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[02:12:35] <sbx> Oh... I wondered what was meant by "aspect-correcting scalers". I didn't realize Pentagram could set any arbitrary resolution. (or forgot)
[02:13:54] <sbx> Good change to the log display wjp. `Tomorrow' is no longer displayed if the current logfile is today/there is no new logfile yet.
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[08:19:22] <watt> hmmm..
[08:19:23] <watt> flex++ -+ -otools/compile/llcLexer.preproc1 tools/compile/llcLexer.l
[08:19:23] <watt> "tools/compile/llcLexer.l", line 11: unrecognized %option: ansi-definitions
[08:19:23] <watt> "tools/compile/llcLexer.l", line 12: unrecognized %option: ansi-prototypes
[08:20:37] <Darke2> What version of flex? It's likely not going to work if you're using the unmaintained-5-year-old one that ships with almost every linux distibution. *grin*
[08:21:07] <Darke2> I've been meaning to remove it from cvs anyway, it's rather b0rk3n, and I've never gotten around to properly doing it.
[08:27:15] <sbx> Darke2: Darke v2? You upgraded?
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[10:35:52] <wjp> sbx: actually it only does that on year boundaries
[10:36:15] <wjp> (not showing a 'tomorrow')
[10:36:53] <wjp> tomorrow you'll be able to go all the way to 31 dec 2005 by clicking 'tomorrow' repeatedly again
[10:37:31] <wjp> it's basically just to prevent robots from going arbitrarily far
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[11:02:50] <Fl00der> morning
[11:02:54] <wjp> hi
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[11:41:44] <sbx> morning
[11:44:16] <wjp> hi
[11:48:16] <Fingolfin> wjp: weee, you mean, you don't want robots to collect all the channel logs from 1992 till 2992 ?
[11:48:30] <Fingolfin> that's evil of you! the poor 'bots
[11:48:46] <wjp> I think they got up to about 2040 before giving up :-)
[11:49:13] <wjp> (before I added that 'feature')
[11:49:16] <Fingolfin> 2040? hmm.... integer overflow, eh? :-)
[11:49:40] * Fingolfin starts writing a 64 bit enabled bot to be able to collect logs till 2992 and beyond
[11:51:08] * wjp starts writing some code to permanently ban all IPs requesting anything past 2040
[11:51:36] <Fingolfin> h
[11:51:43] <Fingolfin> that's *so* totally unfair
[11:51:51] * wjp whistles innocently
[11:51:56] <Fingolfin> !
[11:52:08] <Fingolfin> I'll tell my mommy! hah! you'll see what that'll get you!
[11:53:01] * Fingolfin considers for a moment, imaging his mom's reaction...
[11:53:21] <Fingolfin> on second thought, I probably shouldn't do that. lest I'll have to explain what an "IP" is and a "ban" and "64 bit"...
[11:53:43] <Fingolfin> ah well. this time you get away with it. but only because I now have to get back to working on this code =)
[11:53:58] <wjp> phew ;-)
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[13:52:16] <wjp> some random thoughts on file/zip/flex handling...
[13:52:40] <wjp> things are somewhat messy currently because the backend and interface aren't separated
[13:53:24] <wjp> the actual flex file format handling class is directly used by the rest of pentagram
[13:53:43] <wjp> so I'm thinking we should split things into interface classes and backend classes
[13:53:55] <wjp> backend classes would be FlexFile, U8SaveFile, PentSaveFile and ZipFile
[13:54:15] <wjp> (probably all inherited from a common base, maybe FlexFile itself)
[13:54:32] <wjp> interface classes would be Flex, U8Save and Savegame
[13:56:24] <wjp> the backend classes would handle no caching or anything 'high level' but just reading entries
[13:57:33] <wjp> the savegame interface classes would be fairly low level as well since they're basically just 'open, read, close' instead of being kept open during the entire game
[13:58:07] <wjp> the Flex class would be the most complex one, with caching, possibly multiple input sources (think exult's "patch")
[13:59:13] <wjp> when the backend classes are done right, the Flex/Savegame classes will automatically be able to handle zips as input
[14:43:33] <wjp> I also think it isn't really necessary to keep non-zipped savegame code around
[15:45:43] <watt> flex++ version 2.5.4... I don't think that too dated???
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[15:48:40] <Colourless> Happy new year!
[15:50:13] <watt> :-)
[15:52:27] <wjp> happy new year Ryan
[15:53:26] <Colourless> you all wish you were me... all you stuck in the past
[15:55:26] <watt> indeed.
[15:55:38] <watt> I mean huh?
[15:55:44] <watt> :-)
[15:55:56] <Colourless> :-)
[15:58:18] <wjp> luckily I'm only stuck 7 hours in the past
[15:59:39] <Colourless> :-)
[16:05:14] <wjp> watt: yes, 2.5.4 is too dated
[16:08:06] <wjp> that's the 'unmaintained-5-year-old' version that Darke mentioned
[16:08:16] <watt> okie... gentoo have a newer one? (also do we check for version?)
[16:08:45] <wjp> gentoo does have 2.5.31, but it's masked
[16:09:50] <Colourless> um... wouldn't that be older hen
[16:10:08] <wjp> nah, version numbers aren't decimal usually
[16:10:39] <Colourless> of... that's 31
[16:10:45] <Colourless> *oh
[16:11:25] <wjp> 2.5.31 seems to handle llcLexer.l without any errors
[16:12:00] <wjp> (I didn't actually emerge it but just built it locally)
[16:16:52] <watt> hehe "(btw, all the other distros are using 2.5.4a)".... looks like gentoo's giving into peer pressure.
[16:17:24] <wjp> probably simply that every project using flex expects version 2.5.4a with all its quirks
[16:19:32] <watt> okay... working now.. strange I didn't encounter that before.
[16:20:22] <wjp> there's a prebuilt version of llcLexer.cpp in CVS
[16:20:31] <wjp> a currently outdated one, in fact... hmm
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[16:21:15] <wjp> I'll commit the new one
[16:22:01] <wjp> only differences are linenumbers and pent_include #include, it seems; good
[16:22:41] <watt> looks like the savegame is a few k less now
[16:23:57] <wjp> nothing compared to the difference zipping it will make :-)
[16:24:25] <wjp> gzipping takes it from about 600Kb to about 150Kb
[16:25:02] <wjp> adding a screenshot will probably increase it to about 200Kb again
[16:25:38] * Darke does the usual happy-new-year thing. Returning after rebuilding yet-another-raid-array. *grin*
[16:26:09] <wjp> you're rebuilding raids on new year's eve? very dedicated :-)
[16:26:11] <wjp> happy new year
[16:29:40] <wjp> Colourless, Darke, watt: any comments on flex/zip ideas? (*points at logs*)
[16:30:06] <Darke> Only the mirrored one in 'this' box. And it's more from sheer boredom and necessity then anything else. Upgraded from a 2.4 kernel to 2.6 a month or two ago, and didn't notice that the hardware raid that was properly supported in the 2.4 series, suddenly became non-supported in 2.6 only when one of the drives died. Yayfun.
[16:30:17] * Darke checks out logs.
[16:35:02] <Darke> Sounds good.
[16:35:21] <watt> probably want the interface to U8SaveFile to be a generalized to be Save instead of U8Save.... a thought for future crusader support... or will that be handled by the SaveGame interface?
[16:35:27] <Darke> You 'could' always use something like physfs (http://icculus.org/physfs/), and add flexfile support to the filetypes it already accesses. *grin* That would probably require rewriting a large chunk of stuff though, so no doubt not worth it.
[16:36:12] <wjp> watt: I don't think crusader has any initial savegame to load
[16:36:35] <watt> ah... ok I see
[16:39:49] <wjp> if I remember correctly, everything in crusader is 'fixed' since you can't go back to old maps, so there's no need to save any 'nonfixed' items
[16:40:22] * Colourless checks logs
[16:40:33] * Darke does recall that is how things work.
[16:42:12] <Colourless> yes
[16:42:22] <Colourless> except, in the current map
[16:42:27] <Colourless> things can get dropped
[16:42:33] <Colourless> but that doesn't matter
[16:42:40] <Colourless> since current map is handled differently anyway
[16:42:44] <wjp> yes, current map does have to be saved of course
[16:42:49] * wjp nods
[16:43:08] <wjp> they did use globs/globeggs, right?
[16:43:17] <Colourless> yes
[16:43:29] <Colourless> most stuff is the same, except for display resolution
[17:32:44] <watt> wohoo. Got the plugin to build in pentagram.. now I can actually start giving it functionality
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[19:27:17] <sbx> Oh I fell asleep.
[19:27:20] <sbx> Hello is anyone drunk yet?
[19:27:36] <sbx> Colourless doesn't count.
[19:28:02] <sbx> (being next year already; not because he's a drunk or anything)
[19:28:20] <watt> I got about 7 hours to go before that would be close to appropriate. :-)
[19:29:28] <sbx> That's neat. 4 hours ago wjp mentioned he had 7 hours to go before too.
[19:36:55] <wjp> 3.5 now :-)
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