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[12:06:37] <MagicMop> Greetings all!
[12:14:57] <wjp> hi
[12:15:30] <MagicMop> How's life treating you wjp?
[12:18:58] <wjp> ok
[12:19:37] <MagicMop> Just wanted to say, you guys have done a great job on pentagram since last I check in... :)
[12:19:44] <wjp> thanks :-)
[12:20:02] <MagicMop> It's getting that "finished product" feel to it now...
[12:20:53] <MagicMop> I guess adding sound and the intro etc really helps things.
[12:20:58] <wjp> the list of major unimplemented things is getting quite short
[12:21:13] <wjp> mainly configuration/setup now, I guess
[12:21:19] <MagicMop> Very cool!
[12:21:26] <wjp> and some combat-related special effects
[12:21:52] <MagicMop> Are you guys planning some kind of official release anytime soon..?
[12:22:17] <wjp> there's no real planning
[12:22:25] <MagicMop> I'd say in its current state it feels like it should be sitting at about 0.9. :)
[12:22:59] <wjp> there's one thing which (IMO) must be done first, before we can think about release, and that's an easy setup/installation
[12:23:25] <wjp> getting rid of the data files was a good step in that direction
[12:23:39] <MagicMop> Setup in Linux?
[12:23:51] <wjp> well, more general
[12:24:19] <wjp> a way to select the location of the U8 data files, for instance
[12:24:30] <wjp> (without having to manually edit a configuration file)
[12:24:46] <MagicMop> Ah... okay. Kinda like what exult does currently?
[12:24:54] <wjp> ideally, users would never have to know about the existance of a config file
[12:25:05] <wjp> no, exult doesn't do too well in that respect
[12:25:23] <wjp> (which kind of surprises me, since the windows installer _should_ already be taking care of it)
[12:25:23] <MagicMop> Or do you mean like selecting the data files after launching the pentagram executable?
[12:25:27] <wjp> yes
[12:25:57] <MagicMop> That would be cool. A bit like Scummvm's initial gui...
[12:26:01] <wjp> yes
[12:26:19] <wjp> scummvm is welcome source of ideas (and code) :-)
[12:26:24] <wjp> s/is/is a/
[12:26:48] <wjp> one thing I'm also considering is to have a default game location
[12:26:51] <MagicMop> Sounds good to me! No point re-inventing the wheel
[12:27:05] <wjp> such as maybe the current directory in windows
[12:27:24] <wjp> windows install instructions could then potentially be reduced to "put pentagram.exe in the same place as u8.exe and run it"
[12:27:45] <MagicMop> That sounds pretty idiot-proof... :)
[12:27:51] <wjp> I wonder :-)
[12:27:59] <MagicMop> Never underestimate the idiot... :)
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[14:55:57] <sbx> hi
[15:03:26] <wjp> hi
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[15:41:29] <cronos> hello! :)
[15:41:45] <cronos> asking for a possible pocketpc version?
[15:43:17] <cronos> i mean - i know it *has* been in development, but is there any beta or alpha or something to try out?
[15:46:37] <sbx> I dont think so
[15:46:45] <sbx> Colourless needs a PocketPC
[15:52:18] <cronos> he doesnīt have one?
[15:52:22] <cronos> damn
[15:54:23] <sbx> he used emulator to develop an exult version, i dont know about pentagram
[15:55:43] <cronos> when will he be here?
[15:55:56] <cronos> was the exult version working?
[15:56:05] <cronos> i read only about zaurus and thatīs far from ppc
[16:03:08] <sbx> he left 6h ago
[16:03:19] <sbx> but wjp should be here
[16:03:21] * sbx pokes wjp.
[16:05:21] <cronos> i also have a pentagram question in the meantime (if you don't mind ;))
[16:05:36] <cronos> is there a way to get a larger playfield somehow?
[16:05:47] <cronos> i uses gameres of 1024x768 and scalex aswell
[16:06:17] <cronos> still i have a 1024 window and a small playfield (still 320x240 i guess)
[16:06:32] <sbx> yeah
[16:07:46] <cronos> ah!
[16:07:48] <cronos> got it!!
[16:07:54] <cronos> itīs only ingame then :)
[16:07:57] <cronos> very nice :)
[16:08:03] <cronos> working flawlessly
[16:08:49] <sbx> great
[16:08:49] <cronos> mmh
[16:08:54] <sbx> i play wil a small playfield
[16:08:57] <sbx> with*
[16:09:10] <cronos> is there a way to get the windowbackgroundcolor to black? =)
[16:09:50] <cronos> you know, the intro is a small window inside a brown mass
[16:10:02] <sbx> no I havn't played that often
[16:10:05] <cronos> is there an ini option for that color maybe?
[16:10:28] <sbx> if there isn't, they will probably add it
[16:13:00] <cronos> ah well itīs not that important actually ;)
[16:14:15] <cronos> ok, got to go!
[16:14:21] <cronos> thank you for helpin me out! :)
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[16:16:39] <wjp> eh? a brown mass?
[16:17:13] <wjp> intro should be scaled up to the window size automatically
[16:17:31] <wjp> I think...
[16:22:29] <wjp> no uncommitted code in that area either
[16:23:05] <wjp> hm
[16:23:45] <wjp> but that's of course what happens if you blow up the actual game resolution
[16:30:44] <wjp> sometimes I wonder if we could get away with restricting to 320x200 :-)
[16:39:46] <sbx> fine with me
[16:39:54] <sbx> if there is a way to get around it
[16:39:58] <wjp> :-)
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