> whats going on in here?
[09:23:07] <Darke> I'm guessing... *drumroll* Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
[09:23:50] <sbx> I think you're right.
[09:24:01] <sbx> But what servus was talking about sounded interesting.
[09:24:10] * Darke would continue to make similar quips along such a vein, but he's guessing that most people here wouldn't have seen an old movie called 'UHF'. *grin*
[09:24:55] <sbx> Nope, just heard of it.
[09:28:43] <Darke> The story revolves around a almost-bankrupt tv station trying to be dragged out of that situation by an odd young man (which is played by 'Weird Al'), one of the new tv shows is called 'Wheel of Fish', which is... err... pretty much what it's about.
[09:30:44] <Darke> There's a scene in it where a lady wins something (one particular fish, from memory) and is alternatly offered the fish, or what's in a box. She chooses the box, and the host of the show says something like, "Open the box to find out what's in it! There's nothing! Absolutely nothing! You are stupid! Soooo stupid!" The scene is far funnier then I can, err, type it. *grin*
[09:33:00] <sbx> Ah
[09:33:03] <sbx> ...thanks
[09:33:30] <sbx> I should watch it just because Weird Al is the star.
[09:34:15] <Darke> And the producer, and the writer, and the director. (I think too. *grin*)
[09:35:02] <sbx> Hmm
[09:35:08] <sbx> He doesn't play the lady, does he?
[09:35:29] <Darke> Actually, no, I think there was another guy who was the producer/director.
[09:35:31] <sbx> In addition to the producer. :p
[09:35:35] <Darke> I'm pretty sure, no.
[09:35:39] <sbx> oh
[09:35:39] <sbx> heh
[09:35:55] <sbx> But he plays the Tv show producer.
[09:37:11] <Darke> Yup. He's the station manager and producer of some of the shows in it.
[09:37:47] <sbx> I'm not a producer, but I play one on TV.
[09:40:55] <sbx> brb
[09:41:25] <sbx> Spybot Search&Destroy on this XP box found 149 problems, 26 of which can't be fixed without a restart.
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[11:00:48] * servus owns UHF
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[13:04:21] * wjp tries to parse that nick
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[13:04:59] <sbx> hi Colourless
[13:05:05] <Colourless> that... wasn't what my nick was supposed to be
[13:06:16] <Colourless> anyway what my nick mean... Cless obviously means Colourless. S1 means Server 1. Emmi is my character in said server
[13:06:33] <sbx> oh
[13:07:01] <sbx> my guess was way off
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[14:33:13] <ElleVeeDee> Gronk.
[14:33:20] <ElleVeeDee> I mean, Spoon!
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[14:34:40] <sbx> hi
[14:37:36] <ElleVeeDee> So, what's new in PentWorld? Is it working? Is it fully functional? Is it working, is it working? Is it working?
[14:38:45] <sbx> Yeah, it has multiplayer support now.
[14:38:54] <sbx> I just finished a coop. game with wjp earlier.
[14:38:59] <ElleVeeDee> kewl!
[14:39:01] --> Killrstratus has joined #pentagram
[14:39:11] <ElleVeeDee> And it will be playable on my Vectrex, correct?
[14:39:29] <sbx> If you can dream it, it will play.
[14:39:40] <Killrstratus> lol
[14:39:47] <ElleVeeDee> ah. a man of logic.
[14:40:11] <Killrstratus> Interesting, instalogs.
[14:40:43] <sbx> ?logs
[14:40:43] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/pentagramlog.php
[14:40:49] <ElleVeeDee> International, intelligent, interpret.
[14:42:55] <Killrstratus> I never figured you could do that with mIRC...then again this whole thing is new to me. Post something inside a channel and 15 seconds later...on a page on the net
[14:43:47] <sbx> heh
[14:44:00] <sbx> hi
[14:44:03] <Killrstratus> Hello
[14:44:06] <sbx> I don't think exultbot uses mIRC.
[14:44:20] <sbx> He's just a very fast writer.
[14:44:28] <Killrstratus> Lol, indeed.
[14:48:37] <wjp> exultbot using mIRC? hehe, that's silly :-)
[14:48:37] <Killrstratus> So if Pentagram is not Exult for Ultima 8, then do you just exultbot because it works already and you do not want to make another one?
[14:48:37] <wjp> pretty much, yes :-)
[14:48:37] <wjp> exultbot logs several IRC channels for ultima remake projects
[14:48:37] * Killrstratus shrugs
[14:48:37] <Killrstratus> I am a silly person.
[14:48:37] <ElleVeeDee> Quite frankly, I'm exulted.
[14:48:37] <Killrstratus> LOL
[14:48:37] * wjp is pentagramed
[14:48:37] <ElleVeeDee> that's even worse!
[14:48:39] <Colourless> wjp... spelling please
[14:48:44] <Killrstratus> so what projects are there besides Pentagram and Exult.
[14:48:44] <Colourless> that should be pentagrammed
[14:48:48] <Killrstratus> lol
[14:48:59] <ElleVeeDee> The Manhattan Project.
[14:49:16] <ElleVeeDee> Projectile vomiting.
[14:49:25] <ElleVeeDee> or is that with two t's?
[14:49:27] <wjp> for u4 there's xu4, for u6 there's nuvie, uwadv for ultima underworld
[14:49:39] * ElleVeeDee decides to go for tea for two...
[14:51:16] <Killrstratus> ...all these Ultima games and I am still working on Black Gate...
[14:52:35] <ElleVeeDee> it needs fixing...?
[14:52:45] <sbx> the Avatar broke it
[14:52:50] <Killrstratus> eh, no. just being slow about beating it
[14:53:02] <ElleVeeDee> no beating the avatar, please!
[14:53:11] <Killrstratus> indeed
[14:53:31] <Killrstratus> beating the game not the Avatar
[14:53:44] <ElleVeeDee> do you really know where you're going, Killrstratus?
[14:53:53] <Killrstratus> of course it is pretty bad that I beat SI first.
[14:53:55] <ElleVeeDee> yes, Killrstratus, that's the proper direction to travel.
[14:54:17] <ElleVeeDee> SI, the lesser known prequel to CSI.
[14:54:54] <Killrstratus> I think ElleVeeDee had a little more then tea for two...
[14:55:19] <sbx> That's how I remember him.
[14:55:36] <ElleVeeDee> I can't remember a thing.
[14:55:42] <sbx> U7 is the most popular Ultima.
[14:55:46] <ElleVeeDee> Damn all this tea!
[14:56:11] <Killrstratus> Yes, I feel bad that I cannot figure out how to even blunder my way through Ultima 7 need a walkthrough...*sigh*
[14:56:35] <ElleVeeDee> I liked IV a lot. And i truly enjoyed the portraits in VI.
[14:57:04] <Killrstratus> I have only had the opportunity to play VII
[14:57:13] <Killrstratus> I plan to remedy that though
[14:57:35] <ElleVeeDee> Fairlight.
[14:57:48] <ElleVeeDee> What? No, no I don' think so.
[14:58:47] <Killrstratus> You know they are teaching Java in my high School computer science classes now
[14:59:20] <ElleVeeDee> "I did not know that."
[14:59:28] <Killrstratus> hehe, you do now
[14:59:35] <ElleVeeDee> don't count on it.
[14:59:45] <Killrstratus> you know it but you cannot remember it
[14:59:50] <Killrstratus> there is a difference
[15:00:00] <ElleVeeDee> My stomach says "grrrroooooooowwwl", but my fridge says no.
[15:00:33] <Killrstratus> Beat the fridge and make the stomach stop
[15:00:58] <ElleVeeDee> That's not the way the avatar would do it.
[15:01:27] <Killrstratus> Depends on who is playing the avatar
[15:02:11] <Killrstratus> Of course, the avatar would gather the food creating materials and cast create food
[15:02:21] <Killrstratus> spell components I should say
[15:02:25] <ElleVeeDee> He would find the hidden chest in the underwater fortress, and deliver the cauldron to the witch, so that the witch would give him the key so that he could unlock the fridge and have his meal, without messing up his neat virtues.
[15:02:49] <Killrstratus> or cast create food
[15:02:58] <ElleVeeDee> I'd prefer DirectCast.
[15:03:20] <Killrstratus> but what does the hidden cheat have to do with the cauldron?
[15:03:34] <ElleVeeDee> thou readst wrongsts.
[15:03:47] <Killrstratus> Thou Art Mad!
[15:03:54] <ElleVeeDee> quite.
[15:03:55] <sbx> I thought he would murder the baker and take his goods.
[15:04:09] <ElleVeeDee> aint nuthin good bout the baker.
[15:04:20] <Killrstratus> I find the farmer and his pumpkins good
[15:04:23] <ElleVeeDee> the cauldron is in the chest, and it belongs to the witch. no cheats.
[15:04:47] <ElleVeeDee> i see dead barbers.
[15:05:34] <ElleVeeDee> i guess that's because they're the only dates i can get.
[15:05:40] <ElleVeeDee> that, and christmas eve.
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[15:09:55] <sbx> Suddenly this feels like I got the copyright protection answers wrong.
[15:10:02] <Killrstratus> lol
[15:10:40] <Killrstratus> yes, I lost the manual to the game I had so I did not have the CPA...really annoying
[15:11:04] <ElleVeeDee> ah, the CPA. Neatness.
[15:15:51] <ElleVeeDee> Hmm, stupidity is not a handicap. Park elsewhere!
[15:15:53] * Killrstratus says, "Excellent." and taps fingers together like Mr. Burns.
[15:15:56] <ElleVeeDee> That is not nice. I'm crying now.
[15:16:01] <ElleVeeDee> Mr who?
[15:17:01] <Killrstratus> The Simpsons
[15:17:15] <ElleVeeDee> Ah, I thought there was only one now.
[15:17:23] <ElleVeeDee> Since, you know, he killed his wife.
[15:17:42] <ElleVeeDee> So the show should actually be called "The Simpson".
[15:17:57] <Killrstratus> Well what about Bart and Lisa?
[15:18:09] <ElleVeeDee> I didn't know O.J. had kids...
[15:18:25] <Killrstratus> the Cartoon
[15:18:41] <ElleVeeDee> hmm, yes.
[15:18:47] * ElleVeeDee don't know what to think...
[15:19:17] <Killrstratus> probably not unusual, well I must be off.
[15:19:26] * sbx hits ElleVeeDee's reset switch.
[15:19:30] <ElleVeeDee> off you go, ta taa.
[15:19:38] <ElleVeeDee> iiiih! that tickles!
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[18:12:14] <Colourless> time for me to disappear
[18:12:16] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts improved invisibility")
[18:14:16] <servus> Vas In Quas An Lor?
[18:19:01] <ZutGu> was is das?
[18:21:47] <servus> Dat is magisch
[18:21:56] <ZutGu> :)
[18:22:23] <ElleVeeDee> ich bin ein McChicken.
[18:22:52] <ZutGu> mmmkay...I don't understand that language :P
[18:23:43] <servus> Oh, come on, it was close enough to slurred English.
[18:23:57] <ZutGu> hehe
[18:24:07] <servus> "Dat is magisch" -> Possible grammar errors -> "That is magic"
[18:24:19] <ZutGu> I didn't meant you my friend
[18:24:24] <ZutGu> I meant elleveedee's language
[18:24:28] <ElleVeeDee> he meant me, his enemy.
[18:24:33] <ZutGu> :P
[18:24:41] <servus> McChickens are magical creatures from the heartland of Amerika.
[18:24:45] <ElleVeeDee> i s'pose that would be "I am a McChicken" in german.
[18:24:59] <ZutGu> mmkay
[18:25:31] <ZutGu> I only know in german these: Was Is Das? and Achtung!
[18:25:37] <ElleVeeDee> ich habe fiele jahre in deutschland arbeited und gewont.
[18:25:54] <ElleVeeDee> i think it's "was ist das"... but I ain't 100.
[18:26:01] <ZutGu> well, anyway
[18:26:14] <ZutGu> heard from some game :P
[18:26:30] * ElleVeeDee remembers the "Guten Tag!" from the original Wolfenstein.
[18:26:30] <ZutGu> I think you are right because you can talk german
[18:26:34] <ZutGu> :D
[18:26:36] <ElleVeeDee> not too much.
[18:26:47] <ZutGu> jag kan tala liten svenska, kan du? :P
[18:26:54] <ElleVeeDee> jag kan prata massor med svenska.
[18:26:57] <ZutGu> :O
[18:27:15] <ZutGu> voitko puhua suomea?
[18:27:23] <ElleVeeDee> kitos.
[18:27:29] <ZutGu> damn
[18:27:32] <ZutGu> you are too good :)
[18:27:39] <ElleVeeDee> I rock, I rule, therefore I am.
[18:27:43] <ZutGu> hehe
[18:28:23] <ElleVeeDee> some more swedish please.
[18:28:27] <servus> No
[18:28:33] <ElleVeeDee> why nooot?
[18:29:12] <servus> Voce falas o portugues? Porque eu sou uma maquina do amor.
[18:29:23] <ZutGu> pffft
[18:29:28] <ElleVeeDee> i wont touch that one.
[18:30:14] <servus> I win!
[18:30:35] <ElleVeeDee> congrats!!
[18:30:45] <ZutGu> cheers \o/
[18:31:14] <ElleVeeDee> "where everybody knows your name"...
[19:12:47] <ElleVeeDee> ..and they're always glad you came.
[19:14:59] <ZutGu> lol
[19:15:08] <ZutGu> [21:32] <ElleVeeDee> "where everybody knows your name"...
[19:15:08] <ZutGu> [22:14] <ElleVeeDee> ..and they're always glad you came.
[19:15:20] <ZutGu> little much time took to wrote that ;)
[19:26:12] --> Killrstratus has joined #pentagram
[19:26:12] <Killrstratus> I have returned
[19:26:12] <servus> Y'know, you could've just coughed or something
[19:26:12] <Killrstratus> ...no grand entrances?...
[19:27:58] <servus> It could've been a grand cough.
[19:27:58] <servus> The sort of cough that comes with a prize.
[19:27:58] <Killrstratus> Right, I shall remember
[19:28:36] * Killrstratus sighs.
[19:28:36] <Killrstratus> I forgot to grab my Ultima game before I left for work
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[19:33:21] <ElleVeeDee> ih ih!
[19:35:16] <ZutGu> right...
[19:39:38] <Killrstratus> Thou are Mad!
[19:39:43] <Killrstratus> art*
[19:56:09] <ElleVeeDee> Garfunkel?
[20:11:36] <sbx> Simon!
[20:11:43] <ElleVeeDee> I'm gonna go call Al now. I mean Paul. Simon. Ta taa!
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[20:33:06] <-- Killrstratus has left IRC ()
[20:45:56] <wjp> watt: around?
[20:46:23] <wjp> I've been thinking about the animation stuff a bit more
[20:46:32] <wjp> I was thinking about creating an AnimationTracker class
[20:46:40] <wjp> it would handle one single animation from start to finish
[20:47:19] <wjp> so an ActorAnimProcess would create one for the process' lifetime and call AnimationTracker::step (or something) each step
[20:47:50] <wjp> a tryAnim call in a pathfinding step would create one of those, run through all steps at once an destruct it immediately afterwards
[20:48:29] <wjp> (or maybe re-init one instead of constructing/destructing them all the time; implementation details)
[20:49:25] <wjp> it should be able to start both at the current Actor's position (default) or an arbitrary other position (for pathfinding)
[20:50:39] <wjp> need to think a bit about how much status it has to return to the caller
[20:52:23] <wjp> or maybe it should keep the status internally and provide member functions for the caller to query the status
[21:48:50] --- sbx is now known as sbx|afk
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[23:27:27] <watt> wjp: I Like it!
[23:28:42] <watt> it'll probably need to return the coordinates and the same status things tryAnim currently does....
[23:30:13] <watt> or just be able to get those through other means....
[23:31:55] <watt> thinking methods could be: advanceFrame, hasNextFrame, getFrameStatus, getCoordinates.... maybe.
[23:39:38] <servus> That's C++, right? Are you using a generic entity base class with pure virtual overrides for generic actions?
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