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[03:37:48] <momoo> any progress? :D
[03:37:58] <momoo> uh
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[07:30:42] <sbx|afk> :)
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[09:32:18] <wjp> hi Ryan
[09:35:56] <Colourless> hi
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[11:42:21] <wjp> hm, it seems I'm rather easily distracted today... I started out with working on 'got hit' animations. Somehow I ended up fixing bugs in disasm... :-)
[13:11:25] <wjp> strange; segfault in musicprocess when changing maps
[13:12:08] <wjp> 'measure' in playMusic is 666842335; that sounds a bit high :-)
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[13:25:15] <wjp> hm, somewhat reproducible
[13:25:43] <wjp> start pentagram
[13:25:47] <wjp> MainActor::teleport 5 1
[13:25:50] <wjp> F7
[13:25:50] <wjp> quit
[13:25:54] <wjp> start pentagram
[13:25:55] <wjp> F8
[13:25:59] <wjp> MainActor::teleport 6 1
[13:26:04] <wjp> (crash)
[13:26:24] <wjp> this is with fmopl, by the way
[13:57:04] <Colourless> only fmopl?
[13:57:59] <wjp> haven't tried with others
[13:59:56] <wjp> quitting is an essential step of the above recipe; maybe something isn't being properly initialized?
[14:01:36] <wjp> it doesn't happen with timidity
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[14:24:40] <Colourless> i'll look
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[15:19:12] <wjp> ok, receiveHit is starting to work a bit better
[15:19:38] <wjp> you (and monsters) stumble backwards when hit, they turn hostile if you attack them
[15:22:44] <Fingolfin> hi all
[15:22:54] <wjp> hi Max
[15:25:00] <Colourless> hi
[15:42:50] <wjp> committed all that
[15:43:05] <wjp> if you have a disassembly of usecode lying around, you might want to regenerate it
[15:43:24] <wjp> I fixed a rather annoying output bug that sometimes gave wrong event numbers to some functions
[15:44:35] <Colourless> ah nice :-)
[15:44:43] <Colourless> that problem was slightly annoying
[15:47:04] <wjp> ah, the "dead sorceror doesn't look dead" bug seems to have been mysteriously fixed
[15:47:37] <wjp> nothing like completely overhauling death animations to randomly fix some bugs :-)
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[19:47:58] <Colourless> wjp, i'm not getting any crashes
[19:59:03] <Colourless> haha... it's funny seeing ghouls go attack a ghost that threw a skull at me (which killed me) and damaged them
[20:00:36] <wjp> :-)
[20:00:44] <wjp> ghouls which that ghost probably summoned himself :-)
[20:00:50] <wjp> no crash? hmm
[20:00:55] <wjp> it's 100% reproducable here
[20:01:03] <Colourless> hmm
[20:01:13] <Colourless> you'll have to find it then
[20:01:38] <Colourless> also, since the animation update, pentagrams controls seem very slugish... i can't even reliable do running jumps anymore
[20:01:50] <wjp> yeah, I noticed that too
[20:02:15] <wjp> the problem already existed before then, but was less noticable
[20:02:48] <Colourless> also, not sure if i'm imagining it, but i 'think' there is a 1 frame pause between the last frame of the avatars walk animation and beginning it again
[20:02:58] <wjp> could you try adding an 'assert (measures < info->num_measures)' ?
[20:03:07] <wjp> s/measures/measure/
[20:03:11] <Colourless> yeah
[20:03:20] <Colourless> where abouts?
[20:03:33] <wjp> directly above the "No transition info, so fast change" comment
[20:03:43] <wjp> (the line below that is where it crashes)
[20:03:53] <wjp> in MusicProcess::playMusic, by the way
[20:04:13] <Colourless> done
[20:05:32] <Colourless> no problem...
[20:06:13] <wjp> hm, FMOplMidiDriver.cpp has some 'unsupported' comment in a XMIDI_CONTROLLER_CALLBACK_TRIG: case
[20:06:45] <Colourless> yeah but the message shouldn't even get to the
[20:06:57] <wjp> XMidiSequence should handle it?
[20:06:58] <Colourless> should be properly handled in LowLevelMidiDriver.cpp
[20:07:27] <Colourless> i think...
[20:08:16] <Colourless> ok the array is not initialized to 0
[20:08:30] <Colourless> probably should be...
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[20:09:01] <Colourless> i wonder if it's a timing thing...
[20:09:37] <Colourless> there is actually a problem there
[20:11:17] <Colourless> the value should get reset back to 0 when playing a new sequence, stopping an old sequence and on initialization
[20:16:57] <Colourless> ok those changes should fix things up
[20:20:15] <wjp> the timing of the walk animations seems to be ok; let's see if maybe some frame is getting played twice between two animations
[20:21:36] <wjp> ah, indeed
[20:21:55] <wjp> it goes 110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,110,110,111,...
[20:23:49] <Colourless> should be skipping the first frame when looping...
[20:23:53] <Colourless> but i don't think it is
[20:24:01] <Colourless> last and first frame of the animation is the same
[20:24:21] <Colourless> comitted my i think it's a fix, and also changes so sounds pause when a modal gump comes up
[20:25:28] <wjp> hm, AnimAction::getAnimRange should take skipping the first frame into account
[20:25:43] <Colourless> yeah... is was pretty sure it did too
[20:25:46] <Colourless> *i was
[20:25:54] * wjp thinks
[20:26:09] <wjp> but it only does that for animations without the TWOSTEP flag
[20:27:25] <wjp> initializing callback_data to 0 in the initialization of LowLevelMidiDriver fixed that crash, by the way
[20:27:38] <Colourless> i initialize it to -1
[20:27:45] <Colourless> so i know the data is invalid
[20:27:51] <wjp> ah, yes, so I see
[20:31:37] <Colourless> sound pausing for modal gumps is nice :-)
[20:33:15] <wjp> no more crackling fire behind the intro? :-)
[20:33:55] <Colourless> ope
[20:33:56] <Colourless> nope
[20:40:15] <wjp> I wonder what the right frames to play would be
[20:40:33] <wjp> maybe 111,112,113,114 for the first step, 115,116,117,110 for the second step
[20:42:15] <Colourless> yes i think that is probably right
[20:42:31] <Colourless> which frame does the sound play one?
[20:42:35] <Colourless> s/one/on/
[20:43:17] <wjp> 113 and 117
[20:43:58] <Colourless> 111-114 and 115-110 are probably right... because it will become too icky to handle the first fram
[20:43:58] <Colourless> e
[20:56:43] <wjp> hm, walking animations don't have this problem
[20:59:56] <wjp> walking has flags LOOPING|TWOSTEP
[21:00:06] <Colourless> an run?
[21:00:18] <wjp> running has flags 0x10|TWOSTEP
[21:00:25] <wjp> 0x10 is unknown...
[21:00:34] <Colourless> ah, no looping flag...
[21:04:28] <Colourless> whatever it means, i think it should be used to indicate also a looping anim
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[21:31:22] <wjp> hm, 0x10 is set on running, standing jump forward, running jump, airwalk standing jump forward
[21:33:05] <Colourless> hmm
[21:33:25] <wjp> treating it as loop did in any case make running smooth
[21:33:48] <wjp> it also seems to have skipped the landing sfx for a standing jump :-(
[21:38:37] <wjp> which is actually kind of strange since the sfx isn't on the last frame
[21:43:37] <Colourless> that is strange
[21:44:16] <wjp> I'm willing to assume that that wasn't working in the first place
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[23:29:11] <Colourless> time for me to go
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