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[00:17:16] <trepliev> hello friends, whats part of the code do you think is the best for me to start understanding pentagram and possibly help you guys and learn some c++ myself?
[00:20:46] <sbx> i don't know if anyone is around
[00:21:30] <trepliev> thats ok, one day someone will answer it
[00:21:45] <sbx> yeah, it's logged
[00:21:58] <trepliev> do you have any sugestions?
[00:22:03] <sbx> just read all of it
[00:22:39] <sbx> but if you don't know C++ then Pentagram isn't the best application to learn from
[00:22:52] <sbx> it's fairly advanced C++, so I hear
[00:23:15] <sbx> only looked at some of it myself
[00:23:31] <trepliev> i know c++, not as much as i want too but i know it and i've done a quite big parser in that language, i just want to get sharper, and pentagram looks perfect for it
[00:24:22] <sbx> why not read it all then? :)
[00:24:38] <sbx> or the core classes and then anything that looks interesting
[00:24:42] <trepliev> thats what i am trying to do
[00:24:44] <sbx> there are some documents on it somewhere
[00:25:03] <trepliev> yup
[00:25:18] <sbx> http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/pentagram/doxygen/
[00:25:46] <trepliev> i used to have that link somewhere but i lost it, thanks
[00:25:55] <trepliev> i will sure help
[00:26:08] <sbx> you're welcome
[00:31:46] <trepliev> well, its much bigger than my c++ project, im screwed to understand it all
[00:31:55] <trepliev> no wonder will my project called tiny
[00:41:14] <trepliev> *why
[00:41:26] <trepliev> my english gets even worse when im not looking at the keyboard
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[03:14:53] <megawatt> trepliev: I'd start in the kernel directory and work my way to gumps and world... or at least its the way I went...
[03:15:49] <megawatt> don't worry about understanding all of it... pick up what you need to get the next item done on whatever list of features you want to work on.
[03:16:25] <megawatt> There's still quite a bit I don't understand because I haven't put my hands into it yet.
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[10:14:01] <trepliev> megawatt: that seems like a good start, thanks for your hint
[10:14:20] <Colourless> good luck :-)
[10:14:56] <Colourless> pentgram may be an advanced and reasonbly complex C++ program, BUT it's generally well constructed too
[10:16:20] <trepliev> yeah, crawling to the code i noticed my c++ is not as good as i thought, so it will be quite a challenge
[10:18:05] <trepliev> which is totally ok, no pain no gain
[10:19:35] <trepliev> is there some game programming book i should read at all costs?
[10:22:38] <Colourless> never read on myself
[10:22:43] <Colourless> so cant really give you any pointers
[10:27:36] <trepliev> no problem
[10:47:06] --- Jett is now known as Darke
[10:48:29] <Darke> I'd suggest a solid C++/STL book would be the most useful for pentagram. Anything else would be specific to something you're interested in, though generally game specific stuff isn't directly applicable, since you're talking about a 10 year old program that's being emulated. *grin*
[10:50:31] <Colourless> what the bunny said
[10:53:32] <trepliev> thanks, i'll stick to stroustroup's book for now
[11:01:12] <Darke> A general purpose 'game programming' book mightn't go astray though, something that covers basic 3d/ai/collision detection/sound/etc. "Game Coding, Complete" (2nd edition is the one I have) isn't too bad, though the main reason I picked it up is that it was written by a programmer of ultima8/black gate/serpent isle/crusader no regret, and it was quite an amusing read. *grin*
[11:01:59] <Colourless> who?
[11:02:33] <trepliev> whoa, that sounds pretty interesting, ill look for that darke, again thanks
[11:02:45] <Darke> Mike McShaffry
[11:02:56] <Colourless> oh no... not him...
[11:03:04] * Colourless poitns at the U8 quites
[11:04:52] * Darke hrms... and tries to locate the program that decrypts them. *grin*
[11:05:06] <Colourless> it'
[11:05:12] <Colourless> it's called pentragram you dolt :-)
[11:05:17] <Colourless> it plays the quotes now :-)
[11:05:37] <Darke> Nah. We had a standalone in the old directory and my pentagram dir is a little out of date. *grin*
[11:05:50] <Colourless> yeah
[11:05:54] <Colourless> pentagram old
[11:09:07] * Darke does the cvs-update/bootstrap/configure/make thing. *wait*
[11:09:21] <Colourless> :-)
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[11:43:09] * Darke finally gets around to looking at credits so he can look at quotes. It's been a while since he last saw a credit scroll which listed what people worked on, rather then just the half dozen people in the programming team, stuffed into a list of two dozen artists, three dozen managers, and four dozen people not even remotely related to the game ("advertising manager"? Umm... no.)
[11:44:26] * Darke angsts randomly whilst he waits for the credits to finish.
[11:48:45] <Darke> Hrm... watching through the credits doesn't show the quotes menu option like I remember.
[11:57:21] * Darke hacks code, recompiles, and watches quotes.
[12:01:51] * Darke hrms... and errs... and ahhs. *That* Mike McShaffry. Right. He sounds like me on a good day. O.o
[12:04:15] * Darke still thinks 'Perplexed Zack' is the funniest. *grin*
[12:10:27] <Colourless> :-)
[14:33:47] <wjp> Darke: I thought the trigger for quotes was finishing the game
[14:34:06] <wjp> if I was wrong about that, feel free to adapt it :-)
[14:35:13] <Colourless> you are wrong
[14:35:25] <Colourless> trigger for quotes is seeing the entire credits
[14:38:00] <wjp> I see
[15:40:57] <wjp> ok, let's quickly fix that
[15:46:49] <sbx|away> OUCH
[15:46:51] --- sbx|away is now known as sbx
[15:47:02] <sbx> my neck hurts
[17:41:59] <sbx> C++ question: Is there a way to detect whether an object was created with "new" or just declared (MyClass my_class)? I want ClassB to accept, manage, and delete pointers of ClassA, which obviously must be dynamically allocated.
[17:42:24] <Colourless> no
[17:42:39] <sbx> that was fast, thanks :)
[17:43:09] <Colourless> to do something like that you'd need a 'SmartPointer' template class
[17:43:55] <sbx> that's possible?
[17:44:34] <Colourless> would require a lot of complex and annoying code :-)
[17:44:48] <sbx> ok
[17:44:57] <sbx> I'd rather just be more careful.
[17:45:18] <Colourless> you should just make sure you always dynamically allocate
[17:47:26] <sbx> Yeah, no reason not to. I usually do.
[22:05:55] <Darke> IIRC, you can do some tricky things like make MyClass' constructor private, then make a consMyClass() function that returns a 'new MyClass' a friend of MyClass.
[22:07:43] <Darke> IIRC, you also need to make sure you 'privatise' the copy/assignment functions for MyClass, or make it know how to handle ref counts too.
[22:08:17] * Darke just crawled out of bed, so words of bunny wisdom should come with a warning that they probably tend towards incomprehensability. *grin*
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