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[05:36:52] <Keal> Colourless how do i use that cmd file
[05:37:06] <Keal> i dont have that platform cmd file in my src
[05:37:24] <Keal> and i dont know how to use em anyways :/
[05:38:39] <Keal> i still havent gotten pentagram to compile
[05:40:40] <Keal> the only one i have is testarch.cmd
[05:41:02] <Keal> Colourless link me to your compiling using express tutorial :(
[05:44:22] <Keal> <rjg_equana> yeah.....Actually, Satan worshippers and Pagans........Don't like eachother.
[05:44:30] <Keal> i am a satanist and i like pagans
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[14:07:20] <watt> Hmm... well since we appear to be bringing up Satanism some more - here's a fairly interesting link on it http://www.leagueofsatanists.com/frame.html
[14:09:25] <watt> I've actually got a friend who claims to be a Satanist.... doesn't believe in "The Dark Lord" or anything silly like that - it mostly seems like existentialism with a twist on embracing the seven deadly sins (greed, lust, wraith, and all that jazz)
[14:10:58] <watt> Choice of name for the group is most along the literal meaning of "an adversary"
[14:13:12] <watt> I also have a Pagan/Wiccan friend who does get a touch offended by Satanism due to the similar dates of holidays - sees the use of the same date as an intentional mockery
[14:14:13] <watt> both very good and intelligent people though... think that might have something to due with not taking everything about it too seriously
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[21:33:11] <SB-X> watt: obviously if they don't take their own beliefs seriously, they'll get along quite well with people of "heretical" faiths :)
[21:33:39] <SB-X> there are also small numbers of people who call themselves Luciferians, and do believe in "The Dark Lord"... just that he's not so dark
[21:33:53] <SB-X> they wouldn't get along with Satanists very well
[21:34:20] <SB-X> but they don't get along with anybody
[21:34:36] <watt> hehe.
[21:34:48] <SB-X> :)
[21:36:11] <wizardrydragon> Cluck, I say!
[21:36:37] <watt> Are you a chicken?
[21:36:56] <watt> I imagine chickens say cluck
[21:37:25] <watt> They're also delicous!
[21:37:53] <wizardrydragon> Cluck I have said; Indeed, cluck has been spoken. What is a chicken? What makes one a chicken, and say, not a wildebeast? Why do you imagine chickens say the word "cluck"? So many questions!
[21:40:01] <watt> So little time to answer them all in detail... mmm chicken....
[21:40:40] <wizardrydragon> I assure yhou I am not edible; indeed, I have already conducted a nonscientific test to verify this fact.
[21:42:04] <SB-X> hi wizardrydragon
[21:42:07] <SB-X> i thought you were a wumpus?
[21:42:56] <wizardrydragon> I am neither a wumpus nor am I hunted, but you would have to play Magic: The Gathering to fully appreciate that joke.
[21:45:50] * watt was not aware.... It has been long since the last time I played magic... is this something recent or old?
[21:46:31] <wizardrydragon> Hunted Wumpus?
[21:47:42] <wizardrydragon> That depends upon whether you consider Mercadian Masques old :)
[21:47:43] <wizardrydragon> http://www.essentialmagicimages.com/22/19857.jpg
[21:49:34] <watt> I stopped shortly after shadow was introduced
[21:50:00] <watt> So I think 6th edition was the last major set I bought.
[21:50:22] <wizardrydragon> Mercadian Masques was back in '93
[21:50:47] <watt> oye... then I've simply never seen that card
[21:50:56] <wizardrydragon> lol
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[21:51:25] <watt> evidently it was in 9th ed - http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/search_result_card.asp?id=12696
[21:51:25] * wizardrydragon mumbles something derrogatory about his IRC client.
[21:51:46] <wizardrydragon> Its been reprinted half a dozen times, but MM was the first set it appeared in.
[21:52:04] <SB-X> but hunt the wumpus didnt originate in magic
[21:52:12] <wizardrydragon> lol
[21:52:30] <SB-X> i've never played magic: the gathering
[21:52:49] <wizardrydragon> You know what a good game is
[21:52:59] <SB-X> what? magic: the gathering?
[21:53:02] <wizardrydragon> Kobolds ate my Baby!, thats a good game
[21:53:03] <wizardrydragon> :)
[21:53:17] <SB-X> oh
[21:53:19] <SB-X> it sounds...interesting
[21:53:24] <wizardrydragon> :D
[21:53:54] <wizardrydragon> It requires that your friends have a sense of humour, though :P
[21:54:32] <wizardrydragon> It's by the same guy that did my favourite card game, too.
[21:54:37] <wizardrydragon> Ever heard of Munckin? :P
[21:54:43] <watt> Its a pretty damn good card. Low cost, high power - useful effect, especially if you're holding multiple of em
[21:54:49] <SB-X> no
[21:54:56] <wizardrydragon> Really? :P
[21:55:09] <wizardrydragon> It's a card game that parodies Dungeons and Dragons
[21:55:30] <wizardrydragon> http://www.sjgames.com/munchkin/game/img/Munchcard3.jpg hehe
[21:55:58] <watt> hehe. fun!
[21:56:19] <wizardrydragon> My favourite is the +3 chainsaw of bloody dismemberment :D
[21:56:29] <SB-X> That reminds of Dungeon Man in Earthbound having ducks inside.
[21:56:38] <wizardrydragon> lol!
[21:56:56] <wizardrydragon> Im so very much putting a duck in the TFL underworld now ;)
[21:57:29] <SB-X> one which you can pick up?
[21:57:41] <wizardrydragon> You might not want to...
[21:57:42] <wizardrydragon> :D
[21:57:52] <SB-X> hmm, you can get a rubber ducky in Britain's sewers in U6
[21:59:14] <wizardrydragon> http://www.sjgames.com/munchkin/clericalerrors/samples.html
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[22:11:52] <wizardrydragon> hi Kirben
[22:13:12] <Kirben> Hi
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[22:26:44] <watt> time to disappear
[22:26:53] <wizardrydragon> Bye!
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