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[02:20:28] <watt> hi all.. SF is down again.. but what's new about that.
[02:25:20] <wjp> hi
[02:42:07] <ragzter> hi and haha
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[09:52:47] * DarkeBored putters around at work, feeling bored, doing video card research.
[09:52:57] * DarkeBored is basicly sitting here, on new year's eve, simply to guard against those who might have a computer problem and HAVE NO LIFE!
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[12:52:49] * Darke is now less bored, but still Darke.
[12:53:42] <wjp> :-)
[12:53:43] <wjp> hi
[12:53:59] <Darke> Hiya~
[12:54:08] * Darke is still, however, 100% Pure Darke(tm).
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[12:54:42] * PureDarke decries those who say he's somehow impure!
[12:54:50] * PureDarke fends off a class action lawsuit for false advertising!
[12:55:53] * PureDarke is not, however, PureVirtual, and definately not a function!
[12:56:37] * PureDarke resigns himself to being cast in the mantle of somehow being an impure bunny. It must be an inbuilt prejudice against his black fur. That or the horns.
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[14:39:45] <Colourless> hi
[14:54:36] <Darke> Hi x2!
[14:54:55] <Darke> On a completely unrelated note... any suggestions for a good video card, reasonably priced? *grin*
[14:55:13] <Colourless> well, what do you currently have?
[14:55:29] <Colourless> what will be it's use
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[14:58:31] <Darke> Ti4200. Gaming (it's going into my windows box, which has no other use *grin*).
[14:59:42] <Colourless> ok then.
[15:02:09] * Colourless checks some benchmarks
[15:02:23] <Darke> Cards I've looked at have been around $200-300 price range (at pre christmas-newyear shutdown prices, so no doubt they'll change on the 5th when wholesalers open again), are around the FX5600, FX5700, and 9800XT.
[15:02:56] <Colourless> 9800XT is a very good card
[15:03:01] <Darke> I've been looking at 256Meg models almost exclusively, given I tend to prefer trying for a little ahead of the pack.
[15:04:02] <Darke> Cool. I had that impression from the couple of bench marks I've glanced at. I just haven't been keeping up with video card stuff at all the last few years. *grin*
[15:04:13] <Colourless> it's ATI's top of the line actually. The FX5700 is a Mid range card for nvidia. The 5600 is the former midrange card for Nvidia
[15:04:55] <Darke> Gah. Sorry, wasn't 9800, rather 9600. A quite horrible typo since I *know* I'm not wanting to afford that card. *grin*
[15:04:58] <Colourless> the 9800XT will be substantially faster than the Nvidia cards
[15:05:13] <Colourless> ah ok
[15:05:21] <Colourless> a 9600XT is still a good card
[15:06:00] <Darke> Cool.
[15:06:34] <Darke> My main problem is trying to turn these mass of benchmark numbers sites keep tossing at you, into meaningful data. It ain't particularly easy. *grin*
[15:06:52] <Colourless> the FX5700 and the 9600XT are similar speed on DX8 level and earlier games, however the 9600XT will be substantially faster on DX9 level games
[15:07:57] <Darke> Goodgood. Nice to know your experience is matching up with my guesses. *grin*
[15:11:00] <Colourless> 9600XT will have higher quality FSAA and I'm talking here much higher quality too
[15:11:13] <Colourless> of course that only really matters if you use that feature
[15:11:24] <Colourless> i personally never play with FSAA off
[15:13:04] <Darke> I only turn it off when I have to beat the game into vague playability just barely to play it. Such as X2, for instance (wich strangely enough, is one of the reasons I'm upgrading...).
[15:14:33] <Darke> Even with everything turned off, and running it at 800x600x16, I'm getting shocking frame rates making it essentially unplayable.
[15:15:51] <Darke> 'Apparently' according to this benchmark with the rolling demo, I should be getting around 37fps on my card, I'd be lucky if I was getting 10 on average.
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[17:06:44] <Darke> Fun newsgrope header of the night: `Disclaimer: We have no wish to offend you unless you're a twit.`
[17:07:03] <Colourless> hehe
[18:01:03] <Colourless> going
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[19:38:17] * watt is quite peased with his FX5600. For some strange reason I really enjoy the nvidia linux drivers and it hasn't given me problems in windows either, but I don't play top of the line games. It's back by only a 1Ghz proc
[19:56:17] <ragzter> nvidia + linux = pure love :-)
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